Girls Gone Child Loves Shoes, Betch.

Before there was GGC, there was PTSF. No shoes, no service , which is why the following video has been emailed to me, texted, faxed, IM'ed, forwarded and slapped on my Myspace page and It's too damn good to keep to myself.

These shoes are $300. Let's GET THEM!


*A Pointy-toed thanks to Dana and Niels.



Anonymous | 3:01 PM

That's hilarious!! HAHAHHAHA!! Thanks!

And, I for one, friggin love PTSF. I'm sad it's no longer.

Anonymous | 4:14 PM

Now my daughter is walking around singing "SHOES"


Kara | 8:03 PM

oh my goodness- where do I get that on MP3?!?


you can actually download the song from myspace. Search Kelly loves shoes. :)

Anonymous | 10:29 PM

Ah hahahahaaa! That rocks! (just what I needed right now)

Anonymous | 3:07 AM

OOOOH, thats well freaky!

Stacy | 10:58 AM

Oh My Gawd, that was so cool.

Anonymous | 6:00 PM

Fucking hilarious! I just emailed it to at least 10 people. Too good not to share.

MrsFortune | 6:17 PM

Is it just me or does this remind you of Kids in the Hall in their heyday???

And, um, I totally and completely dig Tom Skerritt, so now I feel like a complete eejit.

motherbumper | 9:15 AM

That is soooo Kids in the Hall - I'm with Mrs. Fortune on that one. I loved it. Catchy tune. BTW Borat is up but it's a boring story - I warn you.

Unknown | 4:39 PM

Tooooo funny! And alarmingly catchy. I swear, if I hum that rest of the day, you're to blame...

Mom101 | 6:23 PM

It's like a throwback to one of those one-hit wonder videos of the 80s, like "You'll Dance to Anything" and "Fish Heads."

It's got a good beat and I can dance to it in my $300 shoes. I give it a 9, Dick.

skampy | 7:25 AM

heheheh hahahaha you're welcome.

oh hey, i miss you! let's please please please hang. con archer. con tink. con leche. por favor? gracias!

Anonymous | 11:18 AM

OMG. that is the best thing I've seen in awhile. LOVE. You made my week.