Chapter Three: Mason Everywhere

I happen to be staying off Mason St. here in San Francisco and there's a car parked outside with the words "Mason Plumbing" on its body. Also, just bought a dress designed by "Mason" and didn't even realize it until yesterday. Awesome. 

Here's a little short of my late friend, doing what he did best, making everyone laugh. This one's great, too. And this. And this. And every other one, really. 

Let it shine, duder.  



Anonymous | 10:05 PM

Hugs for your grieving process - it's okay. It was a gift he was in your life.

are you having fun on your tour though? Are you the "wild child" again free from wifely duties? : )

Katiedidtoo | 6:23 AM

Maybe he's giving you suggestions for a baby name...

You rock. Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous | 3:47 PM

yeah baby names!! that's what's going on- and whatever you do don't name the baby SAM. because mason backwards is NO SAM. so there's that.

awesome people rock. you are so lucky to have had so many in your life even if for a short time. ~jjlibra

Jaelithe | 7:50 AM

I think he's telling you the music you picked was okay ;)

Anonymous | 4:18 PM

dass sum fukked up shit yall.