OB, My Valentine

Today was my first OB appointment with my shiny new non-dick-doctor and it could not have been a more perfect first date. Even the stirrups were padded with fuzzy hearts. I kid you not. 

I told the new doctor about the hell that was my last experience and he shook his head. We chatted about what I wanted this time around re: my birth experience and the dude even gave me a list of Doulas and midwives which is soooo not normal (at least in my experience). I can't even begin to explain how opposite my new doctor is to my old one. So much that we hugged. Twice. I even showed him a copy of my book and gave him my blog address.

Then we held hands and went dancing across the plains. 

Baby's three inches long and moving around like a crazy MOFO up in my piece. My due-date was pushed up to October 12th and the doctor thought he maybe saw a penis but it looked like a giant clitoris to me. 

I'll give you a hundred dollars if you can find the baby in the ultrasound photo

Anyway, regardless of whether or not the baby turns out to be a boy or a girl (or a monkey-squirrel)  I already want to kiss it all over its lemon-sized body. This pregnancy is suddenly very exciting to me. A good doctor really does make all the difference. 

Good doctor + Good pair of maternity jeans = Good times. 



Anonymous | 11:26 PM

Baby's head is in the bottom center, it's body is going up the side, right side as I'm looking at it. :) I'm so glad your new OB is not a dick-tor! Congrats again.

Backpacking Dad | 11:34 PM

Your baby is composed of keyboard symbols in the bottom left corner:

Dwight & Bates

I think the asterisk-shaped thing is the head. Dwight, and Bates, and the feet. Name is the chest, and ID is the umbilical cord.

Now, where's my hundred bucks?

Anonymous | 11:43 PM

I think the head is at the top. We're seeing the baby's right profile slightly turned toward the front. The right arm almost looks as if it were hand on hip.

Zeynep | 2:18 AM

She's the (yes, I can tell it's a girl) upside down sea horse looking baby right in the middle?

Oh, and don't hug your OB too much - you might end up falling for him. That's why ALL my obs were bald, fat, ugly yet cheerful. Yes, cheerful is a must during the birthing experience.

Fairly Odd Mother | 4:08 AM

I'm LOL at the thought of him checking out your blog this morning!

I'm so glad you found a good doc. I just found the midwife who delivered #2 at a new OB practice I joined. We hugged too. It was awesome to see her. These people really do loom large in our lives for a short time.

Anonymous | 4:40 AM

I have found the baby!! It seems to be doing some kind of crazy dance move and it looks like it may be a balding 40-something man. I see the head just right of centre looking towards the right (we're seeing the right side profile). He has his left arm pointing straight out in front of him with his right arm pointed backwards. He appears to be doing the splits while wearing Hammer-style pants. Go white boy, go white boy!!


You're not fooling anyone. That's your kidney, right?

Maremone | 8:17 AM

Is it in the middle upside down?

I got confused when they were pointing out the body parts on my ultra sound and somehow I was convinced that I was giving birth to a caterpillar....the antennas ended up being legs. I had the whole thing backwards. :)

Two peas has some cute stuff. I can definitely legitimize spending $250 on maternity jeans...after all, at the speed I get knocked up, I've been in them for 3 years. Might as well have some cute butt bling

Anonymous | 8:25 AM

Yay for the non-dick doc. So glad that the new doc is so awesome.

Anonymous | 8:58 AM

Why, Rebecca, where ever did you get such a filthy-yet-adorable e-card?


See, Rach? If you had a blog I could have credited you your e-card. Something to think about.

kittenpie | 10:32 AM

Baby? I thought that was a lobster...

My doctor pads her stirrups with oven mitts and fuzzy socks, too - so nice! And usually runs the speculum under warm water. Can't tell you the difference those small touches can make. Glad you found someone you are happy with - after all, you have to get intimate with them fairly often for some time.

My 12-week ultrasound was just for the neck screening, but in a couple of weeks, we do the one where they look at anatomy and can usually tell about sex. now that I'm getting close to the end of allt he testing and winter is leaving, I'm starting to feel a touch more excited, myself.

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

A good doc is hard to find - but so worth the effort.

Anonymous | 12:20 PM

Yay, I'm so glad you found a situation that WORKS. No dick docs allowed. He should be a urologist instead, though I doubt his sensitivity would improve much.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:45 PM

OK, the baby's head-down and looks like Richard Simmons ...


Girl, I'm so excited for you!

caramama | 1:02 PM

Yeah for the good doc!!! And yeah for the cute pants!

Love the u/s pic... and I think I see the baby.

Anonymous | 2:59 PM

Head down, facing left?

Congrats on the non-jackass doctor Rebecca, don't you ever put up with that kind of shit from medical staff. YOU are hiring THEM to performa service for you. End of story. And frankly this is the birth of your beautiful child and it will only happen once, don't settle. You're the Mama and you know what's best.

I'm glad you found a good Doc, especially in c-section happy LA. And kudos to him for the list of Midwives and Doulas. I'm impressed.


Anonymous | 4:26 PM

my birthday is october 12th!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! a libra!!! whoo hoo!!! and i think you are having a sea monkey. better stock up on that green powder food now :)

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this yet as I've sort of been in a well of my own misery lately but you should really rent the move "The Business of Being Born." It was produced by Ricki Lake of all people and discusses women making the choices in birthing their babies (rather than the hospital). Sounds dry but it's really good.

Anonymous | 8:42 PM

A Libra baby! Yay! They are the best.

Julie Marsh | 9:04 PM

That is one busy baby. I'm guessing boy.

Good docs make all the difference, I swear. Also docs who run on or close to schedule.

A Mom Two Boys | 7:19 PM

Yay! There really is nothing like LOVING your OB. Coming from a girl who is, like, totally, ridiculously in love with her OB (a tall, skinny Jewish guy with a dorky sense of humor), I speak of what I know!

And is "He" totally hanging out upside down?

My love Dr. told me both pregnancies at 10 & 11 weeks that I was having boys. He was right.