In The Meantime... Let's Dance!

BOOK UPDATE: It looks like the release date has been pushed to mid-month. Don't be alarmed by the Amazon emails proclaiming a June 2nd shipment. It isn't so. It's just that the books aren't *in* the warehouse yet so they have to push the date back until books arrive. It's just an Amazon thang. SO! The books will be processed at the Amazon warehouse in the next week-ish to ship soon-after and most likely in/at your local bookstore mid-monthish as well. All appearances, even those held before the *new* mid-month release will be stocked with books aplenty. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me or comment below.

Phew! Okay then. SO! In lieu of Rockabye's MIA status I'll be featuring my favorite music every day from now until youtube crashes my website Rockabye hits shelves (for real) as a sort of rockin' down to Rockabye situation. 

Because we might as well rock out in the waiting room, yes? 

Today's pick: New Moon* by: Sambassadeur.  


*Love this track? This one's just as snappy.


Lauren | 1:55 PM

Hey :) I worked my way to your blog from Whoorl's blog, which was wandered to from Emily's blog ( I don't have kids, but I read Emily's blog because she's a friend, and I read Whoorl's blog for all the great hair tips. I've been enjoying your blog this week, and have read a bunch of archived entries. You're a great writer . . . plus, now you're officially part of the publishing world! I just started a blog ( about going to grad school and/or trying to break into the publishing world as an editor. Do you have any recommendations for good publishing/writing/reading blogs? I'd love to socialize (at least blog-wise) in the publishing scene...

Thanks in advance!


p.s. Congrats on the book! I'm looking forward to picking up a copy :)


Cool, Lauren! In terms of publishing blogs, my friend Sal has a fantastic blog based on his book for writers...

His book is also fantastic (see sidebar, right hand side)

My friend Rachel also does a lot of writing about publishing... mainly erotica and memoirs. You can check her site out here:

Thank you for reading my blog! Appreciate the support and take care!

Kmommy | 2:24 PM

I just got an email update from Amazon, and they said the arrival date was estimated as 4/10 thru 4/14! Exciting! I love the cover art! Can't wait to read it!


Awesome, K! That's great to hear!

I also wanted to add the following site for Lauren: