A Comedy of Errors


In the words of Prairie Dawn, "Oh dear..."

So! Apparently, the cost to ship Rockabye (for whatever reason, Amazon's still trying to figure out what happened on their end) for the past three days has been $40.00. Which means $10 book + $40.00 shipping seems, well, high.

So if you were one of the (several?) who tried to purchase Rockabye over the weekend but got discouraged by the $50.00 price tag including shipping, I'm really sorry. I will update as soon as I get word from Amazon that my book really did come out is back to being priced, uh, normally. Wow. This is getting complicated, isn't it!?

Ah, life.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep dancing. Break out the booze and have a ball, Peggy Lee style.

*So, we're still waiting on some Amazon answers. I'm hoping this issue will be resolved in the next 24 hours but it's more of a complicated process than I thought. I would like to take this moment to go on about why big business isn't superior to remind all to support their local booksellers. Because being able to speak to a human being when you need assistance is somewhat of an anomaly these days.

And in the meantime, for any of you who paid the $30.00 shipping, please contact Amazon so you can be reimbursed. And please feel free to order from any of these fine retailers in the meantime. Thank you and again, I'm really sorry.


Also, for those of you in the Orange County area, I'll be reading/signing books at Borders in Costa Mesa tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15th @ 7pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous | 12:29 PM

ha ha! I tried to buy your book and it kept saying 50 bucks on my paypal... I thought at the most it would be 25 bucks... with shipping included. I did go ahead and buy the book anyways, so Now I am hoping somehow I get a refund of 40 bucks??????? Im confused. But, your worth it.


Oh NO! Oh my God, I'm going to start crying. NO! Yes! You can get your money back! Just call Amazon customer service (they know about the error and take full responsibility) so they will refund you the money! They will! Oh PLEASE contact them. I feel so awful about this. Oy.

Anonymous | 2:01 PM

wow, I was going to say the same thing. weird shit out there. I paid the 40 something too because I figured it was a hard back book.

Shoshanah | 5:25 PM

I bought it using Amazon's free shipping method. And it shipped two days ago (Its due for delivery April 22 I think. That's why you don't pay for shipping becuase it takes so long.) But anyway on my invoice it would have only been $4.95. But I'm looking forward to receiving it when it finally arrives!

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

I came across your blog about a year ago and love checking it weekly (ok,daily, but I somehow feel embarrassed to admit that). I pre-ordered Rockabye and received it last week. I've already cried/laughed/snorted numerous times...it's wonderful!!! I'm so excited for you and your family. I am battling infertility but am hopeful for the day I get to experience motherhood. Keep sharing, I want to keep reading :)
~meghan beck
p.s. I live in Atascadero and was so excited when you wrote about the Madonna Inn- you're right, the cave man room is AMAZING!

-A | 6:48 PM

I bought the book on Saturday (emergency run to the bookstore with the 2 year old!) and was disappointed that only B&N had it around here. Borders doesn't carry it in my neck of the woods!

I'm in love and I'm not even a mom! I do plan to share with the above mentioned 2 year old's mom - I think she'll relate a lot.

And seriously, how do they err that much? Shipping for one book =$40? Ack!

The Mommy | 7:07 PM

I'm so bummed I will be missing your reading tomorrow in Costa Mesa! My husband is there for a class and I was supposed to go too and go to the signing and meet your loveliness in person. Maybe someday...

Eva | 7:16 PM

I'm a total lurker, not just on your blog, but I have to say that when I read that you'd be in Costa Mesa at 7, then looked at the clock and it said 7:02, I was so sad. I'll pick up your book this week at a non-you attended function. Also, Thank You! so much for the Larchmont rec. I spent my birthday there and had the best day ever.


No, Eva! It's tomorrow at 7pm. Tomorrow!!! COME! COME!!!

Anonymous | 9:07 PM

I bought your book from Amazon. I didn't notice the shipping fee so I will have to double check. Can't wait to find a few spare hours to actually sit down and read!

Lauren | 5:31 AM

I bought your book Sunday afternoon at B&N (the only bookstore here in the burbs). Last night I finally had to stop at the Monsters under the bed chapter and go to sleep! It's so good, Rebecca. I'm nowhere near being a mother, but your experience and writing makes it a little less scary :)