In Praise of Fishsticks

Archer's vocabulary grows every day but he's been quite slow to form complete sentences.  Two words at a time is usually as far as we get. As far as we got.  

Archer's very first sentence as of last night: 

Mommy? Um, Mommy? Can I go ofer der and um.... in da house for... to eat some, um, fishsticks? 


I gave him fishsticks. Even if it was 9:30 and he was supposed to be sleeping because COME ON! He asked me for them! In a complete sentence!

I feel like good 'ol George Costanza right now. Leaving on a high note, indeed. 



A Mom Two Boys | 9:46 AM

Yay for Archer. But watch out because once they figure out the complete sentence thing they totally use it to their advantage.

And is it me, or does Archer's pronunciation sound suspiciously like a voice that Hank Azaria would do?

motherbumper | 10:08 AM

Awesometastical. Way to go Archer and have a great tour Rebecca.

RubiaLala | 12:55 PM

I know what you mean about being excited to hear them talk. It only gets better!

On a side note, I LOVE LOVE LOVE his shirt in this picture. We have the same shirt for our boy!

kittenpie | 1:29 PM

Way to go Archer!
May you some day wield your words as well as your mother.

Anonymous | 2:22 PM

Wow! A whole sentence! That's excellent. Was Archer outside when he said it? It sounds like "I want to go over there in the house..." The signing time videos are good for kids with communication difficulties. My nephew had a condition that made it hard for him to remember what word should come next in a sequence. He had vocabulary but he'd forget the word for 'kitchen.' for example, in the sentence that Archer was trying to say.
Signing helped him gain confidence that he could communicate. Today he's in fifth grade in a regular classroom, except for math, where he's in a gifted and talented class and English, where he's in a "resource room," where he gets extra help. It looks like he's going to be fine. I hope Archer keeps making progress.

Anonymous | 2:27 PM

It's what you needed.

Love, love, love his t-shirt, btw.

Anonymous | 3:02 PM

yay archer!


Anonymous | 3:46 PM

wow in no time he'll be cursing out criminals with you!!!! go archer!!! ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 7:51 PM

::grin:: !!!!

Mama Smurf | 6:23 AM

Yeay for Archer! Congratulations!

Jaelithe | 7:05 PM

Yay Archer!

He'll be on his own book tour in no time, I am sure.

Her Bad Mother | 7:06 PM

Fishsticks are as good a reason for a complete sentence as any. The greatest wordsmiths have been inspired by less. He knows what he's doing.

Fraulein | 11:10 AM

Awesome news. I bet the sentences will come fast and furious now! Yay Archer!

Anonymous | 1:11 PM

ooo OOOOO! That's so cute and awesome! Yay, Archer!!!
The light at the end of the sucky week tunnel.

Mom101 | 2:49 PM

That is totally exciting in every way. I would never think of fishsticks the same way if I were you. Hooray for Super Archer.

Anonymous | 7:03 PM

He knew just what to do to bring his Mama some much needed happiness. Good for both of you!

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

YAYYYY Archer!!! way to go! that's great, it sounds like he's doing really well.

Anonymous | 8:28 AM

Fishsticks all around! Go Archer!

Creative-Type Dad | 12:23 PM

LOL - that's funny. What can you say, the kid likes fishsticks, right?

Julie Marsh | 7:22 PM

I love the sentences! I just wish my strong silent type girl would eat fish sticks.

Anonymous | 6:29 AM

Hooray for Archer! Having just read your book yesterday, as in, I sat down and read it straight through because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, I know what a big deal that is! Way to go, dude!