Archervision Presents: A Boy And His Dragons

As many of you know we have two dogs. Dogs we call Dragons in the GGC household. (We're very Fantasy/D&D in that way.) Archer's world revolves around them. Always has.

Pretty much since the day we brought him home from the hospital Cooper and Zadie have decided he would be their puppy. Cooper is totally cool with Archer using him as his own personal bench and on numerous occasions Archer has fallen asleep beside Zadie in her dog bed, his arms wrapped around her freckled neck.

I've been meaning to post some of the many mini-films I have collected over the months, of Archer and his "harrier siblings". I have finally figured out how to compress files for upload. (I'm a little behind on the tech stuff. Forgive me.)

And so, I present the first ever Archer Film Festival with sound. And some stills (above). If these aren't proof that children and dogs aren't meant for each other than I don't know what is:

Tired of the sound of my voice? This giggle will more than make up for it:

No animals were harmed in the making of these videos. That's not to say that Coop and Z don't put up with a lot of shit from their not-quite-as-hairy-brother, but hey! Isn't that what siblinghood is all about?



Anonymous | 2:50 AM

These videos are really adorable. Archer's giggling made my morning (which is really yucky at the moment). Thanks!

Bluepaintred | 6:10 AM

ohhh wow what a giggle!

barbara | 6:24 AM

He's like "hey lady, i'm sitting on the dog. and it feels good. you should try it." SO CUTE.

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

These will be perfect to help convince my husband that WE NEED A DOG! Thanks!

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

Those are the most gentle, sweetest dogs I've ever seen! Great video!

Anonymous | 7:44 AM

archer's daddy and his pal, buster (a black lab) were best friends too. loved this video. what a delight> ecgs

Wendy | 10:29 AM

It is nice to see the little man in action. I think it is great that Archer loves his puppies so much. I cant say the same over here. The kids have picked up my disdain for our dog. Maybe if he wasnt such a loud mouth, it would be a different story. I havent kicked him out of the house, so that says a lot.

Anonymous | 10:39 AM

archer has the best laugh/giggle on the planet. way cute! what a happy little guy! :)

Anonymous | 11:31 AM

Ohhh, little-boy-giggle...I wish it could be bottled. I'd be drinking it like coffee this morning. Max has developed this Eddie-Murphy-like snort-gasp-giggle that I find absolutely irresistable.

Leigh C. | 12:46 PM

I'm at the local park one day, with our dog, Gilda, and the little guy. He said hi to all the other dogs, then proceeded to dig in the dirt. He hung out with a chocolate Lab, and they bonded in just a few minutes, so much so that some tall vagrant of a guy came by and tried to say hello to the little guy, and the Lab turned around and barked his head off at the vagrant.

Some dogless onlookers were amazed. "Wow, your dog is very protective of your son!" one woman said.

"Yeah, he's protective," I replied, but that's not my dog."

God bless dogs and kids.

Anonymous | 12:59 PM

AWe I can't see them....that stinks. We just added a puppy to our household.


Shel | 1:11 PM

omg. those dogs are the shite. cooper doesn't even budge when archer is climbing all over him. he's one of the gang, isn't he?

ok, more of the boy and his dogs! :) archer has a new fan here.

btw, you've got a great voice.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 2:27 PM

Those are the most tolerant dogs EVER. Archer is one lucky little dude.

Anonymous | 2:28 PM

ahaha! More, more!!

I adored my dogs as a girl. Between the furry hugs, slobbery kisses and unapologetic room-clearing farts they are simply a child's best friend! I still have an affinity for the beasts.

Send Zadie up to live with me for a while. ;)

Unknown | 5:01 PM

ha. my poor sweet natured dog just closes her eyes and wishes peanut out of the family. If peanut comes up to daisy while she isn't paying attention, she growls at her. Poor girl, it sucks to lose your number 1 spot, but there is only so many high needs girls that this tallgirl can handle.

Peanut on the other hand LOVES Daisy. I tell her we are going home to see Daisy and she will actually let me buckle her into her car seat.

Anonymous | 6:42 PM or are great sites for uploading video onto your blog!

Anonymous | 7:35 PM

Oh those were so sweet. Caleb ADORES our pug Diesel and I can't believe the crap the poor dog takes, just to be close to him. I think it has something to do with the copious amounts of food that makes its way to the floor, but it is love none the less.

Awesome Mom | 7:39 PM

Evan was sitting on my lap watching the videos and when you asked Archer to give the dogs a kiss Evan smacked his lips making his kiss noise.

Anonymous | 7:41 PM

I just had to comment again and say that Caleb came over while I was watching and when it was done he said "More Archer and his Diesels!!" SO we had to watch 4 times, until he was satisfied. Now he is trying to make Diesel a bench. Too funny!


Ack! So cute!


And P.S... they are VERY tolerant. They're amazing dogs. Archer beats the shit out of them on a daily basis and they repay him with slobbery kisses. Gotta love it.

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

Those vids are so cute...we at the BWC love Archer (and pups)!

Anonymous | 10:18 AM

So sweet they are! Our pup is Xavier's best buddy too- his first word? Not Mama or dad... nope. Dog.

Webmaster Melody | 10:30 AM

The true test of dog's goodness is how they react to children.

Our dog, Connor, takes a serious beating from Bug (same age as Archer). He just lays there patiently while Bug sits on him, stands on him (or attempts to), yanks his ears up and screeches into them. So placid and gentle.

Good dogs know children are just learning and are patient with them. :-)

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

belly laughs

Anonymous | 12:13 PM

Damn it I can't the first one to work. What a cutie though.

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

Holey crap those videos are adorable. Your kiddo is so damn cute, and your pups are the best for going along for the ride. So random note, your voice completely threw me off. For some reason I was thinking it should be lower and more ex smoker husky. No idea why.

joker the lurcher | 11:09 PM

so lovely! joker and my son have a similar relationship although joker came along when my son was older...

Anonymous | 11:27 PM

I love the videos! Adorable! You are so lucky Zadie is calm... my bostons are sooo not. Peggy is the only one that is semi-calm out of the three, and that's only since her childbearing years... I think she's matured. The dogs are so good with Archer, and the other way around. I love Archer's laugh... it makes me want to fly to California right now to see him! Love your dogs. Love your son. Love you!

Anonymous | 6:37 AM

You know what I think? Archer is just too cool for you.

Anonymous | 6:27 PM

love this>>frankenstein

Anonymous | 11:37 AM

Those were so so so cute! Your pups put up with some abuse, but they seem okay with it just staying put. My kitties scram the minute they see Liam coming! Goes to show, dogs are more laid back!