Chapter Five: The Road Trip Begins

drawing flowers for BMC's Foo

I'm on the road. Officially on wheels instead of on wing. I was planning to drive from San Francisco to Portland. But then the car rental place told me three hundred and something-insane dollars for a drop-off fee, which meant with gas and everything else it would have cost me almost 700 bucks to get to Portland, instead of $80 to fly Southwest so there you have it. I flew in late yesterday, which means sadly, me and the Dodge Caliber had to go our separate ways.

Today I'm hijacking Dana's ride and the two of us set off for Seattle and then Vancouver: Two moms, one Subaru.  Dana's mad at me because I'm pregnant which means no fun stuff. I just hope pregnant women are allowed in piano bars because lordy knows I don't need a vodka to sing along to showtunes. 

See you at Elliott Bay Books (today, Saturday April 26th) in Seattle @ 4:30pm!



*Road Trippin' at Straight From the Bottle. 
**A mighty thanks to Parent Bloggers Network, and some of the most amazing Rockabye reviews ever. Very much wow. 
***Also, you can now read  the first chapter of Rockabye over at Smith magazine.  
****Thank you all for your continued support, comments and emails. They mean so much. 


kittenpie | 10:02 AM

Just finally got around to ordering - will be reading soonest! yay!

This Must be the Place . . . | 10:03 AM

Just read your interview linked through Smith and the sample chapter. I' psyched to read the book for sure, and so wishing I could have made it to your Carlsbad reading. I'm guessing your San Diego/L.A. readings have gone bye bye?

In any case, the book's making great new mama prezzies for two good friends; I can't think of anything better.

Mrs. Cline | 10:12 AM

i just got the call that my copy of the book is in! husband is playing poker tonight and i fully intend to lay around all night and enjoy it! so excited!

Michelle W | 6:57 PM

Good luck with your book! I just wanted to say that I freakin' love your blog!!

BookMamma | 10:06 PM

DOH! This Alabama girl was so stoked to go to San Diego (first trip to Cali) in hopes that I could catch a signing... but alas. The planets did not align.

I managed to get the book on order though. Looks like Amazon got it straightened out finally!

Again - if you ever do a S/SE leg of the tour let me know!

Anonymous | 8:25 PM

Came to your site via two good friends (Leah and Kristin).

I have seen your name around, but had yet to make it here...

Anyhow, if I was not 4 hours away from Vancouver, I would love to join Kristin for your reading.

Congrats on the book tour. I'll be back to get to "know" you better.