Hazards of Releasing a Book On April Fools Day

Life has a funny way of being... funny.

And honestly, I kind of have to laugh. Especially after my week-long freak-fest over today's book release. Because here it is, release date and... Psyche! No book.

I guess should have known the hazards of having an April 1st publication date but alas, I believed in the system and was never one to fall for April Fools shenanigans. Foiled again, I was! My apologies to those of you who were foiled as well.

Today *is* the book release date but because of some issues with the Perseus Books warehouse and a three week delay in shipping (reviewers only *just* got their books Friday. As did I.) Books will not be on local bookstore shelves until next week and/or at the very latest, the week after. Amazon shipments have also been delayed (Five days, I believe?) so if you ordered your Amazon copy in hopes it would arrive today, April Fools! Early next week is probably more accurate. (Ugh! So sorry about that!)

Hal and I had today reserved for bookstore browsing Rockabye at all our local booky haunts but alas... After the third clerk at the third bookstore checked his/her computer shook his head and said, "the book is on it's way it looks like, but, uh, I don't really know.... " I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, something's wrong with this still-life."

I had the brief inclination to think "what if my book NEVER comes out and this was all a joke?" After all, wouldn't that just make sense? After my last weeks of doubt and emotional self-mutilation? I mean, I even went so far as to say "I wish the book could just NEVER come out!"

"OH MY GOD", thought I. "WHAT IF my life is some kind of modern Aesopesque Fable and I, The Girl Who Cried Woolf!?"

Thankfully that isn't the case. I spoke with my publisher about the whole warehouse-debacle and it turns out that yes, the book WILL indeed come out. Soon. I just don't know exactly what day. And that's pretty much just life, isn't it? Plans shmans. Release dates, shmelease dates. The universe fucks with those in need of a good old-fashioned fucking-with (like me).

After all, babies seldom arrive when they are due. And aint that true...


*For those of you coming to the Book Soup event on Saturday, books WILL be available there. Books will also be available at next week's Borders event in Carlsbad (San Diego) if they haven't already arrived in big chains by then.
**To those who ordered on Amazon, please let me know if you're book has *not* arrived by early next week so I can do some inspecting.
*** I love you people so-so much. Thank you for making me feel like less of an asshole and more like a human being.


Backpacking Dad | 4:11 PM


I always worry about the wrong thing too.

Sorry about the debacle. But is it cathartic in any way?

Anonymous | 4:13 PM

Through Chapters in Canada they are now saying that the release date is April 15th. This gives me a chance to finish the book that I'm currently reading (I was planning on deserting it for a couple of days) before settling in to what I know will be greatness!!

kittenpie | 5:32 PM

Hmmm - maybe they read that part about being worried and maybe not wanting it out?

don't worry - I'm sure it will be well worth the wait, frustrating as that must be for you.

Danielle | 5:33 PM

Eh- most original Aprils Fools I've heard of in a while.

I mean, having an entire nation expecting a book and then... not having it! {snorts, laughs, slaps knee} Classic!!!


We'll wait!

Shash | 5:44 PM

I was sad that it wasn't there in the store today, but the great news is that the Brentwood, TN Borders is VERY! EXCITED! about your book and can't wait for it to arrive.

I pre-ordered it on Amazon today and I can't wait!

And, ain't it the truth about babies and delivery? My 1st waited two weeks after his due date! Preach it, sister!


Jaime | 5:54 PM

lol....maybe I should've read your blog before emailing you on Facebook! ;) Sorry for all the frustration!


It's all good, Jaime. And mad love goes out to Brentwood TN. So glad to hear they're excited!

Thanks for waiting guys. I'm really sorry about the delay. And Billie-- Thanks for the heads-up about the April 15th release at Chapters... I have NO IDEA what's going on so any information is really helpful.

More deets as I get them, of course.

nashvegas | 6:51 PM

Heh. I had half of the people working at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville looking through boxes and on carts for your book this evening! Their computer thought they had three copies, but they just couldn't find them anywhere!
Now they are quite curious about your tome, and will call me when they "find" it!

And you seem to be handling this quite well. My husband wrote a book several years ago, and I got quite tired of hearing "My book's NOT COMING OUT!! IT'S NEVER COMING OUT!" It did.

I can't wait for yours.

Anonymous | 7:40 PM

Happy April Fool's! I went to 2 different bookstores today to pick up your book and I had the same confused booksellers. =)

Suburban Turmoil | 7:46 PM

Congratulations, Rebecca!! Hang in there. I can't wait to read your book. :)

Anonymous | 10:20 PM

I was all set to go to the bookstore today, but then the release date on chapters.indigo.ca was bumped back to April 10.

I had my Amazon preorder all set up, but I figured I'd get it faster by buying it on the release date than waiting for them to ship it to me in Canada. Wrong-o!

Maybe plan a Friday the 13th release for book #2? ;)

Hope the readings are amazing for you. You can always pull a Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club author, I've seen him read MANY times and he knows me by name... haha). He takes a couple valium before doing a reading! So even the pros still get the shakes.

Mama Smurf | 4:33 AM

What a let down for you! The anticipation must be killing you! On another note...I just wanted to comment on the cover of the book. I can't stop staring at it....I love it! Everything about it!

Anonymous | 5:29 AM

I called both my local bookstores yesterday. (that's right I said BOTH, i live in a small town) and neither one had it. I resigned myself to ordering it online. I so wanted to have it in hand yesterday but I figured it was more of a geography thing on my part rather than on the distribution end. Good to know it will be here soon though, gives me a chance to finish my second read of Potter beforehand. :) Can't wait though!

Anonymous | 7:00 AM

Amazon is now telling me the expected ship date for my pre-order is 06/02/2008. Go figure! -Heather

KaritaG | 7:45 AM

Thought this might flatter you/make you laugh - text of an email from Amazon.com:

Estimated ship date: 06/02/2008

You have unique (and excellent, of course) taste, and this item is difficult for us to get our hands on.

See? Even Amazon knows the book will be great. I am going to have to buy it before that (if it gets to Denver before June) and gift the Amazon copy, I think!


Are you SERIOUS? Just for Rockabye? You didn't order something else, too? AHHHHH! This is not good! How could they already back-ordered until June? It isn't even out yet and I know the first run was 20+ thou. I must investigate. More later.

The Mommy | 8:39 AM

I was horrified by the email Amazon sent me this morning. I pre-ordered back on Feb. 3 and Amazon is telling me it won't ship until June 2nd. SERIOUSLY? I CANNOT/WILL NOT wait that long to read Rockabye.

The Mommy | 8:41 AM

BTW, this is JUST for Rockabye.

Anonymous | 8:42 AM

I got the same 06/02/08 date from Amazon saying that if they can't find it by 05/02 they will cancel my order? It was the only book I had on preorder

Anonymous | 10:15 AM

Bummer. Sounds like your labor is stuck in transition...the part where I was screaming "Give me a c-section, get the mothereffing doctor in here. I don't care, just get him OUT already!!". Not a fun place to be.

Can't wait to read it!!! But I will.

KaritaG | 11:03 AM

Yes, my notice was only for Rockabye.


Okay. SO! Not to worry. It's standard Amazon procedure to estimate shipping dates months later when books have not yet arrived. (Because they "can't find the book in the warehouse" but that's because it hasn't yet arrived.) You SHOULD be getting a notice in the next week that books are only delayed a week. Two weeks max. Your book should ship BY the 15th. Sorry about the inconvenience, you guys.

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