Drink Responsibly (Sponsored + Giveaway)

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The following post is sponsored by my friends at Brita. Thank you, Brita! To find out more about the Brita challenge and Filter for Good go here and here.


A few years ago, I stopped buying bottled water. Regardless of the fact that every bottle I purchased ended up in the recycling bin, I couldn't help but feel guilty every time I polished off a bottle of water, sometimes ten a day, (I'm a crazy water drinker, you guys--but more on that in a moment) only to have this stack of waste, albeit recycled waste, staring back at me from its bin. So one day I went out and bought a Brita pitcher, a few cartons of filters and a family of SIGG bottles from Whole Foods and called it a day. No more bottled water in our house, I said. And we've remained bottle free ever since.

Not only were we doing our part to save the planet, but we were also saving a hundred bucks a month in water. According to Brita's Filter for Good site, in 2008, the U.S. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the Earth more than 190 times. Not fabulous, America. Not fabulous at. all.

The main reason why I felt compelled to buy all those bottles of water was to keep track of how much water I was drinking. By putting two bottles of water in my purse, two in my car, one on my bedside table and keeping the rest refrigerated to drink throughout the day I knew I was getting my "eight glasses" worth...

ED: I was recently told that drinking cold water during a meal actually slows metabolism. Room temperature water is our friend. The more you know, right?

Segue in five, four, three...

Brita has asked me to write about my own "Brita Challenge" aka how I plan to reach my weight-loss goals. I gained 70 pounds this pregnancy, have lost forty and have thirty more to lose to get back to where I was last Fall. (I lost 35 pounds the week I gave birth and have lost about a pound a week since.)

Me last fall:
5'8, Size 6/8, 140 lbs
And here's me yesterday (attempting) the same ensemble:
5'8 168lbs, size 12
I subscribe to the "nine months on, nine months off" rule. So I'm giving myself the next eight months to lose my 30lb remainder. Totally doable. Maybe. I think...

Here's how I lost the weight last time and plan to do it again:

1. Drink ten large glasses of (filtered/tap) water a day - By filling up my SIGG bottle every two hours I'll stay hydrated, energized and won't retain water/bloat like whoa. OR there's this handy contraption which Brita sent me a few weeks back and is my new favorite thing.

(Genius, no?)

2. Drink no more than one alcoholic beverage a week. (This is easy for me as I drink, on average, one alcoholic beverage a month.) I'm becoming less and less interested in alcohol in my old age and would rather eat my calories in ice cream than drink them in wine.

3. Replace my bi-weekly fruit smoothies from Jamba with vegetable juices (and the occasional Kale smoothie) from the local "sustainable" smoothie shop. Thus supporting local business, locally grown foods AND less-sugar-in-my-smoothies.

4. Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day (Come on! I need SOME sort of vice in my life! Coffee is it.)

5. Walk everywhere... even if it means walking two miles to pick up my dry-cleaning. (The only place the babies sleep soundly is their strollers so this is working out in my favor across the board, actually.) In a perfect world, I'd love to make it to the gym every day but that just isn't possible. I mean... I'm typing this post with one hand at 4am, people. Working out is kind of not going to be happening anytime soon. I'm hoping in the next few months the dust on this new life will settle and I'll be able find time for Crossfit or pilates classes... maybe? In the meantime there are plenty of ways to exercise here at home, around the neighborhood and in the comfort of my own backyard.

Eat well + drink well + exercise when possible = weight loss. PERIOD.

In summary: the easiest way to lose weight? Drink more water. The easiest way to save the planet? Ditch the plastic bottle. Bottom's up! And someday soon, same will go for the zipper on my jeans. Hopefully.


I have two Brita prize packs to give away. Each basket includes a filtered water bottle, replacement filter and water pitcher! To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick two winners via random.org next Thursday 10/27.


UPDATED: Congratulations to commenters # 512, Lin & commenter #604 Sophia, and thanks to everyone for participating! You rule.


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Allira | 3:12 PM

I don't drink enough water, mainly because I refuse to buy bottled water too! So I need one of these (please) :) xx

Becca and Jordan Duvall | 3:13 PM

You go girl!

kate | 3:15 PM

I am stunned at how fabulous you look already. Stunned and jealous, that is.

aiyia | 3:16 PM

love the brita filter bottle... great for hydrating travel :-)

kari b. | 3:21 PM

i need to start drinking more water.
diet coke addiction = trouble.

ZDub | 3:22 PM

I'm currently on the nine months on, four years off, so I know what you are saying, :)

And your current jean situation is cracking me up. You are a brave lady.

Noelle | 3:23 PM

Don't get me started on my hatred of bottled water.

One of the best ways lose-weight-by-drinking-more-water tips I've ever received? Drink a liter of water first thing. Before your coffee, before eating anything...1 liter. So good for digestion/elimination/energy/everything.

I have one of those Brita filters that screws onto your faucet. Best. Invention. Ever! I fill up my gallon-sized water bottle at the beginning of the day (you read that right—gallon) and pour from that throughout the day.

Yay, hydration!

Vanessa | 3:24 PM

I had a baby just days before you Rebecca and I also have some pounds to lose! I have found myself mainlining coffee and wondering at the end of the day why I have a major headache (forgot to drink water whoops)! This is a good reminder of the importance of water in our lives! Looking forward to seeing your weight loss progress, and hoping to lose the pounds along side you!


m.d.c. | 3:28 PM

I love coooold water, so.... That's unfortunate. But I love britta! The water where I live smells like eggs and is white, so filters are our friends, for sure!

~april | 3:28 PM

i'm impressed with your rapid weight loss! i'll be in a simialr situation soon,. delivering in jan and i have gained 35 lbs already with ONE baby and i still have 3 months to go. ugh!

Nicole | 3:29 PM

We always drink our water at room temp in our house. I had no idea of the effects of the ice cold water on your metabolism though, thanks for the info! Oh and, you're still a hot mama regardless of the extra 30lbs. Just saying.

Michele Schubkegel | 3:29 PM

Thank you for your stand on bottled water. After my second was born in 2008, I needed to lose 120 pounds. I only started to monitor my water intake when I hit a plateau in my weight loss.
Since August I have pledged to drink 8 to 10 glasses a day, and boy is it difficult, but I know I can do this!
Never saw this water bottle, very cool!

Peggy St. Philip | 3:31 PM

Love your sense of humor! Your babies and kiddos are adorable and I love keeping up with them thru your posts. (Love hearing the stories about your Momma too!)

Liking your "9-9" plan! Now be patient with yourself, ...you look wonderful.

Sabrina | 3:34 PM

I stopped drinking sodas and only started drinking water 2 years ago and lost almost 60 lbs with just one change. I didn't know about the room temp thing. Thanks for the info!

Victoria | 3:36 PM

You sure look awesome already - hard to believe there were two babies in there. I heard that it takes more energy to warm cold water to body temp, so you use more calories drinking cold water. Hmm...

Abi | 3:42 PM

I tried to put on my pre-preggers jeans last week. That was hysterical... even though I didn't gain that much weight with this pregnancy (15 lbs I think). I don't know what my weight is now, but I'm a mess of lumps and bumps. I'd like to be back in some sort of shape by spring.

Thanks for the info on room-temp water!

--Typed with my right hand while the left hand & arm holds on to 1 month old. :)

Maria | 3:43 PM

It would be awesome if everyone stopped buy bottled water. So many people just throw it in the trash.

You look really good already and I'm sure you'll lose those last 30 in no time!

Sarah Wilson | 3:45 PM

You. look. amazing. I have a 4-month old (my third) and I'm using you/this post as motivation for 9 on 9 off.

Stef | 3:46 PM

Hmm. I have heard the opposite, that ice-cold water makes you burn more calories (or something) as your body works to warm it back up. Either way, my favorite drink is water, and I usually prefer it cool, but not cold.

I find I drink more when I use tall refillable water bottles. The bottle is always with me, reminding me to drink. Otherwise, it's really easy for me to forget to drink enough (I must have a low thirst drive), which leads to dry skin, headaches, constipation, and cold sores for me. Hydration is definitely a good thing!

flyrish | 3:49 PM

I'm all about the tap water, so this is right up my ally. I still feel like I could drink more water, though. You're inspiring me, per usual.

And you look amazing already -- I have a feeling you'll get there before 9 months.

mutt | 3:50 PM

I sooooo should drink more water. Even some water would be good.

Penny | 3:54 PM

Good info about water! And you look fabulous for just birthing two humans!

jen manuele | 3:58 PM

cheers to being water addicts. You look great!

Shelley Senai | 3:59 PM

Bec how do you do it!? Stay so thin I mean. Your post-twins weight is only like 8 lbs more than where I am now. WAH! Is 140 a struggle for you to maintain normally or is it just where your weight naturally falls? You look amazing already, seriously.

Faith P | 3:59 PM

I had Olivia now 2 1/2 and still weigh 148, not the 138 I was. Grrrr, but I don't drink alot of water. I'm gonna try that! :) I so could use the prize. I love your pix. It was a good laugh today. I love you and don't even know you besides your blog. You are too frickin funny!!!

funnelcakesforall | 4:00 PM

I love water and I actually use an enormous water bottle and refill it several times a day (which I've been told is bad, oops!) so this would be super handy.

WasStephHere | 4:04 PM
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WasStephHere | 4:06 PM

I only drink water at room temp. I don't enjoy cold H2o at all. I've been talking about ditching the water bottles forever and need to act on it.
A filter in the water bottle is genius! We have a water cooler at work, but the water gives me heartburn. :-(

Tricia | 4:07 PM

for having month old twins you look amazing. just remember carting around new borns is a work out in itself.

Victoria | 4:09 PM

Everyone in my life is pretty tired of listening to me go on and on about the evils of bottled water, so you're preaching to the choir!

But I love your note about supporting local businesses, too. I try to buy something at three different indie shops in my neighborhood every month. Even if it's only a tea or a birthday card.

Alison | 4:09 PM

Just a quick note on room temp vs ice cold: I can only seem to find hear-say on the internet, and most of it says iced water INCREASES metabolism. I certainly can't find anything scientific either way, so I'm hesitant to say anything definitive. (I'm a nutrition student, so I've heard a lot about metabolism!)

Yay non-bottled water! I live in an area where most people filter our (very-hard-from-wells) tap water. I drink it straight, but I leave my Brita in the fridge for some cold water whenever I want.

Roxanne | 4:14 PM

Holy crap you look fantastic already. Good luck with the rest of the weight. I'm going to start following your rules...

Anonymous | 4:15 PM

You look awesome for post-twins! Thanks for the giveaway.


Bridget | 4:19 PM

I love room temperature water--I try to leave the Brita on the counter. I am met with resistance.

MK | 4:21 PM

Have been trying to give up the plastic bottles forever! The new Brita bottle would solve multiple problems/excuses for me. Go water!

SingsTheMagpie | 4:25 PM

I've got 20 more lbs. to go, but no babies to show for it. Thanks College! >:(

Room temp info is good, thanks!

frankathwork | 4:28 PM

Such a great idea !
Also, you look lovely !

bethany | 4:34 PM

I would love to win the Brita bottle.

Autumn | 4:36 PM

Our Baltimore city water is nasty stuff. It killed our outdoor plants even. So both our plants and our family lives happily with our small brita pitcher. We'd love an upgrade!

Kate | 4:39 PM

I like to alternate between room temperature and iced water. I always feel as if I'm getting a fun new beverage and not just refilling my glass.

fromaggi | 4:39 PM

I have 20 pounds to lose from this last pregnancy (my lil one arrived one day after your girls)...and 20 pounds left over from my last pregnancy...or really from the postpartum 20 I gained eating croissants while walking my son to sleep. Here's to drinking water, eating well, and sneaking in some exercise!

Sandy | 4:41 PM

I love water! Love our Sigg bottles!
And think you look great already!

Nuala | 4:42 PM

Hooray! I love drinking water too - I feel completely different when fully hydrated.

Rebecca | 4:51 PM

I had my son in February and still have weight to lose. The water reminder is just what I need right now...thanks. You look fabulous by the way!

Rebecca | 4:54 PM

I definitely need more water in my life! I sometimes go a whole day without drinking water and then binge drink.

Not Ray-ah | 4:54 PM

Congrats on your babies! You look fantastic!

This may be just the push I need to get off the bottle...bottled water that is!

Rachel | 4:55 PM

Okay, I get the point...I've been sitting here with my water bottle next to me for half an hour and I haven't taken a sip...until now.

nikkik | 4:58 PM

You look great! Congrats on your babes. I too need to make an effort to drink more water. Good luck!

Sammy | 5:02 PM

Awesome post, Bec! We are all about our Brita filter here as well and use stainless steel water bottles. It kills me to see plastic bottles in the trash.

Also, you look great for having just had twins and a c-section! I would love to jump on your HEALTHY way to lose weight. I think it could benefit everyone.

Love to you and the family!

Barb @ getupandplay | 5:02 PM

I'm so grateful for clean water to drink!

saraspunza | 5:04 PM

I love having my own water bottle during my work day!

Preppy Pitbull | 5:05 PM

I think you look absolutely amazing only 5 weeks out, and I'm sure you'll reach your goal before that. Room temperature water huh? I'll try it!

Sarah | 5:07 PM

We are totally bottle free too. Tap water for life!

Leahelenoelle | 5:08 PM

We switched from bottled water to insulated Thermos bottles a few years ago. Love the insulated factor because I love me some ice cold water- metabolism be damned! That bottle with the built-in filter is pretty darn ingenious though...

lillian | 5:12 PM

I used to be a lot better at drinking lots of water, I should start trying again.

Jessica | 5:16 PM

I may never drink cold water again. :) You look amazing and your plan sounds great! Good luck!

Melissa | 5:18 PM

You look amazing! THanks for the chance to win! xoxo

Georgette | 5:20 PM

I need to get back in the habit of loads of water consumption. I used to do at least 2 liters a day and preached to everyone to drop the Diet Coke and drink water. Yes, that's me with a Diet Coke 2-3x a week in the afternoon - it's the "other coffee" since I don't drink coffee.

Room temp with a bit of lemon.

Gennie | 5:24 PM

Personally I like kleen canteen water bottles better than SIGG, mostly because the wide mouth makes them easier to clean. But Brita I love! I think your weight loss goals are totally reasonable. I didn't lose the last 10 pounds after my second until he was 4, but that was laziness on my part, not anything else. And I TOTALLY agree with you on alcohol v. sweets . . . I can resist wine or beer easily, but I know I will cave to chocolate everytime. :)

Kaitlyn | 5:25 PM

I have being wanting one of those filter-water bottles for EVER! (Love the new header btw)

Margie S. | 5:25 PM

We're getting ready to move into town and drink city water again, and I've been trying to figure out which filtration system to use. This would make that decision easy! Your goals seem great, and I love that WWW is included. I look forward to being able to walk places in my new locale, and I'll think of you as I set out to my dry cleaner's too!

Stephani | 5:27 PM

I never drink as much water as I should, don't buy bottled water though!

caleal | 5:28 PM

Never heard that about cold/room temp water... I hate water that isn't accompanied by six thousand ice cubes...

Anonymous | 5:30 PM

room temperature water has been the norm around here for a while (due to teeth sensitivities actually).
Julie A.

LiciaLee | 5:35 PM

I lost all my baby weight, but still have a ways to go. And nothing still fits. I try to drink mostly water. That little gadget is amazing! And I think you look great for just having had TWO babies. :D. Who are absolutely beautiful.

Cindy | 5:39 PM

Oh my God. You are so cute in all of those pictures. This is a great plan. You should get a juicer. I can't tell you how fun it is to put stuff in a juicer. I have had more fun juicing things then slicing potatoes with my Cuisinart.

ponchmor@nauticom.net | 5:40 PM

OMG, I totally need that Bria water bottle. I had the counter top model but it broke with hooking the dish washer up everyday. :( I am also a bad plastic bottle drinker. I keep a case in my van so the kids and I are always drinking.
I would also take your post baby look in those jeans than my current"I need to lose 15 lbs.and am not giving up Be and Jerry's completely so I'll never lose it" look in jeans.

Kate | 5:41 PM

Currently we have a Culligan RO filter but would certainly give Brita a shot!

Brandy R. | 5:41 PM

You got this.

I seriously nearly have a panic attack every time I purchase a bottle of water. I try to remember to bring my refillable, but sometimes it's just dirty or misplaced!

Sooooo much less guilt when I remember it, though!

Mindy | 5:43 PM

I love the filter in the bottle! Genius!

Bobbi Janay | 5:44 PM

I had a baby 8 weeks ago, I need to get back to drinking lots of water.

Sandy | 5:47 PM

I agree ...lose the bottled water and get a pitcher. I am all in.

Thanks for the tip on room temp water...definitely will start drinking more water

BTW ..you look great!

Kate | 5:50 PM

I have copied and pasted your plan, I like that it is not don't eat this and cut that out. I am going to try it, although it has taken me years now to put this on I am going to give myself 1 year to get it off. thanks

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

Beautiful babies! Pick me!

Brandy G | 5:54 PM

Awesome - good luck!

Lauren | 5:54 PM

I recently "rediscovered" water, after kicking my (formerly) beloved Diet Coke habit. Looking back on it, I can't believe how often I was substituting Diet Coke for water. I feel so much healthier already!

Heathrow's World | 5:56 PM

I love Brita! And that water bottle is awesome.

Rebbie | 5:58 PM

I need to send you some Klean Kanteens, my love! Those SIGG bottles are lined with BPA. Seriously. Google it. Love ya to pieces. Those babies make we weep they are so cute. xoxo

Heather | 5:59 PM

I have been using a filter for my water for so many years now. I really try to follow my own weight loss rules, such as walk everywhere and eat healthier, but I never tend to drink enough water. I like your idea of filling up the water bottle every two hours. I think I'll try it!!


Kris | 6:01 PM

Oh my sweet Jeebus, THANK YOU for sharing your post-baby belly pics! I adore you for putting yourself out there. (o:

I have a 3-year-old on the autism spectrum, and we LOVE our Brita pitcher. Both he & I are big water drinkers, and he loves to get it off the fridge door & pour his own glass "like a big boy".

Much love to you and yours, and again, thanks for sharing your photos.

Anonymous | 6:01 PM

Would LOVE one of those. You Look GREAT by the way!!!

Since I can't get the other thing to work, I'm going to leave my e-mail address here in case I win - ha ha ha

By the way...you look GREAT and your babies are so BEAUTIFUL!!! And, I'm NOT just saying that to win one of those cool water things!! ha ha


Elysha | 6:01 PM

All so true and I love you for posting those pics. You always keep it real! I am the world's worst drinker and can literally nurse one drink for hours. Since I am 7 weeks pregnant, I am REALLY working on drinking more. I love that little britta water bottle. Maybe it's the inspiration I need since the tap water at the school where I teach tastes kind of gross.

roni | 6:02 PM

what a great idea! we gave up water bottles a few years ago too. kids have waste free lunch at school too so the word is out. but i used to drink more water when i was at a desk. i never remember to fill up the bottle for myself now that i'm home full time...

nicole | 6:03 PM

The bottled water thing drives me crazy. And how you go to a restaurant and they are immediately presening flat or fizzy? What's the matter with tap water?

veggiejess | 6:03 PM

I would love to win! Your children are adorable!

Brit | 6:03 PM

Room temperature water, eh? I can do that.

LucretiaH | 6:04 PM

You look gorgeous AND just had twins? Jealous! I also drink a TON of water but I have to admit I am guilty of buying water bottles. Definitely time to jump on the Brita bandwagon!

Gabi | 6:06 PM

Awesome! Good luck!

chayna rae | 6:06 PM

I so want that Brita water bottle so bad! I try my best to drink a ton of water daily, but I'm a nurse at night and my patients always come first. We can't have bottles/cups without lids at the nursing station, so I could really use this!! Thanks for sharing!

Heather | 6:08 PM

Awesome awesome post. I love my H2O bottles and never leave home without them. I still have 10 lbs to lose from my 7 mo old baby so I'm focusing on more water!

apricoco | 6:08 PM

I want one of those water filter bottles so bad! I drink at least a bottle everyday with my lunch because I need cold water and I can't deal with the lukewarm stuff that comes out of the tap. Plus, I hate water in aluminum bottles, it just takes funny to me.

Pick me! Pick me!

Lucrezia | 6:08 PM

Win-win. Healthy and green. And btw, as someone who hasn't had kids yet, I am shocked you can lose so much weight just giving birth. Wow! In addition to any weight gain, you were literally carrying around 35 pounds of baby/placenta/water? Good god.

Lauren | 6:10 PM

You can do it!!! Although, for just having TWINS, you're looking fabulous, I must say!

deweyandtara | 6:18 PM

I've started drinking water at work out of a Tervis tumbler rather than a bottle- and even though I know room temp is better, I'm more likely to drink ice water, so I'm doing that too.

Miriam | 6:20 PM

water helps with so many things...

Jana | 6:24 PM

I am a big water-drinkin' fool, and would love this set-up! I lost my baby weight by running 3x/week, not drinking beer except on the weekends, and eating a salad a day. Plus water.

The Blakeneys | 6:25 PM

168 already??? AWESOME. I'm just under that now...and my "baby" will be 2 next month. :)

Anonymous | 6:26 PM

I just had a baby boy a month ago! The weight is slowly going down!! Good luck!

Southern Doll | 6:28 PM

Man, the human body is AMAZING! Just looking at you now and the last picture you posted before having the babies - it's unreal that it's the same person! You look great!

emily | 6:29 PM

thank you for posting that before and after. so encouraging to this new mama that's also trying to lose the last 20!

you are beautiful.

Jenny P | 6:30 PM

I actually snorted from laughing when I saw that first picture of you trying on your outfit from last year. I don't know what was funnier, your pink underwear popping out or the expression on your face. Seriously made my night! Sending love to your babies (all four of them!)!!

The Moms | 6:32 PM

I only drink water, no juice, no coffee, just water. We also buy a ton of plastic bottles every month. TONS. At lest 3 cases a week for a family of 4.
Also, I would KILL for your post baby body. 200 pounds here after gaining 53 pounds with twins. 8 months since I gave birth and have not lost a pound. WTH???

Anonymous | 6:33 PM

Your before is my after! You look great. I'd live to win.

Myssie | 6:34 PM

Who knew the room temp water trick? I love my water ice cold...may be not with supper any more.

Anonymous | 6:35 PM

I'm on board, we just booked a family vacation for next April. I plan on being riot-inducing fit. P.s. You look beauteous! Amy.putman@gmail.com

Lee | 6:36 PM

Great tip about room temp water!

Elizabeth | 6:41 PM

I need to drink more water; thanks for the inspiration!

Laura | 6:41 PM

I love that you took those photos of yourself, because while you made them lighthearted and funny... it's still amazing how good you look. This water bottle looks really awesome too!

Stephanie | 6:42 PM

I just squeezed out my second (single) baby, a sugar pie, 9 lb 10 oz baby boy. My housekeeper swore that I was having twins and didn't know it. So, I can totally relate to the bod situation. The babes are worth the aftermath, luckily! You look beautiful and your gals are gorgeous. Congrats to the whole fam!

Roxanna (Miguelina) | 6:44 PM

You already look amazing. Wow for bouncing back!

"Last Fall" you and I are exactly the same size -- height, weight, clothes size. Woo-hoo! If only I lived in LA so we could trade clothes -- I love your style!

Corky | 6:47 PM

Sounds like a great plan! And a great water bottle!

SallyBeth | 6:48 PM

My son figured out how to drink out of my camelbak when he was about 5 months old, probably because it is my constant companion. Nursing a 100th percentile baby(26 lbs at 8.5 months) is dehydrating! We recently moved to Chicago and the tap water here is unpleasant, but I have been too lazy to do anything other than complain.

Margaret | 6:49 PM

I've been salivating over that bottle since I first saw it. Would love to win!

diane4d@comcast.net | 6:54 PM

your gonna rock those jeans in no time !!!

Annie | 6:55 PM

I was just thinking about my plastic bottle intake today as I drove home from work. My common practice is to chuck the empty bottles into my back seat... and it has gotten pretty full back there! I guess my hesitation is that LA water is just not as refreshing! But I haven't tried a filter in a couple years, so maybe the taste has improved!

Anonymous | 6:55 PM

U look awesome,,,, You just had TWINS and could get those jeans on!!! U go girl!!!

Morissia | 6:56 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one that drinks a lot of water. My dr. today looked at me like I have 3 heads when I said I drink (sometimes) as many as 8-10 bottles of water a day.

The Britta filter bottle thing looks totally cool. I also did not know that about the room temp water. I'm not sure how I feel about it either. I loves me some ice cold water :(

Cheryll | 7:02 PM

I would love these! And you already look great!

Julia | 7:02 PM

That bottle looks wonderful! I have so much trouble keeping our filtered pitcher filled.

Little Red Dog Studios | 7:04 PM

What a great way to keep track of water drinking (every 2 hour refill). I never get enough which is why I think I get am so tired from 1-3pm especially. Thanks for the info!

Bluff City Baby | 7:06 PM

When I came home from the hospital with my first baby, my brother gave me a Brita filter as a gift because my "building is old and probably has lead pipes." It was his way of saying he loved his new nephew and wanted us to be healthy. That gift, and my brother, are awesome!

Keltok | 7:16 PM

I'm still trying to lose the baby weight. I gained 50 and have lost (ick) 25. And i'm nearly a year out. I'm hoping that the impending return to work will help me cut down on some of my vices which are just somehow easier to indulge in when I'm in the comfort of my own home. Fingers crossed.

gabrielle | 7:22 PM

I have to say, that individual filtered water bottle looks pretty damn cool. Great idea.

Juliana | 7:23 PM

No room temp water! Ice cold I say, metabolism slow down or no.

alissa | 7:23 PM

good luck! although you look great already :]

Desiree Fawn | 7:28 PM

Woo hoo -- great info, great giveaway, and you look fantastic, mama <3

Emily Weiss | 7:29 PM

I'm your height and just larger than your post-baby weight...and I have no babies. You look great!

Michelle R | 7:41 PM

I, like you have gone bottle free. Since (at least) my first pregnancy I've had the same two tupperware water bottles. We've installed reverse osmosis at our new house and i have since became a "water snob" as we call it. These britta bottles may be my solution. I try to get in 2 32oz bottles a day. When nursing, I was up to 5 32oz bottles a day! Woah!

Jule Ann | 7:44 PM

Water is awesome. I'm trying to up my intake, too, and you have inspired me to push myself a little harder.

trista | 7:44 PM

Thanks for the inspiration to drink more water.
tristamj (at) hotmail (dot) com

reena | 7:46 PM

You look like a rock star give n that you just birthed twins! We love our Brita.

Blaire | 7:48 PM

I am 4 months postpartum with twin boys, Henry and Grey. I have been following your blog since I was about six months pregnant and wish we could be best friends... hehe. Sorry that sounds like i am a stalker!!! I am just desperate to know people that are going through what I am going through.

So, with my daughter, 2 yrs, I had no problem losing the weight but this time around I am having the hardest time!I gained 60 lbs with the boys and lost 40 the first week but the scale has not budged since. I have these 20 extra lbs hanging out on my 5'2" body and I feel so uncomfortable. It's crazy what these twinsies do to our bodies. You look fantastic, by the way.Very put together for having month old twins. I can barely find the time to wash my face in the morning.

Red Stethoscope | 7:49 PM

I love my Brita pitcher! Also, you look fabulous! I'm completely impressed that you've lost half of your preggers weight already.

Margaret H. | 7:50 PM

Would love one of these. I had a Brita filter about 15 years ago....the new one looks better.

Megan M. | 7:51 PM

I've heard that about room temperature water but I just cannot imagine that would taste good. Your post is totally inspiring me to try to lose this belly flab, however.


Erin Leigh | 7:51 PM

I agree with you about using plastic bottles to track water consumed - maybe I need to make tallies on the fridge instead!

Lisa | 7:52 PM

Hubs and I only drink tap water but in the fall and spring, it starts tasting a little bit like chlorine so we've been talking about getting a Brita. I would love to win! And that hand filter bottle looks great.

Traci | 7:54 PM

I would love to drink more water everyday. My work doesn't provide water and the tap at my work is awful. So this would be an awesome prize to win!

Anonymous | 7:55 PM

You look beautiful. Way to go with giving up those plastic wasteful water bottles! susiekuhn@mac.com

Camille | 7:56 PM

Wow didn't know that about the room temp water

cp | 8:00 PM

This is so motivating. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I am getting nervous about having to lose the baby weight. I have gained 20 pounds so far, but would like to be back to my last summer weight. Thank you for this!

nemens | 8:14 PM

Need to lose my baby weight too. And drink more water!

Anonymous | 8:14 PM

Never knew about the room temp water! You look fabulous, I can't believe how much weight you have already lost!

Pam | 8:15 PM

That Brita water bottle! That is going to solve our "the water dispenser is not fitting in our little fridge" problem. Must get!

Anonymous | 8:18 PM

Awesome filter bottle!

Stacy | 8:18 PM

Eeek! So glad I started drinking room temp water. Thanks! Also you look fab!

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:19 PM

Thanks for the tips. My twins just turned five and I still have a few pounds to go. Thanks for the inspiration. Glug-glug-glug!

curlykew | 8:19 PM

I have so much more than 30 to lose, but I know more water is the road to however much needs to come off.

Amy | 8:28 PM

I love the before and after photos. Thanks for sharing those! And I agree about the water. The times in my life when I feel the best about myself is when I'm drinking massive amounts of water. Good luck with the weight loss!

Mar | 8:30 PM

You look amazing amazing! It took me about 9 months to lose the pregnancy weight..and thats with breastfeeding anf being super healthy! Good luck an dcongrats on your beautiful family!

Anonymous | 8:31 PM

I <3 water! I don't drink anything else! And we could really use some new Brita filters...


Leslie | 8:32 PM

I don't drink enough water, but when I do, it is at room temperature.

Kim | 8:41 PM

I love me some Britta, but I don't have one! This would be great :)

Life's a Potty | 8:41 PM

Lots of water + lots of stripes + amazing, realistic attitude = recipe for success!

Life's a Potty | 8:42 PM

Must have water!

toeturtle | 8:45 PM

This blog is my new obsession (but not in a creepy way)! Well done!

Jessi | 8:57 PM

I love my Brita pitcher. I've been meaning to get a resuable water bottle. I saw some super cute ones at the store the other day, I'll have to go get one for each family member(I hope they make 6 colors). I HATE room temp water.. guess I'll keep my wide ass and my ice!

Rachel | 9:01 PM

What the what!? You had twins a month ago and already lost that much weight? You go mama. With admiration, a fellow waterholic.

Marie | 9:10 PM

I know how important it is to drink water, but the plastic bottles make me feel so guilty, and often the tap water on campus where I work just tastes gross. This built-in filter bottle sounds like a perfect solution!

Kira Leigh | 9:13 PM

As a MN native transplanted and living in Phoenix, AZ as of a year ago, I am well aware of the importance of water! I moved in June, and my boss had the whole staff making sure I was hydrating! (I work at the Phoenix Zoo, so I'm outside for pretty much 8 hours/day!) I have my beloved Camelback bottle, but I've seen those filter bottles and would love to give one a try, the water here is not tasty.

Anonymous | 9:17 PM

Wow, good info! Love your blog! Thank you for sharing

b.a. | 9:19 PM

yes! i'd love one of these!!

(you look amazing, btw. and i'm not just saying that to help me win.)

Unknown | 9:21 PM

You are a brave woman to post the before and after pics in the same outfit! I love your sense of humor. But you look great even post-prego! So obvious that you took great care of yourself during pregnancy!

johnmayersquare | 9:23 PM

I don't buy bottled water...I can't stand the thought of it....all those wasted bottles...and room temp water...GTK! You look great, by the way, and those babies are gorgeous!

Ashley | 9:23 PM

This is exactly how I lost all of my baby weight. More water, no processed junk, and tons of walking. My son is eight months, and I'm back to where I was. (BTW, your little girls are making me just itchy to have another one. My husband hates you for this.)

Deb and Mike | 9:37 PM

LOVE your common sense weight loss plans! Makes complete sense!

Amalia | 9:50 PM

I didn't just have a baby, but I still needed this boost/wake up call. Thanks for the reminder to drink more water!

Nicole | 9:56 PM

I'm all over the nine on/nine off rule. I have 20 lbs yo go and five more months :)

Nicolejlhannah at hotmail dot com

foodiemama | 9:59 PM

Love that water bottle contraption!

Megan | 10:01 PM

Good to know about the water -- I thought that it used more calories to drink cold water (body has to bring it up to room temp to use it)...but I much prefer room-temp water anyway.
BTW, you rocked the pregnant look, and I have no doubt you'll be successful with your fitness goals. Good luck!

Jenn | 10:05 PM

I find that I will actually drink more water if I have water bottles and I hate that about myself. Hoping to find a way to kick the habit so I think I will look into the brita water bottles

Beth | 10:11 PM

I thought cold water made you burn more calories?? http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/question447.htm

The Green Goat | 10:15 PM

My little one is almost 3 and I still haven't lost the lbs! I needed this post to happen. I was just telling the hubbs last night that it was time to get my butt in gear. Cheers!

R | 10:23 PM

My house could use these so hard. But I just really love icy cold water. Hmmmm.....

katie | 10:24 PM

I carry my klean kanteen everywhere. I still splurge on the ocassional smart water though ... I don't love water (it makes me nauseous when I have too much of it). Smart water doesn't do this so if I'm having a rough time with my tummy I turn to smart water (not ideal, I know). I'd love to have a new britta!!

Melanie | 10:26 PM

Oh my goodness. I was started to feel a bit like a voyeur on your blog (I'm not participating, only reading, etc) and was going to step back. Then. Then, those fabulous photos! Amen, sister! You gave life to TWO humans. Like thinking, contributing to this world HUMANS! You give yourself double the 9 months to get back in those tiny jeans.

ps: Here's my participatory input: have you tried trulio.com or padmapper.com on your home quest? We've had some okay luck with those sites.

Rachel | 10:50 PM

You are awesome - how do you manage to look so great so soon after birthing those babes?! I am a good 3 inches shorter than you, not been pregnant or given birth in almost 2 years and only JUST weigh less than you... Time to drink more water and eat less junk methinks! Thanks for inspiring me to get on it! :)

MandyJoe10 | 10:51 PM

Oooooo I would LOVE to win :-) makes me sad about the cold water though, I LOVE my water ice cold!

Jen and Suki | 11:14 PM

Great tips. I have such a hard time getting into the habit of drinking as much water as I need.

Anonymous | 11:52 PM

Brita is complete b-s, it's doesn't deserve to be called filter. It may reduce the chlorinated taste of water but isn't removing any of the problematic elements in drinking water - e.g. the leftovers of drugs we take. And that bottle to take along - looks like such a throw-away contraption to me.
Brita is heavily capitalizing a ride on the eco-conscious set, but the filters are a joke. False security. As "green" as I am, but I certainly won't compromise on the water I drink. Spring water, preferably in glass bottles, or get a filter - not a toy.

ashpdx | 11:55 PM

I would like to win that- and I plan to lose weight along with you. I'm same height and weight- but my baby is 7.

Anonymous | 1:25 AM

You're looking simply fantastic, it's unbelievable how well you've bounced back. My second daughter is now 8 years old and I'm still not down to my previous weight. She was born by Caesarean and no matter how fit I may be, I can't get rid of the overhang over the incision.
Seriously, it's unbelievable how great you're looking. Kudos for setting a good example re. 9 on and 9 off. You'll lose the weight no problem and noone will believe that you're a mother of 4! You must have great genes and really flexible skin - congratulations! Your children are beautiful. Continued blessings!

Kari C | 2:41 AM

You look amazing 4 weeks post-preg!!! It is easy to forget how much water we need and how vital it is for us, I thought I was doing better with a big 5 gallon in my fridge, but still feeling guilty.

Chantel | 3:36 AM

I never knew about the room temperature water trick. I'll definitely be switching!

Virginia-Ann | 3:39 AM

I wish you nothing but the best with the weight loss goal. Walking with those beautiful children will feel great and really help. I have 3 children and have yet to lose the baby weight (then again the youngest is turning 21 in August), do you think its possible at this point? Thanks for the most generous contest.

candace | 3:43 AM

Yay, I love water!


Lauren | 3:47 AM

Honestly, you still look great. Plus you just had twins! Just take care of your body and trust that it will end up at whatever size that it's meant to be.

Vicky | 4:10 AM

I found your blog a few weeks ago! I love reading about you and your beautiful family! And I've never seen this Brita bottle filter in Germany. I hope they'll get it on the market here, too! Genius!

Nghi | 4:26 AM

You are so funny. That first post-baby photo made me laugh. But you look great for just having twins! All I drink is water now. Yum!

Alyson | 4:58 AM

First, you look amazing. Love your posts!

I would love to have this. I make my living outdoors and drink tons of water!

Robin | 4:59 AM

I would love to win this!

Bridget | 5:03 AM

I knew loving room temp water wasn't weird (some people thought I was strange) :-)

Katie | 5:24 AM

I'm with you! I lost all the weight within a few weeks of giving birth and I think it's because I drank my weight in water everyday! (Nursing will do that to a woman.) Best of luck to you and to who ever wins your prize :)

Anonymous | 5:33 AM

This sounds so good to me... I want to end all water bottles in our home as well...we are a family of six. We can make a difference too!!

kelly | 5:36 AM

i always loved room temp water!

Milo's Momma | 5:45 AM

I have always liked my water room temperature. It would be sa-weet to win this... I def. need to drink more water!!!

Jeninne | 5:52 AM

Your plan sounds very sensible . . . except the one adult bev a month . . . not sure I could do that! :) You look great, btw!

Katie | 6:06 AM

You look awesome! This bottle is genius for on the go.. we use a brita already at home. Love the pictures of your sweet girls. xx

Kathryn | 6:10 AM

I ditched the water bottles years ago too and have not looked back. I think I actually drink MORE water now than I did before because I bought myself a nice big (reusable)water bottle and I LOVE IT!

WendyM | 6:11 AM

I had actually heard the opposite about water temperature and metabolism!

In any case, I don't think it makes enough of a difference to matter. I have lost 65 pounds so far this year, and I prefer icy water. I think just drinking a ton of water is the important part.

I drink so much though, that I have been thinking of getting a second Brita pitcher so there is never just an almost emoty on in the fridge.

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