Step Out of The Shadows, Ye Readers!

This week is National De-lurking week, or in other words, "Say Something in the Comments Because Bloggers Like To Know Who's Out There Because Sometimes It Feels Like We're Writing To An Invisible Audience. Please?"

It would be super-awesome to hear from all y'all. Where are you calling from? What are you wearing? Favorite vegetable? What kind of Stroller do you drive? How phat are your reems? Do you have spinners?*

Looking forward to hearing from you ALL...


*If you have spinners on your stroller please email me with your AIM screen name so we can chat later.


Anonymous | 12:32 AM

let the de-lurking begin.

English living in Finland, clothes, peppers, still too young for.

Anonymous | 12:38 AM

I'm from Estonia (North-Europe).
1. Pyjamas.
2. Carrots.
3. I don't have a stroller... whaa, there's some years for that.

Anonymous | 12:42 AM

um, my friends walmart winnie the pooh stroller carseat combo

Birchsprite | 2:05 AM

Northern in baby yet no stroller preference (but I would have spinners if I did have one)

Anonymous | 2:22 AM

Dutch, calling from Nice, France, in a red Kuyichi sweatshirt, not knowing what means reems AND spinners (even when I am reading your blog for a while, some vocabulary is new to me!), love eating avocados (or is that a fruit?) and I drive a Jane Slalom, that is a three wheeled rollerblade compatible tank, but I prefer carrying a sling though.

Anonymous | 2:26 AM

Country: Portugal, mother of two, lettuce, challenge of having a blog written in English.

Lan | 2:33 AM

Denzylle, calling from London.

Almost all vegetables...

Roz | 3:06 AM

Dutch/South African logging in from the south west of England.

1. Work clothes
2. Pumpkins
3. Still trying to get the hang of dating, not quite in the stroller region just yet..

Leigh C. | 4:57 AM

Hi, I'm Leigh (Hi, Leigh), and I'm a former lurker who decided to break outta my shell early this past fall...

-I hail from New Orleans
-I'm wearing fuzzy knit slippers, my cowmoflage pajama pants, and a "save nola" hoodie (I'm cold, damn it)
-I looove the mashed potatoes from John Besh's Steakhouse
-We're past the stroller stage, though initially it was a vintage Maclaren once used for my eighteen year old brother, until my husband broke it. I went out and got an el cheapo Safety 1st one from Target after that.
-I never thought of puttin' anything on the rims, though the wheeels of the Safety 1st could certainly accomodate some bitchin' ones.

Anonymous | 4:58 AM


1. West Brookfield, MA
2. Pajamas (I work from home.:-))
3. Broccoli
4. Graco Ultralite

Anonymous | 6:02 AM

Sarah (In the Trenches of Mommyhood)

Officially de-lurking today on all the sites I peruse.....

LOVE yours! You are an awesome writer.

Oh yeah, and my favorite veggie is french fries. Preferably ones not licked by my kids first.

A. Nonny Mouse | 6:13 AM

Hi. I'm Erin, from New York. I'm wearing a mock turtleneck (given to me by work) and jeans. My favorite vegetable? Right now I can't stand any veggies because I'm 15 weeks pregnant, but when I'm not I really like green beans with garlic and butter. mmmm. My stroller is a hand-me-down Graco.

Ok, I'm going back to the shadows now. bye....

Anonymous | 6:22 AM

Oh, you know I'm here. Just quiet.

Wash, DC (how international your readership is!)
Pink cashmere cardie
Baked asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Quinny, Maclaren, double Maclaren for the Nanny share

Jacinda | 6:33 AM

Also writing from Washington DC but headed back to SoCal (can't wait) in March. I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts and stories on being a first time mom, the good in LA and finding a balance between friends and family. We are having our first baby in June...oh and I like pickles(do they count?)

Shelli | 6:34 AM

Shelli here, not exactly a lurker since I do post once in awhile.

From the "area" of the city of brotherly love! (I like to travel incognito)

My little guy is almost four and has pretty much outgrown his stroller (waaaaa)! But man, he would've like some spinners. :)

moe berg | 7:06 AM

coming to you live and direct from the western edge of the san fernando valley.

(when i'm not at work, that is. right now i'm actually in burbank wearing a tanner boyle #12 bad news bears jersey, my favorite jeans and very bad posture.)

the mrs and i have 5 year old twin boys and prepping for an imminent third. we have never used a stroller and prefer to glue roller skate wheels to our children's asses and pull them along behind us using a bungee cord.

Anonymous | 7:26 AM

HI...calling from Illinois, wearing a neon orange t-shirt that I slept in and a pair of pajama pants, my favorite veggie is green beans cooked with onions, tomatoes, and bacon and WAY TOO MUCH SALT, and my stroller is a Graco DuoGlider. No, I don't have twins. I babysit. And pushing that thing is like pushing a bus.

Thats all.

Anonymous | 7:35 AM

I'm your brother, and archer's uncle (at the same time!)
I think you know the rest.


Tammy | 7:50 AM

Love your blog and have been reading from Maryland for about a year now.

I usually don't comment on the blogs I read because I feel with so many comments, it's just another comment and why bother!!!

Oh ... and spinners? Seriously?

Also, my daughters' first name is the same as your sons' middle name.

toyfoto | 8:09 AM

I'm not much of a lurker, though I asire to be one:

Siobhan; upstate New York; Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy and Acorns today; spinach; second-hand jogger (no name) sitting in an office that has gone unused since Ittybit was born. (Although the stroller isn't really that useful either, since LITTLE MISS WANTS TO WALK BY HERSELF started toddling around at 10 months).

Anonymous | 8:16 AM

I'm Melissa, from Des Moines, Iowa (it's in the middle)

Wearing work maternity clothes, total granny polyester pants that are the most comfortable thing given I'm like 187 weeks pregnant (due in two days).

My favorite veggies are fruits.

My two year old daughter is obsessed with cars, so much so that daddy-O bought Midnight Run 3 for the PS2 and builds her custom cars, so the ultimate stroller would absolutely have spinners, ground effects, hydraulics, and nitro - heck flames could do double duty and toast marshmallows, and we could call ourselves "multi-tasking" in our extravagance. As it stands, we've got a hand me down Jeep stroller that's about 8 years old, but it beats carrying her everywhere.

I love your blog, happy to de-lurk and show solidarity!

foodiemama | 8:23 AM

i am not a luker but i'll post for the sake of it.
aim screen name: gustavemama...i'm always on aim!

Anonymous | 8:29 AM

Hey, Bec. Not a lurker, but I just have to answer the favorite vegetable question.

Squash. Usually yellow squash, but sometimes I'll mix it up.

Now isn't your life more complete now that you know that about me?

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

Hey Rebecca!

Heather and Jack delurking. Jack is two months younger than Archer and my husband thought Archer was Jack one night while I was reading your post. You're at the top of my blog reading list every day and you never disappoint. Thank you!

Heather in Cypress, CA

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

Can I delurk with a question? Why the hell is your mouth open in all of your self-portraits? I'm at once perplexed and horny.

Representin' for The O.C.

Area code 714, out.

Anonymous | 9:09 AM

Delurking here and on the other sites I normally devour...

Checking in from Phoenix.
I love mashed potatoes.
No stroller yet....

Love your writing, keep it up!!

Unknown | 9:10 AM

I read all the time for CT, almost always wearing jeans and nursing v-neck (cause I'm almost always nursing) and almost always eating brocoli rabe for lunch, cause I need the calcium, the iron and the clear head it brings me to keep on top of my mommy game with three boys and a small apartment that comes attached to a crazy job (just started a blog to suss out the meaning of that crazy state of things
I can usually be found with babe in sling/ergo and tot un-five-point-harnessing is two year old self from our Maclaren (sad lack of spinners here). We also own a sit-n-stand with which I have a love hate relationship, but as soon as my tot stops making a break for traffic and predatory animals, I am curbside recycling that monster.
Thanks for so many of your posts!

Momo | 9:18 AM

I am not a lurker though i don't consider a regular you may choose...Anyway I have no comments from your part, so...

Momo | 9:23 AM

I am not a lurker though i don't consider a regular you may choose...Anyway I have no comments from your part, so...

Jen aka Evilynmo | 9:40 AM

I am in Ft. Gordon, GA. Wearing sweatshirt and jeans. Fav veggie is peas. I drive a Chicco C5. No rims or spinners. I am getting ready to drive my husband to another base to take off for Africa, thanks Army. Me and my Evie (6 months) are gonna be rockin solo for about 8 months. I really enjoy reading your blog, it's nice to know I am not the only momma out there that wants to still rock! =)

Anonymous | 9:49 AM

My exboyfriend from college sent me a link to your post about the waitress squirting breastmilk for her customer's coffee.
Someone from his wife's law firm had shared it with her, and she thought I'd like it, too. (Similar sense of humor-- hey-- I dated the guy she married-- we have a lot in common and thus have this weird camaraderie.)

We're all in Virginia, and while I might have pretended to be pretty punk rock back in the day (I have the requisite hearing loss that dancing in leaky basements to 90s era homemade grunge will give a girl) I never had as much indie-cred as you do.

Or as good of a writer... so, keep it up-- I really enjoy reading you-- you are in my "Thursday" folder of my favorites and there are many times you have made my week.

Unknown | 9:51 AM

Not a lurker per se, but a regular reader and sometimes commenter.

I am in Boston MA where it is frigging COLD today. I'm wearing a gray waffle mock turtleneck long sleeved shirt with black cords and baby blue uggs. Yes, where is cold, Uggs are GOOD.

Favorite veggie is brussel sprouts (honest!) and I haven't used a stroller in 11 years. My kids are 14. I don't even know what a reem is. I'm old and evidentally not hip.


THIS IS AWESOME! HEY EVERYONE! Thanks for the introductions and keep 'em coming!

Rachel | 9:55 AM

Hi Rebecca,

I discovered you through Babble and am rapidly making my way through your archives in sheer awe. I think your blog is absolutely brilliant and have so much respect for your total honesty and way with words - I want to learn to write like you. And I'm just a wannabe mom, but someday...

I'm from NYC, am wearing a very soft bathrobe, and love spinach. I'm also speaking about blogging and dating at SXSW so will hopefully get to say hello to you in person there.

Anonymous | 9:57 AM

GGC- I'm just south of you behind the orange curtain, wearing my fave jeans, loving asparagus and driving a green bugaboo.

Tell me...what's your favorite Crayola color?

Anonymous | 10:21 AM

Living in Northeast LA, wearing the fucking breast pump and my boy hates the stroller (it's a snap and go).

Found you on Babble and really enjoy your writing-especially the LA perspective.

Anonymous | 10:27 AM

Not much of a lurker since i pester you all the time but here goes:
Up in Santa Cruz County,
Wearing black fuzzy velour pants and sweater (it's freakin' cold today!)
Pretty much love all veggies
Double jogging stroller i rarely use cuz the little rugrats keep wanting to get in, get out, get in, get out and drives me insane after about 5 mn of that nonsense...
you know how much i love ya!


Whoorl- Favorite Crayloa Color is Burnt Sienna. Because it's in my everyday vocabulary. For instance "Archer! You smell like Burnt Sienna... Whats happening in your drawls?"

Dad Gone Mad- Funny you should bring this up. Several others have also made me aware that every photo of me I'm making a mouth-wide-open face. I have been made aware of this and will now close my mouth like a lady. There is no reason at all beside the fact it's near impossible for me to be normal around a camera. Or anything else for that matter.

Rachel- Would love to meet up with you at SXSW. Awesome!!

Anonymous | 10:49 AM

Where are you calling from? DAYTON, OHIO
Favorite vegetable? TOMATOES
Do you have spinners?* NOPE- THE MIDWEST THING AGAIN

Love you blog. Archer is too cute for words. Thank you for sharing his (& your)life with us.

And thanks for the Alternadad post. Will be buying for SAHD hubbie for Father's Day.

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

I'm here because I think you're AWESOME and could only hope to be as entertaining as you.

I love love LOVE broccoli and we drive a Peg Perego Side By Side. No spinners, but we like boys who have spinners! Archer, meet Maggie & Audrey.

Anonymous | 10:56 AM

Hey mama, you know I'm here :)

Spinners on the stroller, if only we could be that hip.

Anonymous | 11:00 AM

I just recently found your blog through BMC. I'm a fennel and eggplant loving, Peg Perego pushing mama from Portland, Oregon. We haven't tricked out our stroller ... just yet. I'm wearing my favorite Lilith shirt and jeans. Your Depth of Field post was such a powerful read for me. Archer and our little guy, and you and I, appear to have a lot in common. I celebrate who we are and your post reaffirmed that. Thank you for writing your blog.

مارية | 11:02 AM

Don't remember how I found you...I'm a Marine stationed in Europe at the moment.

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Small Town Orygun
A sweater because Oregon is Fucking freezing right now.
A McLaren volo (richie MIL bought it, I am not that posh)
and no spinners sorry, I am just county I guess.

Mwah to you and Arch, you know I read and comment, how can I not get my weekly dose of BMC.

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

Oh shit, I ment GGC, well you know I love both you ladies.

Anonymous | 11:17 AM

Delurking from Oswego, IL.
I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie.
My favorite vegetable is a potato. (oh...the varieties)
Sadly, my kids are too old for strollers, but in my day it was a Graco.

Anonymous | 11:25 AM

I'm scarlett!!! And I live in NYC and I miss seeing you in LA!!! i hate vegetables but I like twinkies. I don't have a stroller. I don't even have a baby. You are just my favorite person in the world. Like a pumpkin. But... if i had a stroller, it would so have spinners. And I think that's all that really matters anyways.

Finley's Family | 11:26 AM

Hi from Wisconsin! Not nearly as exciting as Europe or California, but we do have cheese curds here... so that makes up for it! I've been reading your blog for the past few months and I love it! I'm wearing jeans, gray v-neck long sleeve, and really cool shoes. I love asparagus and I drive my almost one year old son in a red Maclaren. No spinners, but I do keep a supply of "doggie bags" in the basket for when we take our golden on walks!

Betsy | 11:44 AM

De-lurking from Nashville, TN. Sitting at work, wearing some upper back/ shoulder pain from carrying around a toddler and my jeans and chucks since my boss is out of town.

I'm a daily reader-- my Bird is near Archer's age. I like most vegetables, though eggplant kind of freaks me out. Bird would tell you that every vegetable freaks her out. My stroller is covered in cracker crumbs and various goo.

Anonymous | 12:08 PM


I live in Boston. I'm wearing Old Navy Maternity - jeans, pink button up shirt and blue cable knit sweater. Oh, and the shoes? Geox sneakers.

I love butternut squash.

I drive a Mountain Buggy, sadly, with no rims. People don't do that in Boston. If I was still in Miami - now that might be a different story.

Shel | 12:17 PM

i live in santa clara and work in mountain view. i'm a nanny. i'm wearing a black l/s tee, jeans, black ballet flats and silver hoops.

favorite vegetable? steamed broccoli with paremsan cheese.

the chickie i care for has a maclaren and a jogging stroller. no spinners, but that would rrrrock. :)

Anonymous | 12:35 PM

Hi. I am Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah. I am calling from just outside D.C.

My favorite vegetable is a raw green bell pepper.

I am wearing a red Tampa Bay Buccaneers sweathirt and grey sweatpants.

I have a Graco duo-glide and a double jogging stroller that I have never used for jogging, but it's great at the zoo or on walks in the 'hood.

Sadly, no spinners.

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

Hello. I'm calling from Springfield IL. Wearing, work clothes. Fovortie Veggie, green bean. Stroller...hmm I have a three yr old little boy, and we just do the umbrella strollers or he walks. Spinners, what are spinners, ha just joking. Sometimes as a parent I feel like I'm falling behind times on things, or maybe I'm just getting old.

Cath | 12:58 PM

Hm, ok...

I'm 21, from Quebec city, Canada, and French is my first language.

Sadly, I have no stroller yet because I don't plan on having a wee one before I'm done with my degree in translation from English to French (god, I dream of translating novels, but I've been told it's an incestuous field that's hard to get into)

I started reading your blog partly because I'm part internet voyeur (aren't we all?) part writer who likes to see she's not alone (yeah, I can "very" relate, at least with the "weird kid with no friends" part) and because, well, I just plain like the way you write. I simply devour everything you post, even if it's about something that doesn't concern me at all.


Oh and um, I love raw turnips, and I'm wearing black skinny pants, a black shirt-tunic and harley davidson boots. It's currently 12F with wind and snow and we're freezing our asses off.

Anonymous | 1:15 PM

Snowy Minnesota, wearing jeans and a zip up and I love potatoes. No stroller though, I'm a tad too young, probably your youngest reader.

Thanks for the smiles.

Anonymous | 1:16 PM

black sweater, khakis (I know, lame), black converse. sweet potato. buga-what? love your blog AND open mouth smiles!

L | 1:17 PM

Another Estonian here (what are the odds? :)
De-lurking from London (yuck).
Wearing PJs (it's evening already).
Driving a bugaboo on weekends (mom drives it during the week).
Love your blog.
Love it.
Love. it.
Yeap, thank you.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

Hi! I live near Minneapolis, MN. I don't have a blog of my own, and don't have kids (so no stroller yet, or spinners, unfortunately) - I just think your writing's really good and love your blog! Oh, and I'm wearing cargo pants and a long sleeved shirt (purple) and I like asparagus. ;)

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

I'm not really a lurker, so I don't know what I'm de-ing...but I don't comment nearly enough here. You rock, GGC. And you know it.

Bluepaintred | 1:40 PM

i comment sometimes! i got a booger email!

im wearing spongebob pajamas (4pm here)
Im not calling im commenting!
favorite veggie, corn
a blue stroller, we use it seldom!
what are reems and spinners?

Anonymous | 1:44 PM

Let's see..

I'm 19, I live in Canada. I'm taking Graphic Design in college.
I'm wearing my pajamas.
I like.. broccoli, but not cooked.
I don't having a stroller as I am lacking children, but I do have two rats! :D

Anonymous | 1:59 PM

Happy Delurking Week

momma to Julia 7 and Joseph 1

Mrs. Flinger | 2:10 PM

Hi. I'm actually new here and you can highly recommended so I came by and lo! You are everything they say you are! :-)

Totally adding you to my list of blogs to lurk on. So, can I still count this as my official de-lurking if I promise to lurk from now on?

Chef's Widow | 2:27 PM

Hello GGC`
My name is Amelia. I am momma to Catcher, 18 months, Potato Pitbull, & Vito Pigface Pug. We currently live in the most populated progressive parenting population in NYC, Park Slope Brooklyn. AHHHHHHH!
Currently wearing: wifebeater, sweats, fishing boots, ridiculously expensive headband from barneys.
Currently eating: soybeans and my fabulous chef husband's peppered turkey
Currently Driving: Low Rider Maclaren

I am so super addicted to your blog and am currently neglecting my boy...just kidding it's 5 o.clock nap time:)

Anonymous | 2:32 PM

I absolutely must start my day by reading your blog. I live in PHX. I stumbled on to your blog page when I was 5 months preggo. My son is now 3 mths and I'm still a fan. You are so refreshing, Thanks


Anonymous | 2:32 PM

Hi! Sarah in Illinois.

Wearing: Sweaty workout gear. Sexy!

Fave Veg: as of last night, roasted brussel sprouts with lemon . . . mmmmmm

Stroller: An inexpensive blue umbrella stroller, which my son calls a "buggy"

Love reading your blog!

Anonymous | 2:45 PM

calling from Claremont, CA (LA-area represent... even though I'm from the 9-0-nasty).

fave veggie = asparagus, yellow squash, spinach, avocado (it's green) and spinach.

stroller, reems, spinners = not yet ... but someday :)

I love your blog, the other day (like two weeks ago) I found it and read through all the archives. you rock. I am 23 and can't imagine having a baby right now (though, you know, part of me really wants one), but your blog makes me hope that if it were to become an issue, I could handle it with as much grace and coolness as you have.

Anonymous | 2:48 PM

Agh *have not having

Anonymous | 3:03 PM

Julie de-lurking in upstate NY wearing a "meet me under the mistletoe" t-shirt and jeans who can't pick a favorite vegetable because they're all pretty yumilicious and used to drive a double jogger kids are 11, 6, and almost 5, so the stroller, un-phat and spinnerless, resides across the street at the twins' house now. Their older brothers will trick it out in no time, though, I'm sure.
Me love your blog long time, Becca, but the rubbing-of-the-boobs? Nope. Not even a little bit. I'm still waiting for mine....

(Oh, and I'm really missing your tats, Archer. Slammin, dude.)

Anonymous | 3:23 PM

Not delurking.

Bell pepper
No kids yet

You haven't asked, but I'll tell you anyway:
I am a physicist.
The book I'm now reading is Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.
The music I'm listening in the car is David Bowie's.

Anonymous | 3:49 PM

hmm only bluepaintred and i are listing corn as our fav veggie- i thought it would be number one because it's the best. or maybe that's because i eat like a four year old. mac and cheese and corn is a fabulous dinner.

anyway, i have commented some before so i don't know if i have the right to be commenting now. but here goes- from Queens,NY, 3kids(12,10,3) haven't had a stroller in about 2 years (we walk 'em young here!) i found you through someone that had a link- can't remember who though. maybe that amber nicole chick? well i don't really read anyone else except for a couple of friends but you are on the top of my list everyday. i think you are hilarious and REAL(keepin real yo!)
i don't mind your mouth being open- i can't take a regular picture either. too intrusive maybe. just me and a smile would be too personal so i perform. then if it comes out bad well that's because i was making a face, not because i actually took a bad picture(oh the horror!) or maybe i'm just a clown, who knows? either way, love you and your blog. thanks for the fun. ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 4:01 PM

delurking. a friend of Skampy's. Met you and Archer a few times while visiting LA, but I was mostly hungover. Played a bit with Archer while Skamp was having a garage sale. Moved to Boston to be with the fiance and possibly have been bitten by baby rabies, maybe.

Anonymous | 4:19 PM

From: Massachusetts (south of Boston closer to Plymouth)
Wearing: my scrubs from work (ultrasound tech-so you are familiar with what I do)
Fav. veggie:butternut squash, green beans (french style-no actual beans)
No kids so no stroller.
Real cool cat though.

Been reading you since last summer. Think I clicked on link from Reluctant Housewife(also living in the wonderful state of Mass)

Have commented on several occasions so
I'm not actually de-lurking just chiming in again.

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

pssst. Auntie Bitty here, still in San Francisco. Hi. Lurking round GGC & BMC to keep up on my lil people and I heart your writing style and think you should be famous already.

Wearing: Headphones, its noisy at work today.

Eating: I dont think okra gets enough love, then again, its not very good. I like frost kissed artichokes.

No kids, so no stroller: But, Ive been looking at a chartreuse Bugaboo and matching parasol for myself. Why should they get to have all the fun. Commute-via-adult-stroller would rock - i work at the bottom of a hill!

The Mommy | 4:41 PM

Delurking although I think I may have commented once or twice before.
Where are you calling from? Mpls. MN

What are you wearing? Pajama pants and the sweater I wore to work.

Favorite vegetable? Cucumbers

What kind of Stroller do you drive? Had a Graco which has been collecting dust for awhile but will be resurrected in May

Come visit!


This is maybe the coolest thing ever. Thank you all!

Anonymous | 5:09 PM

seventy-six comments.

it's official. you're a big deal.

Anonymous | 5:11 PM

and i'm wearing nothing at all, baby.

or jeans and a red hoodie.

B | 5:18 PM

I feel like such a lameass at like number 80 here. Oh well. I comment now and again, but always read. My blog says "Seattle-ish" but I am up in Bellingham, WA. I am wearing tattered old holey American Eagle jeans and a long sleeve navy tee shirt and a vintage polyester scarf in my hair. Oh and my husband's gold toe socks. My ride is a fairly badass double navy Zooper. Slightly beefy wheels but no rims. And it's a bitch to turn.

Good times.

Anonymous | 5:38 PM

Your blog is tight!
Fairfield, CT
tshirt and yoga pants
have a bugaboo, use an umbrella
can we get a picture of your whip?

Her Bad Mother | 6:17 PM

This isn't really delurking, because I'm totlly public about my deep and abiding love for you, but I have been MIA for a while, so... HI! XOXO!

Anonymous | 6:26 PM

Unspecified location, sweats, lima beans, past stroller stage now but used to have a knock-off off-roading model ... it was sweet.

Anonymous | 7:06 PM

De-lurking from Vancouver,Canada to tell you that I have been loving your blog for the past year and have told just about everyone I know to read your amazing writing on life and tales of Archer. Thrilled at the double dose on Babble.

Jill | 7:07 PM

No spinners, but it's pimped out with a place to plug in the retro iPod mini. That's how we roll in Minneapolis.

Anonymous | 7:11 PM

Hi, it's Laura from Ottawa, Ontario. Read your blog daily. Wearing comfy pants and a blue sweater. No strollers anytime in the near future, though we do treat our blue Corolla with genuine neglect (suburbinites unite!). Favourite vegetable is rapini and green beans come in a close second. I don't even know what reems are--but I guess you could say I'm fat.

Either way, I've recommended your blog to friends, and linked to it on my own. I adore your honesty and enjoy your stories.

consider me officially de-lurked.

Chris | 7:24 PM

De-lurking from the NC. Jeans, t-shirt, flannel. Corn. A non-tricked-out MetroLite.

Chris | 7:27 PM

De-lurking from the NC. Jeans, t-shirt, flannel. Corn. A non-tricked-out MetroLite.

Chris | 7:29 PM

De-lurking from the NC. Jeans, t-shirt, flannel. Corn. A non-tricked-out MetroLite.


Chag = triple-threat = Awesome.

By the way, this is the coolest thing ever. I missed de-lurk day last year I think. Either that or I had no readers. Hmmm...

-A | 7:41 PM

Okay - so I'm like number 92 and I'm not technically a lurker, I don't think? I'm pretty sure I've said hi before.

I'm Angela from Nevada (but originally LA! I was born in the valley!). Wearing warm clothes, it's been snowing all day, the low tomorrow is going to be 6. Don't drive a stroller - except for whatever the families I work for have. Therefore, no spinners either - I'll let you know if I ever meet a family with spinners on their stroller!

Laura | 8:29 PM

LOVE your blog - You often describe exactly what I've been thinking (but not clever enough to write). And you've inspired me to start my own blog - desire to write was beaten out of me at Universiy. Twice.

Wearing Citizens, a sweater and fluffy pink slippers from Walmart (they're the BEST deal at $3.97 - highly recommended)

Drive a pimped out Peg with a coffee holder and cookie stained seat. No rims, rain covers are all the rage here...

Oh. And vegetables! I'm loving baked potatoes right now - with cottage cheese and hot sauce.

Does that count?

Laura | 8:32 PM

Oh - and I'm a creepy lurker from Vancouver, Canada- since last summer. Referred to you by another lurker friend from Vancouver.

Anonymous | 8:38 PM

Black. I'm wearing black. That's all I ever wear because I have no fashion sense. Good thing I rarely get out. I need a life (and a fashion consultant).

Have been enjoying your blog (and lurking) for about six months now.

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

Dialing in from the Canadian prairies, my favourite jeans and hoodie, mushrooms (do fungi count as vegetables?), Graco combo... no spinners, but have seriously considered rigging some handle bar streamers on there somehow!


Now THAT would be awesome.

Awesome Mom | 10:07 PM

Hi! I am typing this in Northern California, I am wearing my pjs, I like peas, I have four different strollers (a no name single umbrella, a McLaren double umbrella, a Graco single and a Graco double all of which were given to me or bought used).

Anonymous | 10:52 PM

He'ya! Been reading your blog since covered Hot Momma during her delivery to Saylor.

1. I'm not that far from you, San Diego
2. My PJ's - black pants & tank
3. All of them believe it or not
4. Chicco Cortina in Sahara
5. Huh?
6. Nope

Anonymous | 10:58 PM

Holy cow! I was told that if I became the 100th post, Girl's Gone Child would magically transform into Girl Gone Wild! I'm closing my eyes ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

Anonymous | 12:48 AM

Writing from öland, just outside the inner east coast of Sweden. :)

Currently wearing, black jeans, the belt i graduated in (just realized that, so sad.), white t-shirt. My favourite underwear! Its like... um... all flowery and stuff.

Favourite vegetable, carrots. Yes. I am in fact a bunny.

Strollers! My god, not there yet. I think ill fins me a lady first, then i might consider a stroller. Walking is so last year.

Anonymous | 6:38 AM

I'm from Finland, am wearing a long green cardigan over a black t-shirt, and jeans, my favourite vegetable is... hmm, paprika. And I don't drive any kind of a Stroller since I don't have anything to put into it. Reems? Not phat at all?

I like your blog a lot, even though I don't have a child (some seem to think it makes no sense to read this sort of a blog if you don't have a child of your own. Pfft). You're such a good writer, you've managed to move me to tears many times.

Anonymous | 6:41 AM

Decloaking from Houston, and we share the name Rebecca.

Cloaking device reactivating...

Anonymous | 6:57 AM

Hi, I've been hooked since you covered for hot momma. My son is a few months older than Archer, and is quite a character. You're blog has reduced me to tears on several occassions, as well as inspired me to take time, and enjoy my little guy, to experience new things with him, and to just enjoy being, the way that he does. Thank you. You are an amazing writer, and I expect to hear good things from you and about you.

Let's see, I'm in Burlington Vermont, where it's okay to breast feed, unless you're on an air plane (that little event occurred down the street from my home, I hung my head in shame and couldn't believe it). I'm currently wearing a suit with ten year old paint splattered sneakers (public defender hoofing it to court), and my favorite vegatable is broccolli, Joseph, my small man, is a fan of red peppers. He cruises in a diesel jogger with 15ish inch rims, no spinners, but the tires have made it up mountains, so in VT, where I have yet to actually see tires with spinners, these are the next best thing.

Thanks for doing what you do, I have often felt like we are long lost friends, and definately kindred spirits.

Anonymous | 7:21 AM

1. Raleigh, NC
2. Clothes...what clothes (i'm at work, duh) JK
3. Brussel Sprouts (i know i'm a dork)
4. Don't drive a stroller
5. Not even a parent
6. But still love GGC & Straight From the Bottle
7. There is no 7, is there?

Rebecca, love your blog and Archer. (more pics please)

Beck | 9:29 AM

I'm Beck and stumbled across your website through hotmommagossip. I clicked on your picture because I thought you had a great haircut!

I'm in London, have no children, and enjoy reading your blog because it's wonderfully articulate and funny.

I love sugar snap peas and my lovely lady bike has the PHATTEST reems you can imagine.

Anonymous | 9:33 AM

from: NYC; wearing: my pathetic attempt at causal business (i call it bum business); veg: onions; stroller: none;
i love this blog, i think you are really awesome & i totally love ur attitude towards life and ppl; ur raising such an adorable, intelligent, special little boy (i love his clothes). i think he is the cutest boy ever :) i love to see someone who has so much passion in themselves who can also have a family & not lose any of themselves in the process; u r truly an inspiration; i think many women have a hidden fear of "balancing" family vs. career vs. life and i'm glad to see someone out there that's doing it and showing us it can be done. rock on

PunditMom | 9:49 AM

Not usually a lurker, but as for my favorite veggie -- anything BUT brussel sprouts!

Anonymous | 10:35 AM

Delurking from Maryland to say I read your blog every day and think you're a fantastic writer. Currently wearing jeans (casual Fridays at work = best thing ever), drinking coffee, and procrastinating on editing several reports. Archer and my son are about the same age, and I love your descriptions of his adventures and development. I also greatly appreciate and share your sentiment that each child comes into his own in his own time. Thank you for your thoughtful, honest writing. -Ellery

Anonymous | 10:52 AM

Hi GGC, I've been lurking around your blog for about 4 months - your so funny!

I live in Northern VA, am wearing jeans and a hoodie, I love almost all vegtebles -no kidding. I'm past the stroller phase. My oldest is 12 but I'm only 33 so I can totally relate to all your young momisms. I no longer get called the 'nanny' I'm the older sister. No spinners in my day...

Anonymous | 11:35 AM

I am a wannabe midwife & I've read your blog since it was all about shoes...

I live in England & love courgettes & am stroller-less. I have an 11 month old cat who whon't wear her lead, never mind climb in a stroller.

I wish I had met people like you when I lived in the US Rebecca. I only seemed to meet right wingers! We are friends on myspace... but not in 'real life' :)

Binky | 12:12 PM

I'm not a lurker, but I'm usually late to the party. Connecticut. A Miracle Bra. Broccoli. A Britax or a jogger from a company I cannot recall. Not phat at all. No, but wouldn't it be flashy if I did.

Anonymous | 12:19 PM

Hi, Elizabeth from Lansing Michigan, I'm wearing jeans and a sweater,I like steamed green peas, and we have a Graco LiteRider and a Cosco umbreller stroller. No rims or spinners, just a bunch of those linking rings holding a butterfly toy and a teething ring.

I love your blog and wish I had been reading it from the beginning. Archer is adorable!!

Anonymous | 12:44 PM

haha! someone mentioned your cool haircut and it's funny because when i first came to your blog you had all these pictures of you looking at yourself (playing with your mac?) and i was really diggin it because i have thick bangs too. i had just cut them into side bangs and was wondering if i had done the right thing since yours were so striking! i thought a lot about how not many people have front bangs (except for all the girls in kindergarten) and maybe i should put mine back to the front. i didn't but i cut my side bangs shorter. more choppy, less mischa barton. i hate to have the same hair as everyone else. and now i see that all the stars are wearing front bangs. hmmm, coincidence? or do they read GGC too??? ~jjlibra

Fairly Odd Mother | 1:08 PM

Love your blog to pieces. I'm a momma to three kiddos between the ages of 2-6, so I usually read your posts and then get around to commenting after you have moved on to another topic!

I'm in Massachusetts, wearing tan cords, black sweater and black Converse Chuck Taylors. Favorite vegetable is either edamame or asparagus. Almost done with strollers but now using a Graco umbrella when necessary. Nothing cool about it.

Glad to see that you have gotten lots of love this week!

Anonymous | 2:38 PM

I've been reading since PTSF (a friend of yours turned me on, and I've been addicted ever since.) You're writing is truly a gift.
Me? San Diego
Wearing? Office clothes (ick!) as comfy as possible.
Veggie? The 'choke. (as in artichoke)
Stoller? None yet. I tote my niece around in her McLaren. Personally, not too impressed.
Definitely no invisible audience, don't worry! I'm sure you have quite a fan club.
Thanks for sharing about your life and Archer....he's beautiful. (yes, beautiful!)

Anonymous | 5:19 PM

de-lurking? but lurking is so fun....

1. pasadena, ca (so cal in the hiz-ouse)
2. first trimester green cords from target, nursing tank, grey hoodie (hey man, whatever fits)
3. avocado
4. bugaboo (it was a gift, i swear!)

Anonymous | 5:29 PM

damn, i hate when i type in my first name and my whole name comes up and i don't realize it..... i'm now revealed as a total computer idiot. see? i should really stick to lurking.

Unknown | 7:13 PM

1. I'm giving my shout out from Little Rock, AR.
2. I am wearing jeans and a stinky t-shirt that I worked out in, but my underwear are clean.
3. Asparagus because it tastes good, goes with everything, and makes your pee smell.
4. Mcclaren something and a Chariot cougar 2 that I LOVE. If there was ever something to put spinner on, it would be that.
5. Saab 16" Honda 15"
6. No spinners, but the mr. knew the answer to how big the rims were.

Anonymous | 7:28 PM

1. My fave Diesel black jeans. I thought they were way expensive at the time but they were totally worth it.

2. Roasted Brussells sprouts with a little bacon and hazlenuts.

3. Boys are 8, 8 and 11 so all strollers are gone! I just trip over balls, bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc all day.


kittenpie | 8:46 PM

not really delurking when I'm here all the time, but a hello from Toronto to you!

Anonymous | 8:54 PM

I've had a little trouble accessing your new and improved site, so I'm so excited it worked tonight!

1. Portland, OR
2. Sweats and a flecece top (this is OK, this is what we wear up here in the land of getting-ready-for-a-hike style)
3. Artichokes, avocadoes (but is that a fruit?)
4. Lame stroller
5. reems? rims?
6. No spinners unfortunately

Anonymous | 10:34 PM

Late with this - chronic lurker on all blogs I read.
Wearing v old cargo pants with holes in the knees, black Bonds T-shirt, veg preferences vary depending on mood but baked pumpkin and fried mushrooms are always well received. Stroller? Urmmmm, Valco, but most often use a v lightweight brandless $30 job (3 yr old doesn't often need a stroller now). Live on the other side of the world (spinners?) - love your writing : )

joker the lurcher | 11:21 PM

i think a stroller is like a pushchair or buggy maybe? if so i never got the hang of driving one so my son was in a backpack until he could walk (luckily his was and still is very skinny!).

hi from the lurking lurcher!

Anonymous | 9:42 AM

Brooke from BC Canada here (we call it NoCal, as in California North) A lurker on your blog for about 6 months or so. Just turned 29, expecting 3rd child in April(a girl after 2 boys and scared shitless!) The boys ride an E3-Phil and Ted's are the makers. I can push a 5.5 year old, a 2.5 year old and my huge belly in the sand at the beach in that mutha!
Have to tell you that this is my very favourite daily read. No guff. Favourite. If I were smarter and more articulate and had managed to retain my coolness desite the nursing bra's etc--I would share your voice. You write for me-all the things I wish I could've said so well. Those letters to Archer? So Money! Like I totallly was thinking that! You're so brave, strong and an amazing role model for your child. I really admire you. Wanna know a little secret? At the risk of seeming totally geeked out--it's my first New Year's resolution--To be just a little more me. Just like Bec is. I've been a little lost in the mummy bit and started to act like, to become, what I thought a mum should be, got lost there a little. (easy to do when you no longer listen to E40-it's now your bra size!!) I am gonna be me again-thanks GGC!!

Anonymous | 1:22 PM

oh i missed this one! i kind of delurked for your LA post. i read you regularly and i love it.
calling from echo park, wearing jeans and an old blue hoodie, no stroller because of no baby. please take it as a testament to your fine writing that someone who has no baby, probably will not for several years, and possibly may never, still finds this blog great.

ewe are here | 1:46 PM

1. The U.K.
2. Sweats and oversized shirt (quite pregnant with no. 2 at the moment!)
3. Butternut squash
4. MacLaren; but will be ordering a Phil & Ted's for two this week. ;0)

What's a spinner?

Anonymous | 7:27 PM

Hello, I not only read your blog all of the time, but I make my boyfriend listen to me talk about your newest post and why it made me laugh or cry or relate...

Anonymous | 7:27 PM

Late again, as usual! I'm Kellie, coming from Birminham, Alabama.
I like most veggies; but you can't beat fried green tomatoes!
The kids 3 and 2 have just ditched the stroller. Thank God!
I love your blog; but it makes my day when I see your hiakus!!!! You're awesome girl!!

Mom101 | 7:28 PM

I'm a bitch with a Bug, BAY-BEEEE.

And my, look at all the love here! Maybe people should delurk more often?

Anonymous | 8:46 PM

Well I'm coming to this late but the kid has had fever. I'm from L.A. but we live in Austin now. I'm a writer, but I used to work in film. Miss LA, loved it, hated it, now I read your blog.

I have the two and one graco stroller thing and the haters stared me down too. I don't give a rat's ass- I know that my graco would beat them in stroller crash derbies.

Gina | 10:43 PM

I'm here, always lurking around! Wow, look at how many "words" you got on this one!!!

Anonymous | 8:39 PM

Just catching up on all the blogs I missed during the holidays. I rarely rarely ever comment (I know I should change that!) but wanted to de-lurk on at least ONE site (shush don't tell Chag or Lindsey). And you're my favorite. =) Anyways, Amber here from Reno, loving asparagus (just had some with dinner tonight), wearing red fleece pants with Ho Ho Ho written in red and green, pink tank (no, I'm not colorblind) fleece pullover, and tiger slippers with claws (our heater went out and it is 48 degrees in the NEW house!). No stroller yet as kids are not in the picture (next year) but I totally would have spinners!

Anyways, love love your writing. Fresh and inspiring! I try to have coffee with you every morning (or wine every night).

Take care!

S.T. | 10:10 PM

Adding to the lurker love, here. I'm a most-of-the-time lurker, sometimes commenter from Sweet Home Alabama. I'm wearing a blue/black/green/white striped turtleneck with a black sweater over it, purple polka-dotted flannel pants and socks. (It's 40 degrees outside right now at 12:08 am on Thursay 1/18 which is considered downright frigid in the deep south.) My fave veggie is yellow (aka summer) squash.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

Lurking from IL.
I truly do not remember how I found you...Oh yeah...when Hot Momma was THE HOT MOMMA!
Anyhow...I love your writing. Keep it up.

whatthekel | 10:24 PM

Hi, Kelli from Eugene, Oregon. I'm wearing some super-hot 4 year old pajamas that my 19 month old son loves to pull the drawstrings on constantly, so they are fashionably ratty.
Fave veggie=peas, especially straight from the garden. My son Avery=not so much, unless random sawdust or lint balls count. Fiber, right? Oh, and chewing corners of pages from books, of course.
We both have a passion for books which rocks, now if only I could read something grown up!
Love your site, laughed out loud many a time when it was well needed. You inspired me to start my own, and hopefully all those years I spent writing will be reclaimed.
Rock on Mama!

Hvany | 5:14 PM

Nelly from Austin, Texas
I'm wearing green clothes. I do not like vegetables, oh wait, I like carrots. I have a double stroller for my boys.