Because It's Too Hot to Think Right Now...

And I can't be bothered trying to write something I am going to forward all my peeps to one of my favorite bloggers/lady-mamas in the www.

If you have not found Hot Momma Gossip, please allow me to introduce her to you. She's hot. She's sleeved up. She's very pregnant and she knows the story behind the story behind the story. Behind the story.

Pull up an iced-coffee and go here for good ol' fashioned celebrity gossip... Because it's way too hot to head to the local drug store to pick up the latest tab-rags.




Stacy | 5:29 PM

Hot Momma is most definitely hot!!! Love her site.

kirida | 12:14 AM

I love that site. Gossip is an integral part of my www diet. Yum!

btrute | 4:10 PM

Thanks for the shout out doll!!