Photo of the Week



Mom101 | 9:27 AM

Perfect in every way. Thalia is getting giggly just thinking about seeing him again.

Bluepaintred | 10:32 AM

Archer is da Bomb!

love the action shot with his blurred hand

toyfoto | 1:42 PM

That is a boy on a mission! You can almost hear the theme music.

Jonathon Morgan | 2:22 PM

you take totally awesome pictures of archer. i love this one.

motherbumper | 4:39 PM

He looks so mature and determined. He is such a great guy, Bumper is smitten.

Anonymous | 4:48 PM

God, you sure do have the cutest kid in the universe!

Wendy | 5:59 PM

I dont understand why anyone would say he doesnt look like you. I can totally see you in him, especially with your Straight from the Bottle picture so close to this picture.

Love the photo.

Anonymous | 6:26 PM

hey! i know those digs! lil dood is sportin the latest in sweedish chic a la auntie d-hole! lilhipster is the beyond adorableness.

Leigh C. | 8:27 AM

What a cutie pie. He is on the move. Watch out, world...