Chapter One: Bang(s) & Trollufsen

*...edited to add below...*

Yesterday was a day of goodbyes. First to Mason, whose memorial was inexplicably perfect. A send-off unlike any other. A true celebration of life and an adored man. Music, mayhem, partial nudity. Mason was surely smiling down.

I also had to say bon voyage to Archer and Hal who I've left for almost three weeks which seems like an insane amount of time to be away from a husband and child. But I'm here now. In Fairfax, California, where the people LOVE them some bangs. Home sweet home!

Poor troll dolls missed the memo.

Anyway! Here's my schedule for this week for all of you Bay Area peeps. Can't wait to see you!

Monday 21st: San Francisco
Blurb/Flickr/Moo Meet-up with drinks (alcoholic and non) and free goodie-goodness.
Kate O'Brien's
579 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Tuesday, April 22nd: Oakland
A Great Good Place for Books: 6:30pm
6120 LaSalle Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

Wednesday, April 23rd: San Francisco
Books Inc, Marina District Store: 7:30pm
2251 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA, 94123

Here's to a new week! A borrowed IPOD! A fixed window! And trampolines!

Archer says: "To life! And fishsticks! And bangs!"


*Thank you to Cool Mom Picks for an incredible Rockabye review! Also, Parent Bloggers Network will be reviewing Rockabye for the next couple of weeks. Check 'em out! Woo!*


kittenpie | 1:46 AM

that IS a long time to be away - bet you'll miss them like crazy, but have the best homecoming ever.

And my hair is way too wonky to even try bangs. sigh.

Keri | 5:22 AM

Aww, the longest I've gone is one night away from my son. This summer, I will be volunteering in the west for a week *sob*. But THREE weeks, whew! Glad Hal is home so he can get to have buddy time with Dad.

Have a safe trip!

BTW, *love* that pic of Archer...such JOY on his adorable face! =D

L | 6:50 AM

I have done 4 weeks. Not easy, but doable. It helps if you're really busy :)

Anonymous | 8:47 AM

How funny--I grew up in Fairfax and know that exact hair salon with the trolls and the bangs. I now live in another town in Marin and might make it to your reading on the 23rd. In the meantime, enjoy all the hippies in Fairfax!

Mom101 | 2:41 PM

BEC!! We're both going to be in San Fran Weds! I'm going to totally try to make your reading.

Unknown | 3:53 PM

YAY! Glad to hear you sounding so up and well...and this was my favorite line: "Poor troll dolls missed the memo." HA HA HA.

Also: I'm going to email you about this personally, but can you check out my blog or MySpace page when you get a moment? I'm planning a book (and music!) event for July 13 with some other authors (and bands!) and I think you MUST be there as one of the guests of honor. ROCK AND READ, BABY.

Miss you,


Anonymous | 6:12 PM

I live in MI but will be in SF this weekend visiting friends. I'm thinking about making the leap into parenthood and just starting reading your blog a few weeks ago. I would love to see you and pick up a copy of your book, but am wondering where you'll be 4/26-2/28? Thanks!