Chapter Four: The San Francisco Treat

The Oakland reading Tuesday went gangbusters. A Great Good Place for Books truly is great and good. I was grateful they had me and it was a a fantastic crowd of awesome peeps. I even got to meet Ewokmama which was fabulous. Sadly I forgot to take any photographic evidence that such a romp existed. Annoying.

San Francisco on the other hand:

...with Sal Glynn at Books Inc on Chestnut Street in the Marina.

Kendra and KC, my beautiful SF hosts

with the Weirdgirl herself! Hooray for blogger-ladies

In front of Books Inc with my cardboard box of fun!

With my beautiful cousin, Erica, my hostess for my first three days in town.

Books Inc went smashingly well. The booksellers there were awesome and wonderful. Indie rock bookstores blow the big guns out of the water in terms of, well, everything. I've been shocked and delighted by the kindness and attentiveness of independent bookstores. I've never felt so welcome anywhere as I did at Books Inc and Great Good Place for Books. Thank you, kindly.

It was just a very different experience to the chains, which, like, DUH, but still... Support your local bookstores, people. They support us.

This was one of FIVE displays, Books Inc had for Rockabye. FIVE! Borders didn't have so much as a post-it note advertising Rock.

And of course, no day would be complete without the Freestyle Pita girl. Obviously.

Peace out, San Francisco. Thanks for the memories.



Upcoming Appearances include:
Grass Valley, CA: TODAY! Thursday April 24th, 5:00: The Bookseller
Seattle, WA: Saturday, April 26th at 4:30: Elliott Bay Books


Anonymous | 10:37 AM

Smashing reading, wonderful book. (I went right home and read half of it; read another big chunk on the train this morning.) Thanks so much for all you do!

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

COOL green shirt!

pointerb | 2:26 PM
two good indies in dc...
glad to hear the tour is going well. :)
i cant help it. im an organizer. i'll be in la may 7-11, we should have lunch, btw

Anonymous | 3:44 PM

i know a good indie bookstore in NYC that you should come to. it's indie living room of my house! hahahahaha! oh my god i really crack myself up. you look gorgeous and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt.


Rachael | 4:24 PM

Yay, Seattle! I am definitely coming. I left a comment the other day about being excited to read the book, and you replied (perhaps to tell me you WOULD be in Seattle), but it went in to my spam and I didn't see it until after I hit delete, at which point my only choice was to sit there and watch it disappear... I am excited to meet you and just say Hi.

Anonymous | 7:50 PM

read your book in 2 sittings!!!loved it, so well of the best written books ever!!!

Anonymous | 8:29 PM

I WANNA TOUCH YOUR BELLY!!!! So bad. Omigod. Please, can I? COME TO NEW YORK!

Debbie | 8:46 PM

planning to come to your p-town reading. also: planning to have a cockta-- awww, shite.

planning to say hi at the reading. :p


Jess Riley | 9:04 PM

Holy cow! I've been away too long...congrats on the book!!! Love the cover...and look how gorgeous you are in these photos!

Unknown | 9:33 PM

It's fun watching/reading about your travels with Rockabye.

Here in Auckland, New Zealand I was excited when a box arrived in the post from Amazon....

In between my four year old and my ten week old I've managed 76 enjoyable pages.

I hope the rest of your promo tour is fabulous. (And Yay! for independent bookstores - even though I did the Amazon thing)


Anonymous | 6:11 AM

just went to christopher collins's site. oh. my. god. he is gooooooooood. i want one of everything.

good luck with the rest of the book tour. my books is on it's way to my house.

Maternal Mirth | 9:06 AM

You take amazing pictures, you photogenic beeotch. Even with 2 hours of prep time, I can't get a decent photo of myself.

(pouting and turning green with envy)


Anonymous | 2:07 PM

I just got the shipping confirmation from Chapters (finally!!!)! It's on its way! Yeah!!

Good luck tomorrow in Seattle!


Unknown | 8:34 PM

Yeah, you're hot and all...but the Freestyle Pita Girl really put a smile on my face (and I'm in a very frowny mood right now). Dude! "I'll make hummus for you, like you want me to?" I love her. And I love hummus. And I love you. So glad you're rocking the tour. XOXO

Jennifer Elms | 7:54 AM

i got rockabye yesterday, and could not put it down until i was done! wonderful writing, and i can totally relate. my son was unplanned as well (i was 22 when i got pregnant), but such a blessing. i look forward to your next book, and am wishing i was in california so i could go to a reading!!! congrats!

Mom101 | 7:25 PM

I missed you! I missed Weird girl! All the coffee in San Fran couldn't have kept me up that night sadly.

So glad everything is going great and you're getting the kudos you deserve.

Anonymous | 10:53 AM

I finished your book on Saturday (laid in bed reading that morning). It was so great! Thank you so much for writing it. I hope you come out with another book soon so I can attend another book reading. :)

Mama Bee | 4:01 PM

i got your book today and i'm excited to read it. when i get a moment off from being mom to my busy, crawling, babbling, gleeful to play with me all the time 8 month old. i still pick up "nursing" books for quiet moments with him sleeping on my lap so i'll tear through your book as soon as i can collect enough of them. i am looking forward to your lyric writing and honesty. i love reading both your blogs and getting archer updates as well. i hope you have a great tour and wish i could see you but alas!

Unknown | 7:27 PM

Looks like you are having fun on tour and you have a very cute baby bump. : )

jennifer | 2:01 PM

i just saw the tour schedule and i missed SF... it sounds like a good time! can't wait to crack open my book.

Sarah Myers | 2:05 PM

Books Inc is right by my apartment, and obviously where I bought your book last month (before I even knew about your blog). I definitely would have come to come meet you (and hang out in the city!) That book store IS awesome, love the staff.