And Then I Woke Up to This

A broken window and a stolen IPOD just in time for my trip. The bastards with baseball bats sure have rockstar timing.



pointerb | 9:22 AM

damn. sucks.

caramama | 9:30 AM

That totally sucks. I'm so sorry for all the tought things you have going on right now.

Will it help to know that I found your book easily at a bookstore and I can't wait to start reading it?

I hope you have a safe trip and good things begin to flow your way.


Yes, Caramama! That does help! Thank you! I'm clinging to all good news right now. GOOD NEWS FOR MILES!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Those were me. I absolutely triple-posted.


accidentally, i mean. not absolutely. wow. i need a drink.

The Growing Hennans | 9:37 AM

Totally sucks! Amazing that folks would take all that risk for an iPod.

Good luck with your trip. It will only get better!

Anonymous | 9:39 AM

Now that's just lousy. Any chance of getting the window fixed today?

-- Cassandra


Yeah, we'll have the window replaced this afternoon. Just waiting for the cops to come dust my car, you know. Just another day in the nay-bo-hood. This is actually kind of funny now that I think about it. HA! OH, LIFE, you so crazy!

Mama Smurf | 9:48 AM

I had to tell you that I bought your book last 3/4 of the way through it and then forgot it in the hotel when we were out of town last weekend. Finally REpurchased it yesterday and finished it last night. Thoroughly enjoyed every last word. You have a gift for articulating every fear that every woman/mother has. Thank you!

Jennifer | 9:51 AM

Good grief! You certainly deserve some good and happy days after the crappy week that has been.
Thinking good thoughts for you.

Unknown | 10:10 AM


well, if it helps, I ordered your book yesterday so you can use the royalties from that towards a new ipod...? It might get you an ear-bug anyway...

houseofeling | 10:21 AM

wow...suck suck and more suck. just in time for the weekend.

Liz | 10:42 AM

That sucks balls.

Fraulein | 11:13 AM

God, that sucks.

Anonymous | 11:47 AM

Before I even read the comments, I thought "damn, she needs a drink! One virtual margarita coming right up!
(Yeah yeah yeah I know you're knocked up and all. You need the real thing this week. And besides, it's um, virtual. So drink up! And hell, while you're at it, have a virtual smoke, too.)

Trysha | 1:14 PM

Ugh! Seems like a lot of work for an iPod. Seriously, who doesn't have one these days? Oh wait, me. Glad it will be fixed pronto.

Ordered your book yesterday. Can't wait! The guy at Barnes and Noble said that they should order mroe since I'm not the first one looking for it. Las Cruces, NM loves you!

Maria | 1:21 PM

Ew. That sucks!

Anonymous | 1:22 PM

OUCH. hope you're able to replace the 'pod before you go traveling... road trips with just the radio are rough.

hope the next week is a little better-

Linda | 1:28 PM

Rat Bastards! I had this happen once too, and they spit loogies all over the other windows and ripped off the rear view mirror. Mean people suck.

Maternal Mirth | 1:41 PM

Oh! I am so sorry! You totally deserve a drink, but once again (suck!) those drinkie-poos have to be virgins, cuz, well, you're not.

Hope your no good very bad week quickly turns into a boogie-liscious, fantsastic, super-dooper weekend :)

Anonymous | 1:52 PM

So sorry. Bastards!

Anonymous | 2:24 PM

um. wtf?

i hope those jerks like belle and sebastian.


i love you like c... ake. hang in there.


Touche, Laurenzo. Touche.

Maremone | 4:11 PM

I think I'm going to have an emotional breakdown for you. I'll eat the ice cream for you too so you don't gain the weight. Dude, I'm such a devoted reader ;)

phoebe | 5:16 PM

Sorry to hear about the iPod thief. A happy note, my copy of your book arrived yesterday (from amazon, correct price), I read the whole thing last night. I have a 13 month old so that is quite the testament. I loved it!

Backpacking Dad | 5:43 PM

Ok, be honest...

...did you blog it first, or call the police and insurance company first?


merseydotes | 6:05 PM

Oh, that sucks balls. I'm just glad that you and Archer and Hal are safe.

Scary Mommy | 6:27 PM

Ugh. that so sucks- I'm so sorry.

But I'm LOLing at Backpacking Dad--- that's my first instinct with everything now.

Hope things get better, and fast!!

Julie Marsh | 7:06 PM

Holy crap. I'm sorry.

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

When it rains, it pours hu?

for a different kind of girl | 8:27 PM

Sorry for this phase in the luck department!

I work at a bookstore and picked up your book before I left for the day yesterday. Every time I pass by it, if it's not, I turn it face out and mention it to people.

Jaelithe | 9:00 PM

Holy baby Jeebus. When it rains, it pours.

At least they didn't take the car.

Anonymous | 9:08 PM

Oh, I am so sorry! that sucks!
and i read the previous blog, about mason-i am so very sorry for you. I hope that you will begin to feel better soon, or at least, at peace.

Anonymous | 11:50 PM

Geez - life is so yucky sometimes. So unfair. I hope there was a part of you that actually laughed a bit and thought to yourself, "man, I can't wait to blog about this"! : ) Seriously, only things can get better now. Sending some positive vibes your way for your trip.

kittenpie | 3:03 AM

Oh, that's crap you didn't need. Well, that no one needs, but really. That sucks, hon.

Anonymous | 7:08 AM

wow you are really at the point when you just start saying "at least we have our health" and then come down with the flu :(

you know, my boy kanye always says that that don't kill me can only make me stronger...


Sarah | 7:27 AM

well, every one has pretty much said everything that can be said. Just remember, you've got a whole hell of a lot of good karma coming your way...maybe in the form of a wee precious amazingly beautiful baby?
keep your chin up, slugger.

Mrs. Schmitty | 9:36 AM

That is horrible. People suck. I'm sorry that happened to you!

A Mom Two Boys | 9:48 AM

Oh NO. That sucks. Seriously sucks.

Good luck on your trip and good luck today.

Honk to say hello when you drive through the lovely Santa Maria.

Anonymous | 1:25 PM

Bitcheroo, ain't it?

Anonymous | 3:08 PM

OK, an iPod, I can kind of understand. At least it has value. Someone once broke my car window, with the car on the street in front of my house, to steal the phone that came FREE with my service.

This means, that if they HAVE cell-phone service, they could have got the same crappy phone for FREE.


The best part was that in pocketing my phone, he triggered a my wife's phone...and recording the remainder of his crime spree.

My daughter picked up the message the next afternoon and realized that the idiot recorded the entire rest of his crime spree (broke into MANY cars that night) on my wife's voice mail. The police recognized the voice and he was imprisoned for his crimes.

Sometimes the good guy wins.

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:32 PM

Ugh, that does SUCK! Hope your day improved after that.

Jaelithe | 10:15 PM

Hey, we're like, partners in MP3 player theft-by-car-break-in now as of tonight.

Does this mean I should work harder to finish that book I'm working on? Or does it mean I should steal your tattoo like I keep joking about?

Mommytojacknjas | 1:26 PM

wow im so sorry hun! wtf!! that really sucks!!

PeeKay | 7:48 PM

I so have that CD holder, wasn't that worth stealing too? Is that a Passat or jetta?

Megan Whittaker | 3:07 PM

i know what you mean! my car just got completely stolen last night...i wish it was only an ipod