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The following post is sponsored by my friends at Brita. Thank you, Brita! To find out more about the Brita challenge and Filter for Good go here and here.


A few years ago, I stopped buying bottled water. Regardless of the fact that every bottle I purchased ended up in the recycling bin, I couldn't help but feel guilty every time I polished off a bottle of water, sometimes ten a day, (I'm a crazy water drinker, you guys--but more on that in a moment) only to have this stack of waste, albeit recycled waste, staring back at me from its bin. So one day I went out and bought a Brita pitcher, a few cartons of filters and a family of SIGG bottles from Whole Foods and called it a day. No more bottled water in our house, I said. And we've remained bottle free ever since.

Not only were we doing our part to save the planet, but we were also saving a hundred bucks a month in water. According to Brita's Filter for Good site, in 2008, the U.S. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the Earth more than 190 times. Not fabulous, America. Not fabulous at. all.

The main reason why I felt compelled to buy all those bottles of water was to keep track of how much water I was drinking. By putting two bottles of water in my purse, two in my car, one on my bedside table and keeping the rest refrigerated to drink throughout the day I knew I was getting my "eight glasses" worth...

ED: I was recently told that drinking cold water during a meal actually slows metabolism. Room temperature water is our friend. The more you know, right?

Segue in five, four, three...

Brita has asked me to write about my own "Brita Challenge" aka how I plan to reach my weight-loss goals. I gained 70 pounds this pregnancy, have lost forty and have thirty more to lose to get back to where I was last Fall. (I lost 35 pounds the week I gave birth and have lost about a pound a week since.)

Me last fall:
5'8, Size 6/8, 140 lbs
And here's me yesterday (attempting) the same ensemble:
5'8 168lbs, size 12
I subscribe to the "nine months on, nine months off" rule. So I'm giving myself the next eight months to lose my 30lb remainder. Totally doable. Maybe. I think...

Here's how I lost the weight last time and plan to do it again:

1. Drink ten large glasses of (filtered/tap) water a day - By filling up my SIGG bottle every two hours I'll stay hydrated, energized and won't retain water/bloat like whoa. OR there's this handy contraption which Brita sent me a few weeks back and is my new favorite thing.

(Genius, no?)

2. Drink no more than one alcoholic beverage a week. (This is easy for me as I drink, on average, one alcoholic beverage a month.) I'm becoming less and less interested in alcohol in my old age and would rather eat my calories in ice cream than drink them in wine.

3. Replace my bi-weekly fruit smoothies from Jamba with vegetable juices (and the occasional Kale smoothie) from the local "sustainable" smoothie shop. Thus supporting local business, locally grown foods AND less-sugar-in-my-smoothies.

4. Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day (Come on! I need SOME sort of vice in my life! Coffee is it.)

5. Walk everywhere... even if it means walking two miles to pick up my dry-cleaning. (The only place the babies sleep soundly is their strollers so this is working out in my favor across the board, actually.) In a perfect world, I'd love to make it to the gym every day but that just isn't possible. I mean... I'm typing this post with one hand at 4am, people. Working out is kind of not going to be happening anytime soon. I'm hoping in the next few months the dust on this new life will settle and I'll be able find time for Crossfit or pilates classes... maybe? In the meantime there are plenty of ways to exercise here at home, around the neighborhood and in the comfort of my own backyard.

Eat well + drink well + exercise when possible = weight loss. PERIOD.

In summary: the easiest way to lose weight? Drink more water. The easiest way to save the planet? Ditch the plastic bottle. Bottom's up! And someday soon, same will go for the zipper on my jeans. Hopefully.


I have two Brita prize packs to give away. Each basket includes a filtered water bottle, replacement filter and water pitcher! To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick two winners via random.org next Thursday 10/27.


UPDATED: Congratulations to commenters # 512, Lin & commenter #604 Sophia, and thanks to everyone for participating! You rule.


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The Vee Bees | 4:51 PM

I just had twins four months ago, so I appreciate the weight-loss advice. Good luck!

Donna | 5:56 PM

Help me drink more water! Trying to keep kidney stones at vault!! Thanks!

Danielle | 7:03 PM

We ditched our water bottle addiction about 3 months ago for some Brita Goodness and we Love it. Personally I think it taste better than bottled water. Thanks for the info on the luke warm water rather than cold...I had no idea...As much as this girl loves her some cold ass agua I'd also love to lose some lbs.

Sophia | 7:25 PM

Love the idea of a filetering multi-use water bottle!

Bridgitt | 3:15 AM

I LOVE water! ANd would love some Brita stuff! :-)

Denise | 7:10 AM

the Brita water bottle is awesome. I have to confess that I'm not a big water drinker because I don't really like water. But I have been actively trying to consume more water (with my reusable bottle at work).

Ellen Finch | 8:31 AM

Had no idea that the temp of the water I drank affected metabolism!

kirsten | 8:54 AM

you go, girl! I'm in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, and really want to do this safely and healthily... lots of water, and fresh fruits and veggies. hoping to not gain a ton of weight, and maintain the healthy habits needed to take it all back off (and maybe then some...?)

Sarah | 11:50 AM

I would LOVE to win a water bottle! 2 of my coworkers just started using these and I've been curious about them since. Thanks for doing a post about water!!

Aaron & Cassie | 1:28 PM

Agreed, lots of water it's at, especially in losing weight! I lost all the weight I'd gained with #3 in 2 months. (of course, I didn't have twins) but it's definitely doable! You look great already!

Miranda | 3:55 PM

I'd love to try the water bottle! I tried another brand's version a few months ago and wasn't very impressed. My plastic water bottle problem needs to be fixed. Pronto.

Melanie | 6:27 PM

a) you and I are the same size, pretty much (you currently) and you are inspiring me to think "hey, I lost 80+ already, I can lose another 30 with Rebecca!" So I'm hoping you post more as you go so I can play along at home. ;)
b) my Sigg is my best friend and constant companion, to the point where all the paint is flaking off the thing and it is more dents than bottle, really. So kudos to you for reminding people no bottled water. Sigg is where it's at, people.
c) you look amazing, 30 lbs or no

Suzanne H | 7:13 PM

I am also a big water drinker and I waay prefer room temp over cold water. I try to take 2-3 hot yoga classes a week so staying hydrated is essential. I tend to go for electrolyte-enhanced water but I try to buy the largest size I can and always, always recycle.

Misha Leigh. | 8:46 PM

would love this! thank you. : )

Sascha lacoss | 10:43 PM

You look fabulous! Love your plan!

chickster | 1:51 AM

Haha, I love the "now" picture of the outfit and adore your honesty and practical approach to weight loss after childbirth. Mama, bring on the water!

Karen D | 9:00 AM

Would love this...we have gradually switched to re-usable bottles but would love to try the Brita system.
On a separate note, you have a beautiful family!

Jeanentt | 9:05 AM

I am a avid water drinker, 80 ounces a day every day!

Jeanentt | 9:05 AM

I am an avid water drinker, 80 ounces a day every day!

Julie | 9:31 AM

thanks for the giveaway all I drink is water

Melissa D | 11:02 AM

I still buy bottled water but am actually getting ready to put a filter on my kitchen sink. I love your blog.

nicole | 11:36 AM

I would love to be on your Brita plan! I'm really good at exercising (I take a bootcamp class 3X a week), but I don't drink NEARLY as much water as I should. I plan to work on my diet, too, adding more lean protein and vegetables and consuming less sugar and less alcohol. Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for the chance to win. xo.


aligater | 12:31 PM

I'm in love with that Brita water bottle and your blogs! I'm a new reader and newly pregnant. Your family is an inspiration!

Nicole | 4:17 AM

yes! I made the deadline! I knew catching up on blogs would do me some good haha. Well as one water lover to another I'd love this water bottle. I probably drink 10 glasses of water a day but I really have no way of knowing.. I just look down and when my cup is empty I fill it up. I'd LOVE one of these water bottles! heres to hoping I win! :-D

PS.. uhm you look amazing whether your drop the weight or not!

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