Poo Poo Haiku(s): Origami Diaper

1. The Art of Folding Diapers Is Not Mine

A Poopy Diaper
And very bad folding job
Makes me want to cry

2. Mommy Needs a Manicure

Origami Luvz
Sometimes mom sucks at folding
And gets poopy hands



Anonymous | 5:57 AM

bad folding job, eh?
before changing, freeze baby.
mmmm. mmm. poopsicles!

Anonymous | 7:11 AM

Oh, the joy of joys!
I am past these adventures
until the next child...

Anonymous | 11:34 AM

The Pampers Pull-Ups
Do not bode well for folding
or potty training.

Gabe's diaper's muddy
Antibacterial soap?
hand washing must have.

Scented bags useless
if the poo gets on my hands
bring me the Purell

Mom101 | 8:07 AM

Please won't you go poo,
Little constipated girl?
Here, have some fiber.

DavidPulling | 7:23 AM

On the subject of poo poo diapers, Papa (the grandfather) observes,

When rank fragrance blooms
From di’per-swaddled fond-fond,
Hand her to her mom!

[Note: "fond-fond" is Cajun French idiom for baby's bottom]