Drink Responsibly (Sponsored + Giveaway)

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The following post is sponsored by my friends at Brita. Thank you, Brita! To find out more about the Brita challenge and Filter for Good go here and here.


A few years ago, I stopped buying bottled water. Regardless of the fact that every bottle I purchased ended up in the recycling bin, I couldn't help but feel guilty every time I polished off a bottle of water, sometimes ten a day, (I'm a crazy water drinker, you guys--but more on that in a moment) only to have this stack of waste, albeit recycled waste, staring back at me from its bin. So one day I went out and bought a Brita pitcher, a few cartons of filters and a family of SIGG bottles from Whole Foods and called it a day. No more bottled water in our house, I said. And we've remained bottle free ever since.

Not only were we doing our part to save the planet, but we were also saving a hundred bucks a month in water. According to Brita's Filter for Good site, in 2008, the U.S. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the Earth more than 190 times. Not fabulous, America. Not fabulous at. all.

The main reason why I felt compelled to buy all those bottles of water was to keep track of how much water I was drinking. By putting two bottles of water in my purse, two in my car, one on my bedside table and keeping the rest refrigerated to drink throughout the day I knew I was getting my "eight glasses" worth...

ED: I was recently told that drinking cold water during a meal actually slows metabolism. Room temperature water is our friend. The more you know, right?

Segue in five, four, three...

Brita has asked me to write about my own "Brita Challenge" aka how I plan to reach my weight-loss goals. I gained 70 pounds this pregnancy, have lost forty and have thirty more to lose to get back to where I was last Fall. (I lost 35 pounds the week I gave birth and have lost about a pound a week since.)

Me last fall:
5'8, Size 6/8, 140 lbs
And here's me yesterday (attempting) the same ensemble:
5'8 168lbs, size 12
I subscribe to the "nine months on, nine months off" rule. So I'm giving myself the next eight months to lose my 30lb remainder. Totally doable. Maybe. I think...

Here's how I lost the weight last time and plan to do it again:

1. Drink ten large glasses of (filtered/tap) water a day - By filling up my SIGG bottle every two hours I'll stay hydrated, energized and won't retain water/bloat like whoa. OR there's this handy contraption which Brita sent me a few weeks back and is my new favorite thing.

(Genius, no?)

2. Drink no more than one alcoholic beverage a week. (This is easy for me as I drink, on average, one alcoholic beverage a month.) I'm becoming less and less interested in alcohol in my old age and would rather eat my calories in ice cream than drink them in wine.

3. Replace my bi-weekly fruit smoothies from Jamba with vegetable juices (and the occasional Kale smoothie) from the local "sustainable" smoothie shop. Thus supporting local business, locally grown foods AND less-sugar-in-my-smoothies.

4. Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day (Come on! I need SOME sort of vice in my life! Coffee is it.)

5. Walk everywhere... even if it means walking two miles to pick up my dry-cleaning. (The only place the babies sleep soundly is their strollers so this is working out in my favor across the board, actually.) In a perfect world, I'd love to make it to the gym every day but that just isn't possible. I mean... I'm typing this post with one hand at 4am, people. Working out is kind of not going to be happening anytime soon. I'm hoping in the next few months the dust on this new life will settle and I'll be able find time for Crossfit or pilates classes... maybe? In the meantime there are plenty of ways to exercise here at home, around the neighborhood and in the comfort of my own backyard.

Eat well + drink well + exercise when possible = weight loss. PERIOD.

In summary: the easiest way to lose weight? Drink more water. The easiest way to save the planet? Ditch the plastic bottle. Bottom's up! And someday soon, same will go for the zipper on my jeans. Hopefully.


I have two Brita prize packs to give away. Each basket includes a filtered water bottle, replacement filter and water pitcher! To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick two winners via random.org next Thursday 10/27.


UPDATED: Congratulations to commenters # 512, Lin & commenter #604 Sophia, and thanks to everyone for participating! You rule.


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MichelleinFL | 6:11 AM

You're beautiful, the babies are beautiful, and I wish you well on your goals of more sleep & less weight ;)
We registered for our 1st Brita on our wedding registry (1999!), have been dedicated brita drinkers since but loooove the new filter bottles & don't have those, so would love to win!

ChristinaD | 6:18 AM

Love that water bottle with the filter, I am always looking for more ways to get my water in and this would be perfect to have at work!!!

Ellen Colberg | 6:29 AM

We ditched the bottled water a while back too, mostly to save money. Good to know about the room temp water! You look great and the girls are beautiful!

Ellen Colberg | 6:29 AM
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Liz L | 6:36 AM

Crap. I am 3 months from the 9 months on 9 months off rule and I have about 5 lbs to go (I would like 10). Can you help a sister out!?

Denise | 6:40 AM

Rrom temo water...who would have thought. For so long we heard cold cold cold is better. Thanks for the info. And the babies are beautiful! Congratulations on the beautiful family!

nicole | 6:44 AM

I love water! Room temp. hmmm. that might be a challenge :-)

Erica | 6:44 AM

Oh no, love super-cold water! PS, your babes are beautiful and so are you!

Faith | 6:45 AM

Thank you for posting these photos! You look amazing and I found them very inspiring.

Saly from Incubation Nation | 6:49 AM

Pick me! Please!

Katherine Vargas | 6:49 AM

I'm so bad with the plastic bottles - work provides bottled water for free, so I do that same dang thing. thank you for the opportunity!

Sarah | 6:51 AM

I already use a brita fridge water dispenser that I love. This bottle looks cool.


Elise | 7:00 AM

Challenge on! I lost my "baby weight" after having my triplets, but since I stopped nursing my weight is creeping up (and creeping me out). And although we're the same height, I haven't weighed 140 pounds since I was in college (but still own the jeans from when I did). They'll probably be back in style by the time they fit again. Thanks for inspiring me!

wanderingbella | 7:03 AM

Love love love the green kale smoothies!

Penny | 7:06 AM

I didn't know about the water bottle from Brita! Great news. I would love to win. You look amazing after 4 babies.

Mandy | 7:08 AM

Yay! I'm so glad you wrote this. I'm currently in the process of trying lose 20 pounds, and water has been my saviour. We're built similarly, I'm 5'6 152 pounds currently, and would like my fluctuating weight to be between 132 - 137, since I know I typically fluctuate by that large of a gap. I started the water thing a couple of weeks ago, combined with eating well, and moderate expercise, and within a week and a half, during which INCLUDED canadian thanksgiving, and I lost 5-7 pounds. I'm crediting most of it to the water. I'm trying to down 6 bottles a day minimum. Currently I start with one plastic bottle of water a day, and then fill it up at work throughout the day, but that filtered water bottle idea is the BOMB! I must own one.
Keep on rockin' woman, you look fabulous!!

Maggie | 7:11 AM

Crud, I love ice water! Still trying to lose 15 lbs from my last baby....4 years ago!

Sherrill | 7:13 AM

i'm a water junkie, too...but i had no idea about the room temperature thing. i'm not sure how well i'd do with that one.

Lindsey | 7:15 AM

I really need to invest in a reusable water bottle...or I could just win a free one!

Mary | 7:16 AM

My brother told me the same thing about drinking cold vs room temp water. I just thought he was full of bologna!

I should drink waaay more water than I do. I know this and yet I still don't do it. Nice.

Cole | 7:18 AM

Wow! I love love room temp water but never thought that it might have some benefits...very interesting, thanks for that!

GingerB | 7:20 AM

I want one! I need one! Awesome idea, and you look wonderful already!

Meghan | 7:20 AM

Ahaha. I LOVE that you were brave enough to try and put on the same outfit!!!... and document it!! I absolutely LOVE it.

Allen | 7:21 AM

water to the rescue!

Brandie C. | 7:30 AM

Very interesting.. By the way, the babies are so cute..!! Enjoy while they are little! =)

Raddit | 7:31 AM

Oh, how I could use this right now! Fingers crossed! I don't know if I can do the room temperature water thing... And dude, you look fantastic already.

Hollie | 7:31 AM

I didnt drink ANYTHING but water until my senior year of college. No juice, sodas, milks, coffee, nada. Until I had about 5 papers to write in one week, and the Diet Coke monster entered my life. I try to keep it to one per day, but I'd love the portable Brita - easier to say no to the vending machine DC when you can fill up over and over from a sink or fountain. Your babies make me want to get pregnant all over again! Gorgeous.

jesse k | 7:35 AM

I love ice cold water... this could be difficult!

a legal alien | 7:39 AM

Pick me! Pick me! I'm just heading into my second trimester and eating chocolates for my second breakfast! Help!

AS Novus | 7:44 AM

I'm a water nut! 30 in 8 is completely doable!!

Ron | 7:47 AM

We've drank room temp water for years. I don't really like cold water now.

Shawna | 7:57 AM

I have been using a reusable water bottle for years... about 3 years ago... maybe longer.. I finally bought an actual big water bottle. Before that I would just buy a big bottle of water and reuse it over and over. I drink 4 or 5 bottles of 32 oz of water a day... I would love to have a bottle that has a filter in it... SO Convenient! I have also been meaning to buy a brita water pitcher... unfortunately we just haven't had the extra money, as we just moved and I am pregnant with twins... Love the post though and I can't wait to meet my own little ones!

The Curtii | 8:11 AM

awesome plan! i need to lose another 15lbs of baby weight from 2 years ago...

The Curtii | 8:11 AM

awesome plan! i need to lose another 15lbs of baby weight from 2 years ago...

Jenny O | 8:13 AM

Awesome. We're totally anti-bottled-water but have yet to actually buy a filter. I'm with you, drinking water all day long helped me lose the baby weight, and having a nice bottle sitting right in front of me was the biggest help in ensuring I actually got my water intake up. Thanks for the giveaway!

Denise | 8:24 AM

I atually was going to comment yesterday and tell you how FAB you look.

The weight will come off. It alwasy does.

Be forgiving of yourself...you just had TWO babies! :)

Bianca | 8:26 AM

The best of luck on your weight loss plan! I wish I had some determination in that field. My baby is almost 10 months and I feel I weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant!

k | 8:30 AM

We have been water bottle free for the last 5 years! We love our brita, but it is desperately in need of replacing.
Thanks for the info on room temp water :)

The Wannabe Redhead | 8:33 AM

I love water. It's helped me lose about 15 pounds. I crave it now. Would love the Brita package!

karnic | 8:38 AM

Ooo, I love my Siig (and they're so pretty too!)

Lindsey | 8:40 AM

Oh, I would LOVE to win this -- I've been re-thinking all of the bottled water in our house, and the $$$, and the waste, and we both want to up our intake so this would help so much!

cate | 8:42 AM

I've been thinking of getting a Brita. Good to hear your thoughts.

Nicole and Robert | 8:49 AM

Definitely interesting on the room temp h2o

Kalyn | 8:51 AM

I would love a water bottle with a filter built in. Awesome.

Allison H. | 8:55 AM

I always read your blog but never comment but had to share this. This morning I was reading this post while eating a bowl of cereal and when I got up for a topoff I left the computer screen with your last fall picture up and I heard my 3 year old while I was in the kitchen say, "Ooo! I like that outfit." I said I did too and then he says, "Is that you or not?" Day = Made.

JaxinGR | 8:57 AM

I use a Nalgene bottle everyday at work - goal is to fill it up 3 times = over 100oz of water at work everyday. At home, yeah not-so-much.

Marcea | 8:57 AM

I try to stick with filtered water from my fridge, but it isnt always possible with always on the go with kids in sports. I would love to have Brita!

I had the same philosphy as you, 9 mos on, 9 mos off. For me it was more like 9 mos on but 14 mos off! but it eventually came off :)

beautiful children by the way!

Alyson | 8:58 AM

I am horrible about using so many bottles of water during the day. I didn't know Brita had their own water bottle, so awesome!

Sarah | 9:03 AM

love the idea of the brita pitcher! I'm trying to get down to 140 myself and I'm the same height - though I can't use the pregnancy excuse...9 months on...8 years off???

Jennifer | 9:12 AM

I didn't know that about the room temp water. I do buy too many water bottles but luckily have filtered water to drink at work so reuse the bottle.

MommyNamedApril | 9:13 AM

sounds like a good game plan. i'm impressed that you only have 30 pounds to drop after twins. go mama. :-)

thanks for the chance to win and the tips. i will be working off baby weight from my fourth soon too... have used Weight Watchers Online in the past with great success, but am hoping to do it on my own this time.

Meg B | 9:14 AM

Awesome giveaway! And um, you look AH MAZ ING.


Heather | 9:21 AM

Brita prize pack? I'll gladly take it! You are fabulous mama!

Anonymous | 9:24 AM

I'd love to win!

Amy S. | 9:26 AM

Love the tip on the room temp water ... and that Brita water bottle!

jessicaj75@aol.com | 9:27 AM

I have a water bottle problem also and would loooove something new!

Nikki | 9:29 AM

Love room temperature water - very cold water is too hard to drink!

Joybean | 9:32 AM

I would love to win this! I'm so intrigued with your size/weight and how you will go about losing weight. I'm your height and when I weighed 168 lbs I was a size 14! It's amazing how different our bodies can be. Even now, at 156 I'm a size 12. Oh how I would love to weigh 140 and be a size 8 again! I'm working on it!

kd13 | 9:34 AM

I would really like to win this to kick-start eliminating the bottled water habit. Would also be a great incentive to keep drinking water while I continue to try to lose my baby incubator.

Unknown | 9:37 AM

I would LOVE that Brita water bottle! I go through my 32 oz Nalgene 2 - 3 times per day at work. Though I need to be better about bringing water with me on the weekends and stop buying bottled water in the check out lane because I'm parched!! Thanks for the room temp water advice; I'm going to start doing that at dinner time! Good luck with the weight loss. Mine from my last babe didn't come off until I stopped nursing - now I'm down 25 pounds in about six months. YOU CAN DO IT!

Monkichi | 9:37 AM

i also stride to be bottle free, in process of convincing my parents to also do the same. thanks for the room temp tip always good to know!

Lou Lou Belle | 9:42 AM

I'm glad i'm not the only who drinks that much water - I don't drink much else but water so I drink LOTS of it. news for me on the room temp water - gotta keep that in mind!

Veronica Vaughn | 9:48 AM

That Brita water bottle is the coolest! I need one!

Shannon | 9:48 AM

I gave up soda in January and I'm always looking for ways to make it easier to get my water in! I have 97 more pounds to lose (not baby weight, just...weight weight.) But, with exercise and water and sleep and healthy eating, I'm confident!

Joanna | 9:57 AM

Hahaha! I love that we're the same height and weight, except I didn't just give birth to twins. :) My goal weight is 10 lbs heavier than yours.

Good tip on the water. Not drinking enough makes me cranky and tired. I have a Brita pitcher at my desk at work and use it to refill my stainless steel thermos bottle.

Jennifer | 10:01 AM

Here's to weight loss! Love the blog!

Angie | 10:07 AM

I would love to cut down on plastic bottle use in my house!

AmyDanel | 10:09 AM

Oct. 27 is my birthday!! This would make a fabulous gift for...myself :)

Dora B. | 10:14 AM

I swear, those Brita people are geniuses! I so want one of those thingies :D

Warrior Woman | 10:15 AM

I totally agree with the 9 months on and 9 months off rule. I love that you are being so candid about it all. You look fabulous! I would love to have one of those bottles!

SAP | 10:15 AM

I love me some Brita water filters ... and p.s. you look amazing for just having had TWO babies. I'm due in about 4 weeks with my third (singleton) and am praying I look as great as you do one month postpartum. You go girl!!

Robyn....but call me Rob | 10:25 AM

You look amazing, you beautiful freak. You'll be zipping those jeans up b4 Christmas. For sure~!! Rock on.

Flight Attendant Extraordinaire | 10:30 AM

I drink SO much water! I love my Brita pitcher! I keep it in my fridge though. A friend of mine who started going to some kind of holistic nutritionist lady told me that she was told not to drink water AT ALL during the meal because it messes up your digestion. I don't know how true that is, but I do know that sometimes when I drink my water while I'm eating, I get that too-full/bloated feeling more often. But I drink plenty of water before AND after my meals!

CarlaMae | 10:31 AM

I did the same thing - stopped buying water and purchased a Brita pitcher. Haven't looked back since.

Anonymous | 10:33 AM

I definitely need to lay off of the bottled water! But I really only find myself drinking it a lot if it's near freezing. Hmmm. Maybe that's what this Texas heat has done to me! Time to change some bad habits.

Laura | 10:33 AM

I think you look great for 4 weeks pp with twins!

DeafMomWorld | 10:39 AM

Interesting about the room temp water! I have a brita pitcher but have been curious about the new brita bottles! Would love to try them.

j_rives | 10:43 AM

The new personal Brita bottle looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out. We also went bottle-free earlier this year.

Hawkeyegirl | 10:43 AM

Ditching the ice from my lunch water as we speak; good luck with your plan!

Alyssa | 10:53 AM

I love the Brita bottle! So smart!

Justine Johnson | 10:55 AM

I had no idea about the room temp water, either! Awesome!

Priscilla Edwards | 11:06 AM

I also need to shed some pounds.I didn't have a baby but my daughter did 3 years ago and I have been gaining ever since! Maybe I will find a little more motivation through your blog. Your posts never fail to make me smile.

K | 11:31 AM

I adore you for taking that picture of yourself. People who don't take themselves too seriously are my favorite.

I'm pregnant and having a hard time imagining how things will every go back to normal (I mean, I know they never truly will all the way). I'll remember this post.

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 11:32 AM

I seriously love you! those photos are amazing! and very motvating.. I just had a baby and our pre and after are IDENTICAL! it was also nice to see your body now (which is still amazing!) and have a goal to work towards!!!

Ali Renee | 11:35 AM

Love the info on the room temp thing. I don't even want to know how much money I/we spend on bottled water between myself and my roommate!

Ryan and Janelle | 11:36 AM

I am a water snob! I drink so much water it makes me physically sick sometimes. But water is soooo good! And I love GOOD tasting water. Thanks for your tips on weight loss!

Amanda M | 11:39 AM

I just bought a brita filter this afternoon, I think I drink more water out of a pitcher than straight from the tap (plus, way healthier). That water bottle is fabulous.

Alex | 11:44 AM

I love your pictures :-) I love that water bottle idea!

CSB | 11:44 AM

Love the guts you have for showing the before/after pics. Although you still look awesome now, but still - love that you are tearing down the vanity walls.

When I'm nursing, like now, water is even more important, and yet it's hard to find time just to fill up my water bottle sometimes! LOVE the new Brita thing.

tlr | 11:55 AM

You look amazing already! I couldn't get my pre-preg jeans past my knees.
I bought the Brita facuet filter and loved it but just bought a gorgeous new faucet so I will be changing over to the pitcher and giving the filter to my Mom.
The girls are beautiful!!!!

Amy | 11:58 AM

I think you look great post babies. Thanks for the info on cold water. I am almost 3 years post-baby and still have 10lbs left to lose.

LC LeSueur | 12:03 PM

The 9 months on/9 months off rule is the best postpartum "rule" I've heard. Ever. Filing that away for Baby #2.

Abby | 12:25 PM

I could use some weight loss water! 30 pounds of baby weight to go over here.

Emily | 12:28 PM

It took me 18 months to lose my pregnancy weight. And I only had one baby, and gained less than 25 pounds! I didn't realize it at the time, but it wasn't until she was sleeping through the night, that I even realized I was still preg-chubby. My newest goal is to be a good example for my daughter, so she cheers me on when I leave to go running.

Donna Y | 12:34 PM

I'd love to win! I'm making similar efforts for our health and planet. I've lost almost 75 pounds so far just with good nutrition and exercise, and I have a bit more to go. :)

Carly | 12:46 PM

ahhhh!!! I would LOVE to have the Brita water bottle! as a school-based therapist, I bring my own water bottle, but there is no filtered water on my school campuses to refill with (there's only vending machines...seriously?!). anyway, this thing would be amazing!!!

Coach Mac | 12:58 PM

Hmm.. I have never seen those filtered reusable water bottles! That's also interesting on not drinking cold water. I just had my baby 3 months ago and I totally agree now that it will be taking me nine months to get it all off and hopefully my skin will go back to normal =)

Katie | 1:04 PM

I have been using the Sigg bottles for years. You look absolutely amazing!

LJ | 1:12 PM

You're looking great for 1.5 months postpartum! And water is awesome!

Meg @sleepynewmommy | 1:29 PM

I'd love to win! I love water, but I don't drink enough...of anything.


The Sekis | 1:40 PM

We are trying to go plastic bottle free too!

Anonymous | 1:47 PM

It's so hard not to get angry and yell at all that cross my path drinking bottled water. I do the eye roll in disgust. They just think i'm a bitch.
The documentary "Tapped" says it all ladies.

Kendra in Dayton | 1:58 PM

Love the Brita system. Used them for years.

Martha | 2:13 PM

Oooh, love the water bottle!

Lisa | 2:20 PM

I swear it was always 9 on / 9 off for me. You'll get there!

Ali | 2:35 PM

I had no idea about the room temp water! Makes me kind of sad though...I love me some cold water.


(not sure if we're supposed to leave an email or not...but better safe than sorry!)

Txbrenna | 2:58 PM

I love water! I am trying to drink my 8+ cups to shed help shed the baby weight too. Plus, all this nursing has me crazy thirsty!

bloggirl | 3:06 PM

Love water, love the new babes

Lin | 3:17 PM

You look awesome! You wouldn't have got me in my pre-baby clothes a month after my daughter was born... and a year later, I'm still not back to my right shape (though the pounds are gone)

I think you're right about water! Great reminder!


Anonymous | 3:34 PM

You are the craziest/most hilarious/bravest woman alive to show those photos! I love it! My 4th baby is now 1o months, and I still look like that in a few pairs! Inspiring!

Anonymous | 3:49 PM

Your post brought me back to when my daughter was a wakeful baby in the small hours and I used to cradle her in my arms, breathe her in and just really cherish the uninterrupted time to be with her, with no distractions, no older kid vying for attention. There were some tennis tournaments on the other side of the world on TV and the sound of the ball bouncing on the court set the tempo for our little sojourns. To this day, if I see tennis on TV at night, it brings me right back to those magical, witching hours.
You're incredibly lucky to have such a supportive mother with you. My first experience of pregnancy was not ideal: first year of college abroad, 19 years old, not much money. My mother only dragged me down,she had nothing positive to say about my pregnancy, my relationship with the baby's dad (still married 17 years down the line)or my future. She put me through hell during my pregnancy and was anything but supportive when she came to visit me 3 weeks after the birth. I felt like a motherless child and determined to become a better mother than she was to me. She let me down so badly at my moment of need. Our relationship has never recovered and she has never apologised or shown any interest, however grudging, in my family. It's hard to feel that my mother so readily disowned me and my family when we decided to say yes to the unexpected new life. I have never regretted my decision, however. I just regret that my mother never wanted to help or bond with my babies. You're lucky to have such an inspirational mother, I imagine it makes it easier for you to be a good mother, as you so obviously are. Keep enjoying every minute of the night feeds, it's a magical time, and all too short.

Karen | 4:01 PM

I'm impressed that you can drink ten glasses of water in a day. I think I pour one in the morning, carry it around for a while, and forget about it. Which is why I'm chronically dehydrated. But. Still. Can't. Do. It.

You look amazing, by the way. 30 pounds is nothing. It's going to melt right off.

Jill | 4:15 PM

Me me me me! I still have 7 pounds of baby weight to lose and my "baby" just turned 2.

fromaggi | 5:13 PM

PS. It would be awesome if you did a Gone Style re: postpartum attire. I'm in a serious slump at the moment and could use some inspiration! [You know, since you're not busy or anything ;)]

Leah Miller | 5:19 PM

This is my first time on your blog. It's a vice of my friend, Sarah. The pics of post-baby made me laugh. Thanks for that.
Oh, and I learned that drinking water during eating, no matter the temp, slows down digestion and to wait until 15 minutes after. Huh.

Anonymous | 5:47 PM

I think you should cut yourself some slack...9 months in but multiply by 2 so 18 and then same goes for off, 18 months to get it off

Kate | 5:57 PM

I love you to pieces! How much do you rock for being honest about the amount you gained and posting those before and after shots? SO much! Seems you have such a wonderfully healthy attitude about it all. And now I feel like we're in this together, because I gained about 65 lbs. with my singleton pregnancy, am the same height and approximate same starting size/weight. I think I need to drink more water!

Karen ~ | 6:19 PM

You are such an inspiration! It's only been 14 years since my last baby was born, time to stop the excuses!

pepperdove | 6:42 PM

I love filtered water from a nice portable bottle. It makes me feel self sufficient.

Jack's Mama | 6:43 PM

Water, water, water! Yes yes yes this is what i need to be drinking more of. I've been in a funk all week ah probably for more then a month work and money on my mind so i escape to the gym to "feel like i did something" while i ignore my messy house. Then tonight i came home and ate cheese its after the gym. I mean really and now i want more. So yes I must drink more water!!

Congrats again on your beautiful babes :)

Joël | 6:51 PM

I am on a mission to maintain a healthy weight. In two years of becoming a father I went from a very svelt 135lbs to a whopping 191lbs. Standing at 5ft 4 inches that is not a healthy weight at all. So for two months now I have been eating 5 to 6 small meals a day, lots of water and 4 days a week of exercise. I had a two and a half week personal trainer session and it helped me a lot. I went from 191 to 183 and lost 3% of body fat. Now I am a culprit of bottles and bottles of water that fill up my recycling bin in the house which I dump into the large blue one in my backyard. This giveaway would be a godsend for me if I win but if not then I am going to do what you did Rebecca. Thank you for always being so insightful.

Mere's Mom | 7:09 PM

I think you look amazing for having just had two whole human beings! Giver yorself time to rest and let your body recover. Sounds like you have a solid plan.

Danielle Rose | 7:55 PM

The 'cold water slows your metabolism' thing is a complete myth. Also, the 8 glasses of water is close to a myth.

Kelly Tabbal | 8:49 PM

I'm totally with you on the waste involved with buying bottles of water. I LOVE the water bottle filter!! Fab idea.

Anonymous | 8:52 PM

I'm glad you blogged about how you lost your post pregnacy baby weight the go around. Also, I like how you said to drink lot's of water. I'll have to try that, and also check the Foodie side of your blog too!


Tricia | 8:55 PM

You look so fabulous! Trying on too-tight, used-to-fit-me jeans is the worst, and you somehow make it look like a fun photo op-- how do you do that? Love all the pics, thanks so much for sharing your blessed, crazy, awesome life.

Rachel W. | 9:18 PM

I often refer to myself as a fish I drink so much water. and room temperature too!

Hannah | 9:30 PM

I could certainly use one of these. I need to drink more nursing my babe. I also like that I have another 7 months to lose the rest of this weight. :-)

Krystal | 9:35 PM

I stopped buying bottled water a few years ago and went to Brita too! Although I don't mind our tap water at all (I live in Scottsdale, AZ), the tap worked just peachy before bottled water, why can't now? I mean most of us drank out of the water hose when we were kids!

Pixachii | 9:36 PM

I am an avid water drinker, and Brita has saved me while I attend school in a town that uses purely well water for the tap. I had no idea that water plays such an important role in weight loss! Thanks, GGC!

Kathryn | 9:45 PM

We use a brita at home, but I'd love to have something like this on the go!

Eryn | 10:09 PM

This is so hilarious, not the before/after I expected to see. I am glad you're laughing & smiling in the after photos, 1st time I went shopping for jeans after my son was born...well, I was not laughing & smiling.

Stacy Gould | 10:44 PM

So awesome you posted those photos of yourself .

Unknown | 10:59 PM

love the brita bottle!

Anonymous | 11:36 PM

Why does cold water have to slow down metabolism? I hate drinking room temperature water, I'm going to drink exponentially more cold water than lukewarm water. Hrmph.

Heather | 11:52 PM

I ditched the plastic long ago and have only resorted to buying water in plastic bottles if it is vital, maybe twice a year. I have written pretty extensively about the evils of plastic. Here is a post about my favorite reusable waters bottles. Enjoy!


P.S. You look AMAZING!

NHmommy | 3:03 AM

I really really need one of these..our tap water tastes so funky..but tests fine, fyi

Cindy H | 5:05 AM

You are an inspiration and those beautiful babies are beyond precious!

Jill Butterworth | 5:11 AM

I LOVE THIS POST!!! I just had a baby and my old sizes don't fit - but as I huff and puff when I get ready - I usually say f-it. I'm so happy to be a mom to a healthy girl.

shannon.on.park | 6:30 AM

Great giveaway! I would love to give my husband the waterbottle. His office goes through more bottled water than any place i've known. At least he's finally gotten them to agree to recycling the bottles.

Courtney | 7:02 AM

I love how you lay it all out there... undies hanging out and all! That seriously makes me happy to read you and you look beautiful.

Also, I definitely need to drink more water. :)

Julintherough | 7:03 AM

I drink tons of water and I would love to have this new Brita stuff! And I think you look fabulous, Mama. Get yourself some Jeggings or Pajama Jeans (LOL) and be done with it! Babies are so much more awesome than skinny jeans any day!

K | 7:26 AM

I have a Bobble water bottle with a built in filter. I wonder how it compares to the Brita one.

bek77 | 8:01 AM

If I don't win, I am so going to buy one of these!! I have to make myself drink water!!

MargieK | 8:02 AM

My camelbak bottle is wearing out. Another bottle would be great!

Thanks for all the baby pics! They're so adorable!

Navigating the Mothership | 8:20 AM

I ADORE that you shared the pictures of you in your pre-preg clothes. Awesome. I am both a similar size and someone who has similar pregnancy weight gains as you, so I appreciate you sharing your own experience both going up and down. I've been a Brita user for years, but I have to up my water. Coffee + a couple cans of mineral water doesn't cut it!

shannon c | 8:30 AM

ok, well you look great,and your babies are the sweetest little peas in a pod!! I am so upset about the ice water thing~ I love a big cup of ice water, and drink many through out the day. Having a Brita water bottle would make the switch to room temp water so much nicer! :)

Hay Kay | 8:31 AM

ooh ooh, pick me!!

Mariel | 8:44 AM

Water is my favorite drink, really! When I go to a restaurant, I'm not being cheap; I really just want water, and lots of it. My filter pitcher at home is looking tired...I could use a new one!

Darrah | 1:02 PM

Well, I'm glad that I prefer room temp water! I wonder if hot water increases metabolism?!? :)

jessicaj75@aol.com | 1:45 PM

Yes! I lost 7 lbs just changing the temp of the water I was drinking!!! Hot, room temp and cold each had their place. I found it fascinating! Would love a water bottle filter system. Love.

Airport Girl | 2:05 PM

Try skinnytaste.com. I LOVE this site!!!

SewPo! | 3:04 PM

I gained over 100 lbs with my last son. Since he was born, I have lost 135 lbs. I mostly attribute this to lots of water, and soooo much walking with my babe in the BabyHawk carrier. Dude--my core is stronger than it has ever been after toting my little meatball around for his first two years!

princess granola | 5:12 PM

I gave up bottles after my first pregnancy 4 years ago but still don't feel like I drink as much as when I was buying them..Sigh.must. drink. more. water.

Jo | 5:25 PM

Did you know that drinking 10 glasses of ICEY cold water will make your body burn 300 calories bringing it to body temp?

ktdin | 5:35 PM

This is perfect!

Anonymous | 6:22 PM

We spend way too much on bottled water. I totally relate to your post! xo Missy

Megan | 6:37 PM

You look awesome, and yay Brita!

Melissa | 6:41 PM

Add me to the "crazy water drinker" club. My oh-so-classy way of tabulating water consumption is a Mason jar, 32 ounce size. If I polish off 3 in a day I know I'll be properly hydrated. :)


Sarah A. | 6:45 PM

PICK ME! I have a Brita filter but I WANT that bottle!

Christy | 7:20 PM

Room temp water has always given me heartburn, ever since I can remember. So ice cold for me!

Unknown | 8:05 PM

I'm really in the same boat, in SO many ways. I gave birth to 10 1/2 pounds of baby (just one baby though) 3 months ago, was 5'10"/155 and about a size 6/8 before as well, and am about a 12 right now too. It was also my third baby-producing pregnancy (phrased that way because I had some miscarriages a long time ago). I even sported some of the same Anthro maxi dresses as you during this last pregnancy! We should totally be BFFs. Absolutely subscribe to the 9 on/9 off philosophy, too--that's how it went the first two times. You are so brave to show some post-baby tummy to the world. Rock on with your bad self. And, on the water topic, we're a Brita pitcher family, with SIGG-like bottles for the kids and we grownups just use old pasta jars for our water on the go.

Mary | 8:38 PM

First, your babies are so precious! I also gave up bottled water a few years ago. The waste, even if recycled, was just too much.

Anonymous | 10:12 PM

Can't wait to buy the new Brita contraption. I love everything you write and while it's not related to this post, I must tell you that as a childless by choice 34 year old, reading your blog (and book) for the last several years has allowed my conflicted soul to think having a child may be something I could do after all. If it's anything like your family, I think I might love to, actually. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

Alyssa Ashley | 11:42 PM

We recently stopped buying bottles and had Culligan install a reverse osmosis system on our sink. It's been great and I already notice myself drinking more water! I'd love to get a bottle like that for on the go though! How clever.

I love the pictures! You look just as beautiful now as you did then. I've never been as thin as you in my lifetime but I strive to be at your current weight (someday, I hope). It's just impossible for me to get motivated. :/ maybe I'll start with the water! Baby steps, right? ;)

Ray | 11:46 PM

You look so freakin' cute in that outfit. Even cuter with a baby. =P I know you'll reach your goal weight in no time. Because you kick ass!

I seriously need to work on drinking 8 glasses a day. Because I drink "NO" water. I know, I know. Shame on me.

Brenda | 11:49 PM

New to your blog, but LOVE it. You're pics "right now" pics made me laugh so hard. I just hit my 9 mos off stage and am finally fitting into my pants somewhat normally. You'll do it. In the mean time, enjoy eating dessert, breast feeding, and loving your babies.

Beth Martino | 5:58 AM

Hardbto believe you have newborn twins. You look great already. I like room temp water so it is good to know it is also good for me!

Airport Girl | 6:22 AM

Staying hydrated and going green! Great concept!

jessica | 7:02 AM

Room temperature water from now on

13 double u's | 7:32 AM

I am ready to drink delicious, filtered, room-temp water! You are totally going to make your goal and then some!! You have all the tools necessary to reach it! All the best!

smileyk76 | 7:45 AM

I have known about the room temp water for some time. I actually prefer to drink it that way. :) I have been bottle free for at least 4 years now. I don't use Brita as I am cheap but will gladly use it if I am picked. i may even come over to the Brita side. :)

P.S. You look amazing post baby. And I love seeing your pics.

Saoirse | 7:54 AM

Tap water all the way!

amyunicorn | 9:25 AM

I love Brita! We used a fridge one for a very long time, but since it doesn't filter out lead we have to have a water cooler at the moment. I've never seen the on-the-go bottles though! That's cool :)

Christie | 9:52 AM

You are amazing!!!

Jenn | 10:30 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous | 10:31 AM

I have been trying to avoid bottled water, but haven't found a reusable one I love yet. I've been wanting to try one of those filtered bottles, especially at work.
More importantly, you look FABULOUS! And those babies of yours are just too precious.

Barbara K | 11:13 AM

I'm so grateful to read this post. I don't drink bottled water for the same reason, and while I have three(!) Brita pitchers for the family, I myself need to remember to drink more water. I do great at school (work) but not so great at home.

I already preferred room temperature water, so yay for that!

Blaine Family | 11:59 AM

You look beautiful. I love saving the planet!

raisel | 2:11 PM

I'm a big water drinker and, at 19 weeks pregnant, am getting lots of exercise by getting up to pee EVERY. 90. MINUTES.

Claire Gibson King | 3:15 PM

water is my favorite drink. i try to drink about 100 oz a day. It makes me feel good and get me thru the day.

Annika | 3:19 PM

I can't imagine losing baby weight in only nine months! My (second) baby is 22 months old and I think I have actually gained weight since she was born. Oops.

Sara McMurray | 4:00 PM

I hear you about rather having your calories in ice cream. I have to eat strategically.

Melanie | 5:13 PM

I am actually a fan of room temperature water. Crest white strips have made my teeth way too sensitive.

I would love some new brita stuff!


Lotus Moma | 5:52 PM

I had no idea about drinking room temp water. Interesting. That is one thing I will have to get used to. I have a large Sigg too. I love it.

Wendy | 11:05 PM

Omg...we weight the same. But I didn't just have twins. Argh.

Tarilyn | 11:52 PM

I buy way too much bottled water! I buy it by the case, and recently tried to cut back by using my big Starbucks cold cup, but I just ended up filling it with the bottled water......

I have to get my hands on one of those Brita water bottles! Such an awesome idea!

Althea | 6:18 AM

Jeez. How awful is it that your post-twins bod is 2 lbs lighter than I am now? SAAAD MAMA. Off to fill my water bottle and sew my mouth closed....

Mama Skates | 6:56 AM

genius! i'd love to win!

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

I love the room temperature water idea! I'm all over it starting today!

emilyboddy at gmail dot com

aw | 7:37 AM

Yay Brita, the travel bottle is a genius idea!

benandsherie | 8:40 AM

Sorry, laughed out loud at squeezing into the old outfit (in a good for you! way). Love your moxie for posting and sharing your real stats. I am about the same as your stats today but my baby is 8.5 mos, so only 2 more weeks for me to drop the 30 lbs. Good luck and good water drinking!

Kristy | 9:34 AM

I am 6 months postpartum and down to the last 10 pounds, the hardest pounds to loose. Ugh. I don't think I am getting my 8 glasses of water a day. That will be my goal starting today!

Ana | 10:51 AM

are you sure you brewed a total of four babies in that body? damn, girl!

Rachel | 10:58 AM

Okay, that bottle is genius! I would drink more water when out if I could always filter it! One exercise tip, I only had one baby but, I got one of those teeny round trampolines, then I would hold my daughter and run on it, the bouncing put her to sleep, the running helped me get exercise. It was a good option when it was bad weather outside.

A Mom Like You | 11:14 AM

You look great! Before & after! I love ice cold water. I notice when I 'm not drinking what I need to, my skin breaks out :(

Allison | 11:22 AM

I'm rarely without a water bottle and it would be awesome to be able to filter on the go!

pamela | 12:15 PM

you're hilarious and those babies are beautiful. I've been thinking about buying one of these, maybe I'll win?!

Gwenzgirl | 3:18 PM

I keep trying to trick myself into drinking more water, sometimes I fail miserably but I'd love anything that would help!

Gwen | 3:34 PM

I am glad to know about the room temp water - I like it better that way.

I also feel bad about generating plastic bottles from buying water, so I would love that new brita cup.

Congrats on the new babies, love hearing about your new life.

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