Four Legs are Better Than Two...

... Because unlike people (especially toddlers) dogs welcome all attention, even if it's the kind of attention that requires being smothered with pillows and kissed on the jowls.

*Note the extreme book/puzzle collection all over the floor/couch. It didn't take long for Archer to take over my parent's house as well.



merseydotes | 11:57 AM

That is an ADORABLE video. Baby and boy, both too cute for words.

I looooove watching Petunia (daughter) with Lilah (dog). The hugs around the neck are the sweetest thing to watch. Maybe it's because the kid and the dog stand at the same height???

Bluepaintred | 12:48 PM

thats so cute, but everytime i hear your voice it freaks me out. SO not what I expect you to sound like!!

id kiss that pup too..and maybe a belly scratch


Oh man! Whenever I hear my voice it freaks me out, too. I HATE my voice. I sound like I'm twelve.

Anonymous | 1:07 PM

You have an extremely patient dog!

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

awww. cute overload!!! more baby/doggie videos please :)

Anonymous | 1:21 PM i love the video! and cooper and archer! And your voice is soooo hot becca. wowee.

Emery Jo | 2:21 PM

im all choked up and giggly from the cuteness.

Also, I agree: your voice is different than I thought it would be. I have a friend who looks sortof like you and has a husky voice, so that's what I always thought you'd have. Strange how we assume like that.

Anywho- your voice is lovely and your son is lovely and your dog is the coolest doggie ever.

joker the lurcher | 2:27 PM

i love this film! in the uk we have had some bad things with dogs attacking children so it is lovely to see a nice relationship like this one!

Anonymous | 3:28 PM

Aaaw he's so nice. It makes me want to have some really amazing dogs by the time my kids come along too!

And I LIKE your voice. I can't wait for the audio version of your book. :D

motherbumper | 4:51 PM

We are so going to try to bury the cats in pillows tomorrow when Bumper gets up! Bump makes all the same noises and kisses and rubs with one of our cats and seeing Archer do it, just made my heart burst. And dude, you totally sound like me on that video - WEIRD.

Wendy | 5:47 PM

I say your dog deserves a medal or maybe most dogs are like this with kids. Our Beagle just sits there when the kids pull on his tail and ears. I save him most of the time, even though I would love it if he lived somewhere else.

The cat is a totally different story and Sam has the scratches to prove it.

Shannon | 6:12 AM

That is very cute, I have been reading you for a couple of weeks now and really enjoying it; you have a nice fresh perspective. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Anonymous | 6:17 AM

So cute. I love his sounds.


Cooper is the most patient dog. Boxers, man. They're A-MAZING with kids. The two of them are together 24-7. BFF.

Shel | 12:14 PM

that dog seriously rocks. he must love archer as much as archer loves him. SO CUTE!!!

Keri | 5:34 PM

I'm Deaf so your voice doesn't bother me. ;) Archer is so adorable! I love seeing young kids with pets. Our dogs are soooo patient with Lochlan who is forever lounging on them. I just posted pics of him doing that yesterday. =)

Anonymous | 11:00 PM

Golly he's sweet! Just love that pup you've got too! You raise mild kiddos, GGC!