A New Way to Ride

Archer's favorite game is "This is the Way", as in, bounce him on your knee and chant: This is the way the ladies ride... Kid-e-lop, kid-e-lop, kid-e-lop, kid-e-lop. And then there are the gentlemen (who ride a little faster) and the farmer (faster) and the something-something (even faster) and the spaceship (fastest, around the room, flips and leaps and etc).

Although we are big fans of "This is the Way..." I find our version a little outdated and BO-RING so I made up a new version for Angeleno parents. Stay tuned for the Northern California/and or Oregonian version, This is Way the Goddess' Ride.

Feel free to try this with your little homie, be you in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world!

This is the Way the Bitches Ride

This is the way the bitches ride.
Buy my tits, buy my gas, buy my car, oops I crashed it.
This is the way the homies ride.
Plasma tv, in my steering wheel, windows down, spinner reems.
This is the way the Agents ride
Expensive gas. Who do I look like? Oy and vey. Call my Lawyer.
This is the way the premier ready movie-stars ride
Pick me up! (In my) Stretch Hummer Hybird! Because I care! Global Warming!

And this is the way the Scientology-ship riiiiiiiiiiiiides....
Close your eyes! Suri cruise! To the moon! Suri Cruise!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! AND again! A little bit louder now!



Anonymous | 9:02 AM

Ah! I love it. Keep it comin', GGC. :)

Anonymous | 11:21 AM

That is hilarious.

Andrea | 11:32 AM

You crack me up, girl! Though I'd be singing if I got someone to buy me plastic surgery and cars too.

Bluepaintred | 12:14 PM

lol if my baby wasnt repeating everything I say to him.....id sing him that!

Sandra | 6:02 AM

And THIS is why I love your blog. You crack me up.

Jaelithe | 4:51 AM

Can I use that even if I don't live in L.A.?


waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiit a second -- is this not Yo GGC Raps!-worthy?

i think it is. oh yes it is.

Stacy | 1:15 PM

YOu're too funny!

Her Bad Mother | 6:31 PM

You are a fucking genius. We've been singing the twee version of this since WonderBaby was a larva and it was gettin' oooold. But the best we could do was make the ride wilder.

Now we gots the words to match the spins. Wheeeee indeed.