Pants-ing Ain't What it Used to Be

Remember Middle School? Gym class? Drawstring pants AND they're at your ankles. Hahahaha! Nice Sheera panties! Nah-nah! (They were Josie and the Pussycats, okay?)

Ah yes, those were the days but it's been a while since I thought of them. In fact it wasn't till today when Archer sweetly pants-ed a three year-old girl down the street.

I accidentally laughed because as if Archer knows what the hell he's doing but apparently laughing was a bad idea. Bad. Very bad. The little girl screamed for her Dad as Archer crawled away babbling and gabbling and googling.

I turned toward the scene apologetically. "Sorry! My son's got the dickens!"

"What you say? Dick?"

"Noooooo, silly! He has the dickENS. Like Charles Dickens?"

"Dick what?"

"No. Argh. Um...Habla Ingles?"

Little girl's dad promptly pulled his daughter's pants up and I backed-away slowly, following Archer to safety across the sidewalk.

Maybe it's just me but who seriously gets upset when a toddler pulls down a child's pants. He's a ONE-YEAR-OLD.

Please save the sexual harassment suit for when he's at LEAST in kindergarten. Sheesh.



Anonymous | 5:24 AM

I love Archer and you - that you said "dickens" hahahaha

kirida | 5:32 AM

My son pulls at my nursing bra and he's only eight weeks old. I'm assuming pants will come later.

I'm still laughing at "pants-ing." I'm definitely going to add that to my vocabulary.

Stacy | 5:34 AM

I would have laughed too. My daughter likes to pull her own pants down though.

Anonymous | 6:14 AM

How could anyone possibly get upset with Archer? He's the Man!

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

I can't wait to have kids so i can laugh at the other parents that overreact to everything...good show archer!

Andrea | 8:01 AM

I'm an overreactor (can't help it no matter how hard I try) and even I wouldn't have gotten upset. Maybe I would have added a snarky response such as this, "Yessir, he has a dick, but it will be more than a decade before he learns what to do with it. Your daughter's safe. For now. Mwahahahaha!"

My hubs likes to pants (de-pants?)our son, who growls, "Daddy!" every time. It's the growl that gets him (and me) every time, not the pants-ing itself. I guess I won't be surprised when Gabe goes to the babysitter's and pants-es some other unsuspecting child. At least now, I have my comment all ready for the Overreactor Parent.

Christina | 9:13 AM

I would have laughed, too. Sheesh, some parents are so uptight. There's no way a 1 year old is trying to sexually harass a three year old by pulling down her pants.

He was probably trying to get leverage to pull up via her pants.

Jaelithe | 9:58 AM

Um, dude. Those people seriously need to chill out. That is all I can say.

Oh, that, and, Mona, my son is two and he still tries to pull my bra off. I stopped nursing him months ago, but he's still SO not over it.

motherbumper | 11:04 AM

You said dickens... hee hee hee

anyhooooo! I'd die laughing if Archer pantzed Bumper... actually I just did that to her the other day. Made her walk like a penquin, yes I did (okay it was crawl like a penquin but it just doesn't create the same image when you say walk).

Unknown | 1:36 PM

Hehe. Nice move Archer. He totally knew what he was doing ;)

Anonymous | 4:57 PM

he he he he.... Sophia used to pants me all the time. Me & my lazy SAHM arss would stay in PJ's all day & she was learning to pull herself up... with my drawers. Good one, kiddo! I swear, she's got a secret pact with her daddy, aka the devil.

Anonymous | 8:13 PM

Aw man. How can someone get upset over that? It's not like he's a 10 year old who should know better or something. If some tiny kiddo pantsed my three year old daughter tho, she'd scream bloody murder. While I laughed.