Gratuitous Sick-Baby Photos...

Archer's still sick. Fever gone. Snot-nosed Blankie face here to stay. No seriously, that blankie smells like a foot. He will not let me take it away to wash. There are spores forming on the corners. SPORES.

And now for a gratuitous sick-baby mohawk photo:

Style even in sickness.



Cristina | 10:58 PM

How can a sick baby be that cute? How?

Anonymous | 6:27 AM

Oh man. I hope he feels better - but seriously, he is so freaking cute!

Karen Bodkin | 7:55 AM

I probably already told you this, but I LOVE Archer's name....way cool. That last pic is so freaking cute too.

Andrea | 8:03 AM

Aww, poor guy. Maybe your sick one and my pink-eye infested one should get together and play. it might distract Archer long enough to get the blanket away for a washing.

Gabe was standing next to me as I read this post and was all, "Who's that baby?" Last time he asked, he was trying to say Archer and it came out "Arster". This time, "Archer" came out, clear as a bell. Then he said, "Aw, Mama. Nice hat," from that pic on the sidebar. No lie.

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

Man, he is cute. Those eyelashes!

kittenpie | 12:47 PM

Oh, poor kid. Pumpkinpie just had a fever last week too, though it didn't slow her down much.

I have a bunch of the same little dtuffed doggie for pumpkinpie - that way I can wash one when it gets too grotty, while the other, only semi-grotty ones fill in and it can go to the back of the line. (One is in deperate need right now - this weekend I will hide it until I can stash it in the laundry.)

Chicky | 2:25 PM

Ugh...I've had the snotty, low fever, miserable poopyheads here too.

Psh, I never thought of hair therapy for the doodz-can't feel too bad when you got a rockin 'do, right?

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Christina | 5:31 AM

Poor Archer. Cordy also is sick and snot-faced, but it doesn't seem to slow her down. It just makes her more cranky.

Hope he's better soon!

Anonymous | 5:37 PM

How do you think my daughter's blanket got the name "skankie blankie"? Sneaking it into the wash never fails to alert her blankie radar. On, did I mention that she is now 4....

JUST ME | 6:22 PM

i'm sorry...i know i keep saying it but

dear holy JESUS
you hit the jackpot
when it comes to cutefaced babies.

Anonymous | 8:33 AM

That kid of yours is a future rock-star-in-training. He's going to have the ladies tripping all over themselves. Rock on, Archer!

Mom101 | 5:38 PM

If he was just 37 years older...