A New Day

For those of you in the Orange County area, I'll be reading/signing books at Borders in Costa Mesa tonight, Tuesday, April 15th @ 7pm. Hope to see you.



foodiemama | 2:30 PM


Stimey | 4:23 PM

I went to Amazon to get your book and it was still a gajillion dollars to ship it. I'll be checking back soon to see if it's fixed, because there is no way in hell I am taking my three kids to a real live bookstore to buy it.

Crazy Baby Lady | 4:32 PM

Your post to Mason made my heart hurt for you and those who loved him. hope you are doing ok today. ((HUG))

Anonymous | 7:15 PM

Thinking of you. Which is odd, because I don't 'know' you, but, well. The Smoking Popes, it touched my heart.

apricoco | 9:53 PM

Your post about your friend Mason was so beautiful, so moving.. I'm so sorry that you have lost another friend. I'm sorry that you are hurting.. I wish that no one ever had to experience such pain. My thoughts are with you..

Anonymous | 10:01 PM

I was there tonight and I wanted to tell all of you that Rebecca holds a pen like a moron. But she's very cool. Or as cool as you can be when you hold a pen like a moron.

Anonymous | 10:29 PM

The reading was lovely! And so nice to meet you in person. Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you all for your kindness. WM and DGM-- Love you both. SO awesome seeing you and thank you so much for coming! It meant so much.

Stimey-- You can order on Barnes and Noble's website:


It should ship for the normal 3$!

Lauren | 1:04 PM

I already finished reading your book and had to blog about it, it was soooooo good! If you're interested: http://laurenlovesbooks.blogspot.com/2008/04/from-writer-to-reader-and-all-things-in.html


Anonymous | 9:08 PM

Your post to Mason made me cry like I knew him. What a beautiful note for him to leave on. I'm sure if he could, he would tell you he loves you too.

Hope you're okay -

Rachael | 8:26 PM

I got your book today, and I'm SO excited! I have already read up to page 50. It's awesome. If you're ever in the Seattle area for a reading, I'll definitely be there. Thanks for sharing SO much with all of us.