C'est La Vie

I wanted to quickly bring the lights up. Because after my last post and the stillness these last couple of days, there is new reason to dress up and be among friends.

Tomorrow one of my best friends gets married. And I am full of happiness for her and her husband-to-be. And I am excited to be a part of her day (and also excited that my gown is long and beautiful and hides most of my uneven and totally shitty spray-on tan... P.S. A Mystic Tan Haiku will follow in the upcoming days, I assure you.)

I have no idea what the meaning of life is or why the hell we're here, bumping into each other, falling in love, dying unexpectedly, learning, healing, puking from stomach flu, dancing on tables drunk. But it is clear to me, time and time again, that happiness and healing depends on good friends. And family. And when it comes to support and love and good people, I am a cazillionare. And sometimes it takes emotionally overwhelming weeks to really see that.

For the record I'd take a life of highs and lows over (a life of) mediums any old day.

Because finding the balance is what we are all trying to do. In love and parenthood and marriage and ourselves. And everything else that doesn't fall into one of those categories.

And so black dresses get dropped off at the dry cleaners to make way for white gowns. And although the ones we love, who have passed far too soon, will never be forgotten, neither will the overwhelming need and want to move on. To get back in the game. To be okay. To dance with best friends. In garden-weddings, under leafless trees and stars a trillion miles away.

And tomorrow we will. Tripping and punch-drunk in our golden shoes and brown matching gowns. With drinks in our hands and laughter shared. In false eyelashes, with real friends.

And so I tip my glass to those both here and passed on, the angels and the demons and the ghosts of yesterday.

To tomorrow!

Thankful to be alive.

To friendship!

To witness one of my favorite women in the world marry her perfect match, as her beautiful daughter trips down the isle before us.

To love!

To the coming together of old and new friends, and the strangers, too, if they promise to join me on the dance floor.

To life!

... A Life which is fucked-up and unfair and beautiful and blessed. Totally and completely blessed.




Anonymous | 7:23 AM

Somehow I knew you were a cazillionaire. You just exude that rich (with friends) quality.

Have fun this weekend. It's interesting that the cycles of life seem to be making their way through your life in such short bursts of time. I'm glad we all get to read about them. Makes us think about something greater than ourselves for a few minutes.

Anonymous | 7:40 AM

Have fun in my neck of the woods- it's going to be a beautiful day! I'll keep my eye out for a mystic-tan hottie...oh wait, that's everyone around here. Oh well.

Bringing Up Ben | 8:57 AM


PS - A Mystic Tan in January? You're brave! ;)

Anonymous | 3:40 PM

Cheers! from a stranger who would meet you on the dance floor anyday.

life is like a giant dance floor. sometimes the music is great and you feel like you can dance forever. sometimes it really sucks and you just want to get off as quickly as you can. when it picks back up and you hear your jam (that's my JAM!)you get right back out there. and the best dancing is with friends. although i have been known to dance alone. but that's not nearly as much fun. ~jjlibra

Namito | 5:54 PM

Salud, grrl.

Gorgeous pictures. I envy you your friendships. I don't think those kind of bonds happen very often.

At least, not in my experience. But maybe that's just me being pathetic.

Oh well. C'est La fuckin Vie.

Anonymous | 6:03 PM

hey bec! Hope you have an amazing time tonight!! xoxo. Tell Larry and Wendy hello! See you tomorrow night!

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

super duper (how geeky of me!) photo of you and your equally beautiful friend, you two exude happiness and true friendship, way cool. Have a blast this weekend and congrats to your friend!
sending happy thoughts your way

Anonymous | 12:03 AM




Her Bad Mother | 5:26 AM

Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

After your terrible days - after feeling so close to the bone how fucked life can be - I'm so glad that you feel THIS. Because, yes.

Lisa | 8:44 AM

Ahh the fucked up Mystic tan. I HATE those things.

I hope the wedding is wonderful. And that's a lovely photo!

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

thanks bec for a wonderful post. we feel like cazillionaires too since you and arch blessed our lives. love you, ecgs

Anonymous | 11:21 AM

totally beautiful post, yet again. thanks

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

I can raise my glass to that! Cheers!

PunditMom | 7:52 AM

GGC, Thanks, again, for your wonderful words and thoughts that help keep me grounded.

It is so easy for me to be overly focused on the little things that make life annoying, and I overlook all the wonderfulness I have and that is around me. This post is getting taped up next to my computer (where I unfortunately spend too much time).

Thank you, thank you.

Anonymous | 10:29 AM

another open-mouth pic :)

have fun at the wedding! I think your description of life in this post was about as spot-on as possible. Fucked up yet awesome. (life, not the description.)