News to Rock Out to Quietly

So it looks like Rockabye will be in stock tomorrow on Amazon and shipping soon-after which means my promotional music-video post ends tonight because *technically* the book is out now. Ish. Everyone who pre-ordered should get their books sometime next week or the week after at the latest, and local bookstores are starting to get shipments in now. Phew!

Today's rock, Rogue Wave: Eyes

Meanwhile... At the Peanut Gallery:

*Speech Therapy? Good riddance. Why we quit speech therapy.

**Look for the first of several Rockabye excerpts in the May issue of Babytalk magazine. (Currently online on for any of those interested.) You may recognize part of the excerpt as seen first on this blog and over at HuffPo.

***If you're an LA area peep, come on down to Book Soup tomorrow at 5:00. Uncle Frank will be pouring wine for those in attendance and there will be food. And books. And Archer. And Jesse Ventura who's doing a signing right before me which, I mean, obviously, right?



Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 11:14 PM

Jesse Ventura? Did he come to bask in the limelight of the *real* celebrity here?

dizzibloom | 5:17 AM

I Love love love Rogue Wave! Eyes was in a a tv ad last summer on showtime, and ever since discovering it was them I have been a big fan, great stuff!

Congrats on Rockabye arriving! I'm going to run down to the B&N and see if they have it this week.

Woman in a Window | 5:41 AM

First time here and your book looks beautiful. Will have to get a look inside!
And what a good video. Never heard that song before. I'm way up North in Canada, removed from any sense of current, listening to public radio. Will check in with you to watch progress, esp. with the book.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

I got my email from Amazon yesterday telling me that my order for your book shipped. I am so excited. I can't wait to read it.

Congrats again. I hope the tour goes well as do sales.

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

So excited for you! My virtual inspiration! Keep up the good work and thanks for *keepin' it real* yay.

Anonymous | 8:48 AM

Sorry to hear you had to ditch speech therapy. Where I live there are a lot of children on the autism spectrum and speech therapists are greatly in demand. My friend has two sons with autism and she has speech therapists and play therapists and OT people at her house every day. I don't think she's had more than one or two cancellations in the nearly two years that her boys have had a diagnosis. Her boys are making good progress. It's too bad you don't have better services in your area.