Wear The Button: Moms (And Dads) Against War

Peter over at Daysitter introduced me to Another Mother For Peace, an anti-war organization since 1967.

You can find out more about AMFP, here.

I thought it would be cool to create a button to wear on my blog sidebar and am passing it on to all y'all in case you are interested in wearing it, too.

Being anti-war is not anti-American, even if those dickfarms in the White House want us to believe otherwise.

Edited (again) to add... You can go here and copy the html from the title. Email me with questions. Thanks!

Feel free to re-post and spread the word. Thanks much.



motherbumper | 6:26 AM

Excellent button and cause GGC. I've added the button to my site (though because the A tag is a JPEG image itself I couldn't copy the text and had to type it out myself).


Oh shit! Okay. If anyone wants to email me I can send them the code as well. I didn't know how else to show the code without html showing up as the image.

Anonymous | 9:59 AM

Yeah can you email it to us too? It is a great button and of course a great cause.

Anonymous | 3:05 PM

I just love it.

Unfortunately as a wife of a military member I feel an obligation to remain cautious of my anti-war sentiments. Both my husband and I oppose this war, but I fear that any anti-war statements I make--especially as a military spouse--could be subsequently viewed as being anti-military, which I am not. Freakin' hell, what a mess.

But the button..totally rocks.

Lena | 9:18 PM

Sweet. Using it!

Amie Adams | 5:40 PM

Thanks!! It's great and on my blog.

jouettelove | 7:45 PM

i love it, thank you.