GGC Presents: HostSecret

Every week, GGC will host random secrets here on her blog. Sometimes they will make you laugh, cry or want to shoot your veins full of Grade A heroin. On occasion you might nod your head and say, "yes! Me too! YES!" because you happen to also have a Big Bird fetish. Or a crush on the Kratt brothers.

And now your host(ess) will stop talking about herself in the third-person because it's making her feel uncomfortable.

Stay tuned for weekly secrets and the occasional lie* or two thrown in the mix...


Straight From the Bottle Recaps:

-To Live and Cry in L.A.:
Hollywood isn't exactly THE DESTINATION to raise children...
-Don't Call Him Daughter: Because he clearly is a BOY. Duh!
-Mama Loves Disco: We are sooooo with the DJ, it's not even funny


*Am I the only person who believes many of these so-called secrets, are actually total lies? So people can make themselves feel more interesting? Or am I just being cynical?

I imagine if I were to send something in to PostSecret I would want to make up something GOOOOOOD. Something that really made people say "fuuuuuck" like for instance:
Once I killed this random bum named Gary and buried him in my backyard. And I just want to say... I'm so sorry, Gary. I'm so very, very sorry.
...Or something equally as movie-of-the-week worthy and nuts.

Don't get me wrong. For the most part I think PostSecret is a fascinating portrayal and collection of emotionally buried bones. I just wonder how much of it is true.



Anonymous | 9:55 AM

I sometimes wonder the same thing - about the lies. I'm guessing a good chunk of them just want to be seen, be it a total lie or a half-truth. Either way it's a totally addicting read.

And we're totally rocking the baby disco today - can't wait.

Kristen | 10:50 AM

I'm so glad you said that, because I've wondered that so many times, too. Guess I'm not the only cynic out there. Ha...


Aha! YES! See? It's very The Emperor's New Clothes-ish.

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

I figured a lot of that was...erm...enhanced. BUT, the idea is so cool that I, um, conveniently forget that most of the time.

Anonymous | 4:43 PM

But even though the secret may be a lie to the person who sent it, I'm sure it's true for someone out there.


Totally, Clyn. I think that's why we all check every week. To try and find our own.

Anonymous | 5:43 PM

I'm an obsessive reader of Post Secret!

There was a neat quote on there this week:
"Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world"

I think that sums up why I enjoy the website so much.

Unknown | 6:51 AM

I've sent in a t least 15 fake secrets a good portion of which have been posted. What can I say, I'm evil AND heartless!

Truth be told, I think it's fun to see how creative I can get with in a 4X6 postcard. Everyone has there reasons for using POSTSECRET, that's mine.

Anonymous | 12:17 PM

I love that site, but it does seem like I am starting to recognize some of the handwriting.

Anonymous | 7:57 PM

PostSecret depresses the ever-loving crap out of me. I don't read it.

But you? I'll always be here because you amuse the ever-loving crap out of me.

Anonymous | 9:33 AM

I found that site to be alternately amusing and utterly creepy. And yeah, if I was going to fake a secret it'd have to be way more over the top than some of those.

So... we're still waiting for your secret!

Mom101 | 8:28 AM

That Hollywood post is amazing - and freaked me out entirely. What are we doing???

Post Secret: fake. 85%, guaranteed. Maybe not in the beginning but now for sure. Just graphic designers getting nutty with a blank postcard.