Tommee T's The Day Baby Was Born & Giveaway

*updated with winner, below*
Fable's feet, hours old

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine at Tommee Tippee launched a new web app called "The Day Baby was Born" which they asked me to share with you guys. It's a really cool way to create a digital Baby Book for those of you, who like me, suck at them and most other things crafty, and because I think Tommee Tippee rules (they recently sent us a huge bottle + breastfeeding care package for the babes), I wanted to return the favor and introduce you guys to their cool (free) baby-book maker for the mamas-to-be in the house. (And no, I was not compensated for this post.)

A few (sob!) snaps from the days my babies were born:

Archer, moments after his birth, May 23rd, 2005


Fable Luella: 10 Minutes Old
Fable, moments after her birth, October 2nd, 2008: (birth story, here and here.)
Cuddle Bug

Awesome. To find out more, go here. In the meantime, I have a kick-ass giveaway today, care of Tommee Tippee for a new and/or expecting mama. Behold a newborn feeding care package that will include the following items:


ED: I realize some of you are anti-formula, so if you should win this giveaway and want to switch out the formula dispenser for something else, we can make that happen fo sho. I plan to mainly supplement with formula this time around because I have little choice in the matter but totally understand and respect the "breast is best"ers. Moving on!

To win all of the above? Tell me when your baby is due (or when he/she was born)... Or you can just tell me about your day. How is your day? Mine? I'll be honest. Stressful. I'm stressing the fuck out. I'm pacing around the house like a dog before an earthquake, staring at photos of my kids as newborns and crying like an insane person.
Archer, one day old
Hip Hop Fable
Fable, one day old

...But more on that later. In the meantime, go forth! And win an awesome giveaway! And don't forget to include your email address! As for me? I'm going to attempt some prenatal yoga to help mellow my harsh.


ed: winner to be chosen via next Thursday, September 8th


Updated: Congrats to commenter #401, Leslie! And thank you all for participating in this giveaway! Best of luck and much love to all!



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Jennifer | 4:36 AM

i'm 16 weeks pregnant and due January 25th. so excited!

Blaine Family | 5:49 AM

My number two is due on March 6thish. Today is just yucky. I sent my boys away so I could stay in bed all day...

Becka Robinson | 6:59 AM

Our first boy is due Feb 1st. :) I'm almost at the halfway mark!

Kacy | 7:26 AM

Trying to win for my sister her baby is due in november

Sarie | 8:05 AM

My youngest son was born on 1/11/11 at 28 weeks due to my needing emergency heart surgery for a dissecting aneurysm (think what killed John Ritter and Lucille Ball). Jonah (my son) was 2 lbs 12 oz. I was unable to see him for 2 days since I was kinda out of it after my surgery. He spent 61 days in the NICU. Today he is almost 8 months old (5 months adjusted) and is 16 pounds and screeching up a storm. We call him Screech. LOL He's doing great (as am I).

Sarie | 8:06 AM

My youngest son was born on 1/11/11 at 28 weeks due to my needing emergency heart surgery for a dissecting aneurysm (think what killed John Ritter and Lucille Ball). Jonah (my son) was 2 lbs 12 oz. I was unable to see him for 2 days since I was kinda out of it after my surgery. He spent 61 days in the NICU. Today he is almost 8 months old (5 months adjusted) and is 16 pounds and screeching up a storm. We call him Screech. LOL He's doing great (as am I).

Sarie | 8:08 AM

oops forgot my email address

Sarah Koch-Schiller | 8:50 AM

Our baby is due 9/26/11. The idea of four more weeks is beginning to feel like four more years. Will this pregnancy ever end?! We are through the roof excited to meet our first child!

Brooke | 9:14 AM

I'm due October 25 with baby number three...from three separate pregnancies. I don't know how you're doing it with two! Your humor and wit keep me coming back to see how it's going. Home stretch, girl!

Anonymous | 9:17 AM

Our baby girl, Mae Lavender, was born one week ago today! All the best to you and your super cute fam.

Swankyloma | 9:44 AM

My name is Paloma and I am in my 9th month. My daughter's due date is September 26, 2011. She will be my first child and I am so excited for the day when I can hold her in my arms and rest her head on my chest.

I have been following your blog for years and from what I have seen you are an amazing writer and mother. On many an occasion you have made me laugh and/or cry. You are an inspiration. I wish you and your family all the best.

cassandradawn | 9:56 AM

Our bebe is due May 9, 2012 - we just found out yesterday! Today I recalled seeing a post about the pregnancy journal, so I thought I'd check it out.

Michaela | 10:10 AM

I'm not pregnant, but my friend is and would love this! My own 2 were born June 2007 and Oct 2009. Maybe there's room for 1 more...

NodToStyle | 10:57 AM

i would love to win this for my sister, who is due the day after thanksgiving!

Olga Michelle | 11:32 AM

We are having a second baby boy and he is due on 12/29.

Blair | 12:01 PM

Hi Rebecca!
I am due to have a c-section tuesday, Septemebr 6th!

I hope the yoga helped. I am freaking the eff out myself :)

blairvigil at gmail dot com

Thanks for the give-away! Your the best!

Althea | 12:19 PM

Love the giveaway, as I always do. Today started out fantastic and is ending up in the shitter. I'm super pissed about people doing dumb passive shit.
Can you TELL that I have no one to vent to?

Nothing at all against Archer, but Fable is the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen.

I'm so excited for this stage in your family's life.

The Wanton Empire | 12:27 PM

Forgot to include my email address! Our baby girl is due December 24th. She will be the best Christmas present ever! I love watching your progress, and I can't wait until your twins are here.

eerousse at valdosta dot edu

Annie | 12:53 PM

October 15th! A girl.

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 1:07 PM

I LOVE their bottles. I only have 2 bottles. My 2nd daughter is due September 25th. I'm not planning on breast feeding...AT ALL!! My other daughter is 2. I'm doing my best to enjoy her as an "only" right now before she becomes a sister.
Have a great weekend. Go team babies!!!

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 1:09 PM

What's wrong with me?! Forgot my email.

samantha | 1:22 PM

My son was born 3-3-08. Five weeks early, and on the 24th anniversary of my father's death. Pretty big day.

Samanthajocampen at gmail

Deb | 3:44 PM

I'm due March 12th!

MeganAConversation | 3:45 PM

I currently have a sink of dishes whispering for me to wash them. They haven't stopped harassing me all day! I just got done fishing on the river and am feeling like my body is healthier just from breathing the beginning of Minnesota fall air. I am due with my twin girls December 28th-but that is my 'fake' date. My twin date in November 28th. I find myself checking your blog weekly (i'm not a typical blog follower) because a string of friends recommended I would enjoy your words. As it turns out I do. Its been nice watching your journey just a couple weeks ahead of mine.

MeganAConversation | 3:48 PM

I currently have a sink of dishes whispering for me to wash them. They haven't stopped harassing me all day! I just got done fishing on the river and am feeling like my body is healthier just from breathing the beginning of Minnesota fall air. I am due with my twin girls December 28th-but that is my 'fake' date. My twin date in November 28th. I find myself checking your blog weekly (i'm not a typical blog follower) because a string of friends recommended I would enjoy your words. As it turns out I do. Its been nice watching your journey just a couple weeks ahead of mine.

bethie | 4:17 PM

Just found out that I'm pregnant! Due May 15th!

Devan | 4:32 PM

I'm due with twins (girls!!) on November 17th. A little scared (not gonna lie) but excited beyond belief!!

Unknown | 4:47 PM

great giveaway! our baby is due on dec 5.

it's saturday, so the day is lazying along :) we're off to goodwill to buy some giant mens t-shirts that i can mutilate into maternity shirts!

oasispaw at gmail dot com

Tracey R. | 5:06 PM

December 21st and SOOOO excited!! (1st baby). What an awesome giveaway!

tbalbo19 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Kristen | 5:33 PM

Due January 20, 2012!

Deb and Mike | 5:57 PM

Granddaughter due New Year's time! (kit looks interesting...)

Anna | 6:24 PM

My day is stressful as well: house hunting!

Melis | 6:58 PM

I'm due November 13 with our SURPRISE! #3 baby girl.


Anonymous | 7:39 PM

My best guess is May... What an amazing giveaway! Ccnnlly7548 at gmail dot com

lv | 8:13 PM

my day is going "ok", but it would be FANTASTIC if i could win this prize pack for my lovely besty who is prego with her first babe!

Mandy | 8:14 PM

Due February 5, 2012, with baby #2! Our daughter was born July 2009.

mjryates at gmail dot com

Amanda | 11:49 PM

My son was born on February 24th. I am one blessed momma.

kidderkat | 3:11 AM

I just found out I am pregnant with our first! I'm due around the beginning of May 2012 and would love to win!

Email is kmkidder at yahoo.

Thank you!

Anonymous | 4:11 AM

Our little guy or lady is due 1.5.12!

Jackiemarie | 5:39 AM

I'm due October 27, but hoping for just a little sooner!

~april | 7:03 AM

thanks for the giveaway. baby boy #2 is due jan 19. my day today just started (with french toast-with pureed spinach in the egg mix, maple syrup mixed with greek yogurt) so here's hoping it will eb better than tomorrow. 1st date night since dec is tonight. it better be good!

CRUARK | 7:16 AM

Our first baby will be here around January 22, 2012! We're excited and only slightly terrified.

Amy | 9:23 AM

April 19 and I'm freaking out. Unplanned baby #2. My first? I went in for my checkup and they didn't let me go home. Before I knew it I was admitted. That kind of helped ease some of the stress but it was quite a long day. Pitocin, an epidural, and thirteen hours later, my daughter was born.

Rachel Louise | 11:51 AM

Oh wow, amazing giveaway! My identical baby girls are due in mid-December, or around the 38 week mark, optimistically. I'm edging in on 24 weeks, and starting to feel really huge and slightly nervous about the three month stretch in front of me. Reading your blog keeps me sane, and I feel like we're commiserating from opposite coasts. Much love, dear!

Mrs. S | 12:38 PM

April 13th

Waiting for my ultrasound to find out if my crazy nausea is due to twins!! They run in the family, but I'm hoping to luck out again with a singleton!!

Mrs. S | 12:40 PM

April 13th
waiting for an ultrasound to find out if the insane nausea if being caused by twins. They run in the family, but I'm hoping for another singleton!

meagan | 1:16 PM

Etd 9/29/11 day has been stressful! Hubby is sick and kids want to play...housework needs to be done waaah

Amanda | 2:10 PM

My son was born on February 24, 2011. I am a very blessed momma!

Abby G | 2:38 PM

I just had baby #2 5 months ago. We didnt find out the gender, again, and this is our favorite part of labor and delivery... such a rush!

abbygli at hotmail dot com

Janet | 2:38 PM

This is a fantastic giveaway! I am due on March 21st with our first child after a year of fertility treatments. I would love to have this set, it looks fantastic!!

K | 3:12 PM

I'm due at the end of December (first pregnancy, third child - older two came to us through adoption). I would love to win!

prvbs308 at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 4:15 PM

I'm due Sept 10, my daughter turned 2 on Aug 30 and my son starts middle school on Sept 6, also hubby's birthday. I thankfully stopped officially working last Tuesday, but as a litigation attorney the emails and worrying never really stop.
I love your weekly pregnancy posts, they make me laugh and I'm amazed and inspired by how well you manage your life.

mvitag133 at yahoo dot com

Berit | 6:15 PM

My baby is due January 29th, 2012. Can't wait to meet her!

Amy | 6:25 PM

This is fantastic! I have a son born Nov. 2009 and we are trying to get pregnant with our second.

Sending peaceful vibes your way!! I hope everything goes smoothly and safely for you and R&B when they are ready :-)

Amber @ Backwards Life | 6:25 PM

What an amazing giveaway! I'm due with my 2nd March 3rd. We actually JUST bought a few of their bottles (shhhh my 2.5 year old still likes one before sleep HEHE). I LOVE THEM! I would use the hell out of that newborn set for sure :-)

Beth | 6:27 PM

I'm due with my first March 4!

harper.elisabeth @

Brice Somers | 6:44 PM

Cool giveaway! I have a baby due February 22, 2012 (my hubby's b-day!). This is baby #5 and a total shocker. We thought our family was complete with kids aged 7, 6, 2.5, and barely 1. Three kids in three years is tripping me out! Yoga is definitely in order. Daily.

morgan_somers at gmail dot com

stargazermama | 7:06 PM

I am crossing all of my crossables that I will be able to concieve next month! My son is 26 months old and I cannot wait to make him a big brother. he loves him some baby! p.s. so excited to see your new baby girls! eeeeeep.

Abi | 7:19 PM

I'm due Sept 21st with our third baby. Everything hurts. She is punching my lady bits like its her job.

Chelsea | 7:24 PM

my babe was just born last month and that new born set would rock my socks off.

kendall | 8:25 PM

Great giveaway! My baby man was born June 24. And my day has been stinky too. Yoga sounds good.

Margo | 8:31 PM

Hello! My baby is due April 18- we're newly pregnant with our second and I'm already fully engulfed excitement, wonder and a bit of fear. I love your blog and am excited to see pictures of R&B!

Margo | 8:34 PM

I'm due April 18- we're newly pregnant with our second and I'm already fully engulfed with excitement, wonder, and a bit of fear. I love your blog and can't wait to see picture of R&B!

Kila Bell | 8:39 PM

PS my email is

April | 8:43 PM

Well, I'm hoping my due date will be 9 months from last Sunday, but we'll see!

(my email address is under the URL!)

ithinkpink | 8:50 PM

I am not pregnant yet (that I know of), but we are trying! I LOVE these bottles! Oh my goodness they are great!

BTW... my captcha is "scrova"... does that mean it will be a boy??? Ha.

ithinkpink at rocketmail dot com

Katie | 8:51 PM

Due March 28th and ready to be past the sick trimester. I think a win would totally ease the nausea.
katrina dot glazier at gmail dot com

Meg | 8:51 PM

No due date for me yet, but I'm praying I get to have one in the near future. My daughter's due date was 11/11 and she was born on 11/12. I'm not into numbers, but there's something pretty awesome about that birthday.


Jen McCully | 10:21 PM

Well, I had my 2nd baby boy 5 months ago - but a very special girlfriend of mine is due January 7 and I would love to win this for her!

Anonymous | 11:51 PM

I heard a lovely name that made me think of you today: Kestrel. Was that ever on any of your lists?

helen mclynn | 6:12 AM

hey rebecca this is a great giveaway - I'm due 25 january 2012, two days after my birthday but not getting too excited as my first was eleven days over so could well be looking at february!

seg | 6:40 AM

Great giveaway! My baby is due March 8th, 2012. It is my FOURTH baby. I have 3 sons and have to admit, while boys are wonderful, I am hoping for a sweet baby girl this time. I won't find out until mid October and couldn't be more impatient to know!

saraegraham at gmail dot com

Hannah Jane | 9:32 AM

I too am far from crafty so thank you for posting about this! I'm having twins as well an am due December 21st, but we're guessing they'll come aroun thanksgiving. I love your blog!

Katherine Vargas | 9:34 AM

awesome giveaway! thank you for the opportunity. my baby is due late feb/early march

Anonymous | 9:38 AM

Expecting our first baby this november (trying not to focus too much on the date) and are hoping for a home birth. But our midwife unexpectantly just pulled out for personal reasons, so trying to connect with another one.... Very frustrating to be doing this so late! :(

michelle maria | 10:08 AM

we are expecting our first baby in november (trying not to focus on the date too much!) :) i am sure this giveaway would come in very handy! :)

Caitlin | 10:33 AM

I'm due November 3 with #2. Things are so wiggly around here, it's definitely getting hard to sleep!

Becca | 12:26 PM

I'm due December 29th.

P.S. I'm totally poaching all of your nursery ideas!!

Kehler | 3:45 PM

Baby is due in February!! Love this giveaway!!!

Alyssa | 4:15 PM

My baby was born Jan 13th this year!

RS | 5:57 PM

My baby is due 10/19/11 (via c-section)

RS | 5:58 PM

My babe will be here 10/19/11 (via c-section).

KG | 6:00 PM

7 months pregnant with twin boys (my first pregnancy!) and your blog is a lifesaver.

My guys are due Nov.27, but they tell me twins come early and to be ready by the end of October. WE ARE SO NOT GOING TO BE READY! So WINNING anything would be awesome.

Aimee | 7:42 PM

I'm due with my third 3.8.12. This means that for 5 weeks or so I'll have 3, 3 and under! What was I thinking!

kristinc | 8:05 PM

hope to try for baby#3 someday (soon). these look far better than anything I have used! Great Giveaway! :)

Ashley | 8:06 PM

Wow. Would love to give TT a try. I have a four month old and two year old. It's crazy busy stressful here some days but somehow we make it through. The hugs and cuddles make up for it though!

Anonymous | 10:21 PM

Baby numero dos is due Jan. 18 or whatever day he chooses to make his grand appearance...

Zach | 11:41 PM

I'm due January 8 with twins, but have a c-section scheduled on December 23. This pregnancy is kicking my ass!

Karen Cordano | 6:17 AM

Last Wednesday, August 31st at 10:05am my little guy Charlie was born. He rocks. So does the giveaway.

Susie | 7:18 AM

I am due October 19th with our first little one. I've loved reading your blog during your pregnancy, since we have similar due dates - it's a fantastic window into what it's like to be pregnant once you have kids already (you're so much more laid back!), and of course the contrast of being pregnant with TWINS! We are scrambling to get ready over here, and I'm suddenly realizing we don't have much time left! It would be amazing to win this :)

Anonymous | 7:48 AM

My twins are due January 7, 2012. I couldn't be more unprepared and excited!

emilyboddy at gmail dot com

Heather | 8:38 AM

My twins are due on February 26 and we are so excited and SCARED SHITLESS!! These are our first two babies and as I'm am TRYING to begin putting together the dreaded registry, I've been reading about the Tommee Tippee bottles. Would love to win this giveaway!

Heather.Carrouth at gmail

Jen | 8:45 AM

Also pregnant with twins for babies number three and four (and am just as freaked out slash grateful slash freaked out...and breaking down for a minivan). Thanks for the glimpse at all that is to come.

Due date is Jan. 22, but the doc told us to plan on Christmas babies.

burt at suu dot edu

Anonymous | 8:48 AM

I am 5 months pregnant with our second daughter (we just found out! yay- another girl)! Side note- I love love love watching your pregnancy journey with these two little girls. I can't wait to see Fable & Archer with them. What great big siblings they will be! My email address is

Anonymous | 8:51 AM

Baby #3 was born April 5, 2011. Today I feel crazy navigating 3 schedules (minus my own) without locking myself in the bathroom. Ugh, somedays just need to be over a little faster than others.

Alison | 9:09 AM

Woohoo! I'm due Feb. 8, 2012! Find out one week from today if it's a boy or girl!

Tracie | 10:24 AM

Due 2/17! And also scared out of my mind!

Christy | 10:45 AM

How awesome! Due date is Nov. 30.

kirsten | 11:23 AM

working on our first - trying not to stress and just have fun practicing... but knowing that we had something like this to ease the arrival of what will surely be an expensive addition to an already strapped budget...that would be awesome.

sarahjane | 11:30 AM

Thanks to you can't call it it, I've just discovered your blog. I think your 34 week photos are gorgeous - even if you inspire fear in the hearts of car salesmen and farmers alike.
Today, I'm sitting in a cubicle at a my government job, trying not to miss the hell out of my two year old who started pre-pre school today *sob*. And I'm 7 weeks pregnant... trying not to tip off my coworkers by barfing ritz bits into my wastebasket.

-sarahjane.murphy at gmail dot com

b*schus | 11:41 AM

My first baby is due 2/1/12! Great giveaway and I am hoping to finally pop my blogger giveaway winner cherry with this one. For real.

Kate | 11:47 AM

My baby (#2) is due Sept. 25th! I'm anxious and irritable & can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous | 11:53 AM

This giveaway looks amazing! I've been in the market for a new breast pump, since my first one couldn't keep up with the pace of baby number 1. I'm 30 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (a girl yay!) and am due on Nov 13th. I just texted a friend today and said I have got to be the most miserable pregnant lady ever this time around. I don't even want to be around me! You inspire me to do my best to keep positive and embrace the beauty when possible. All the best to you and your family.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

Our first baby is due Feb 5th 2012... it's a boy and we are sooo excited!! ekiifner (at) hotmail (dot) com

Emily | 1:30 PM

It still hasn't completely sunk in that baby #2 will be making his/her appearance sometime at the end of March (due date March 27th). I guess, once the baby bump fills out and I start telling people we're expecting, it will all get a little more real!

Anonymous | 1:42 PM

I'm due in March 2012 with my first, haven't even begun to prepare a single thing, except to stress out that we have to move out of our apartment a week after EDD!
Great giveaway!
ourfriendalabee at yahoo dot com

Catherine | 2:16 PM

My daughter was born June 16th. I'd love to win these great products and I hope the yoga helped. You have a wonderful blog and it's been a great help to me as a new mom!

Thrive Mom | 4:23 PM

This is totally awesome!! Those are actually the bottles that we have on our registry :)

Our first baby, a boy, is due on Jan 11, 2012 :)

Ben Lee | 4:29 PM

my sis is having a baby in november and i would LOVE to give this to her!

rock on, bek. you're amazing.

Tara | 4:32 PM

i would love to give this to my little sis... she is due in november with a baby girl..

rock on, bek. you're completely amazing.

Angella | 5:01 PM

Wow this prize is awesome. My baby is due on December 11th.

Natasha | 5:48 PM

This would be so awesome to win. I'm due September 30th and can't hardly wait much longer.

Lucia | 6:56 PM

Great giveaway! My little one was born on June 3. I'm now the mom of 2 boys!

mai | 8:27 PM

I'm due Feb 5, 2012 with my first and I'm super excited and clueless!! This would be a great package to get the baby stuff collection started.

Meg | 6:52 AM

These look like great products! I am due at the end of December with baby number 2 and would love to try them. meg dot ocallaghan at gmail.

Cory | 7:54 AM


Coryrichie at hotmail dot com


Sarahptitiously | 8:46 AM

Due with my first child, a baby girl, on Jan 20.

Choice Crackers | 8:51 AM

I'm due March 24th!

I've totally got some prenatal yoga podcasts in the bank, but I haven't done any of them yet. Today would be a good day.

laurahwfernandez at gmail dot com

jessi | 10:12 AM

I'm due with my first on January 29th.

Liz Oller | 10:18 AM

My baby is due Decemeber 7th! We are stoked. I run about 15 goats on our super mini ranch in NorCal, and today I just realized that pretty soon every female mammal here will be expecting. Being pregnant this single thought completely overwhelmed me. Then our dog ran in covered in sandy mud from the creek and the need to clean the floors snapped me out of my daze. That is pretty much my day!

Anonymous | 12:10 PM

Pregnant with twins - a boy and girl. These are our firsts. My "mental" due date is November 29th, which is 37 weeks. Today has been uneventful...rain, rain and more rain. I really want to eat and am just full feeling most of the time. I miss the eating for three days!


Keely | 1:06 PM

Baby #2 Due April 4th 2012!

sarahelizabeth | 1:08 PM

I am due January 8th! Sitting at work stressing over my overly hyper 4 yr old daughter, my entering the "terrible twos", 2 yr old daughter and wondering what in the world this little guy is going to be like! Excited for a boy. Stressed cause my husband is a basketball coach and he is due right smack in the middle of basketball season which means many many nights of me home alone with the 3! ahhhh!

email: :)

In Due Time | 1:17 PM

Oh my gosh, Little Archer and Fable..ahh. Sweet.

I hope your today is going well. It's getting close!

annie | 2:02 PM

I just found out I'm having a baby boy! I'm due January 23 but I think I'll go a little late this time around. 20 weeks left and I can't wait to meet him!

Dear Mama | 5:14 PM

OMG! I am sitting here in amazement looking at your weekly baby bump photos. I am 4 months pregnant (due date: 2/16/12) also with twins. This is my first pregnancy and I am scared out of my mind!! I have already been on pelvic rest twice due to bleeding but even though I am an emotional wreck --I couldn't be happier!

Julie | 6:22 PM

Cooper Jacob was born on July 17th, 2 weeks early by c-section. His big brother Connor is thrilled to have him...we couldn't be happier. Good luck in the these last weeks!

christina | 7:40 PM

my son was born on june 7th of this year. he was 10 days late, but 100% worth the wait! i am going back to work soon so this would be awesome for me since i have to pump at work. i have tried so many bottles for my son and these are by far the best i have tried...i would love to try their other products as well. thank you for the awesome giveaway!

dolan.christina at gmail dot com

Rachel Louise | 9:24 PM

Oh NO, forgot to include email address!
In the unlikely event that I win this contest, I can be reached at Xxoo

canadian amy | 10:41 PM

Baby girl born April.29th, our second child and not feeling like everyone is at our dinner table....??

RSilvies | 4:39 AM

I woke up today with serious kicking action like she's training for the next summer Olympics 800 butterfly! Due in December with my first babe. Would LOVE to win this giveaway. Please oh please!

RSilvies | 4:45 AM

And my email is silva[dot]rachel[dot]e[at]gmail[dot] com

Ps My sister and I are Rebecca and Rachel as well:)

Heather | 7:57 AM

I am due on October 22 with a little boy. After 2 girls its going to be so different. I can't wait!

Momeek | 7:58 AM

April 24th is the due date. With being diabetic it is already proving to be an interesting pregnancy. Thanks

Wendy | 7:59 AM

Due April 21, 2011 with number five. I'd love to win this!!

Sara Carr | 8:00 AM

I am due December 31, 2011 with a little boy who will be named Zachary Ian. I am spending the day enjoying the weather with my 18 month old little girl.

Matt | 8:01 AM

Our first is due October 26th, can't wait!

Email: myaddressiscurrently(at)hotmail(dot)com

Sundi | 8:08 AM

Baby #3, my last one and a gilr after 2 boys was born May 14, 2011 and 12 days late! Little stinker! Anywa, I was induced, went into labour at 10:30 and out she came, all 8lbs, 6oz of her in one push at 12:20! Can't decide if she's going to be stubborn (casue she was late) or super easy going (cause she came so fast!) Etierh way, we are HOOKED on Tommee Tippee!!

Leslie | 8:15 AM

We already use some of the Tommee bottles but would love the additional accessories and would give some to my sister in law who's due in January 2012 :) Ours was born 6/1/11 and he's a happy formula baby... wish he would nurse....

Melissa | 8:18 AM

My due date was May 24th and my little monkey decided to come into this world on May 23rd! He decided he wanted out ASAP because I woke up 8cms dilated!! We couldn't be any happier, he's the best thing in our lives :)

Hannah | 8:21 AM

My first was born on February 5th, 2010, and I am a week overdue with this second baby! Besides that, my day is going pretty well:)
hrhersch at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

I am due September 27, 2011 and am freaking out! Would love to win this!

Independentmami | 9:44 AM

My baby GIa is due January 12, 2012. SO excited.

Hannah's Mommy | 9:58 AM

After months of trying we are pregnant with baby #2 and my due date is Feb.20,2012!! We find out on Saturday if we are having another girl or maybe a boy this time!!

Christina @ busybmommy | 10:36 AM

I love the 1st picture of Archer taken moments after his birth. Actually it is your face I love and relate to. I am making the SAME face in the picture of my 21 year old self holding my now 7 year old for the 1st time. It's a combination of awe, true love, and a whole lotta "OMG he's out!? Now what???? Holy shit!"

Lauren | 10:37 AM

Wow! What a great giveaway!

I am due October 19th with my first - a boy!

robinm | 11:16 AM

I have a 2 almost 3 month old who was born 6/17/11. He has been a very good baby from the start! We currently use some of Tommee Tippee's products, but would like to try more! This is a great giveaway to promote the product! Wish we would have known about it before he was born! Enjoy your yoga!


Minor Family Chaos | 11:58 AM

We just had a little girl, London Marie, on August 28 and we have a son, Lincoln born on November 25,2009. Tommee T's Sippy cups are the only ones my son will use!!!

Minor Family Chaos | 11:59 AM

We just had a little girl, London Marie, on August 28th and we have a 21 month old son, Lincoln. I swear by Tommee T's! It's the only Sippy cup my son would use.

Stephanie | 12:00 PM

My first child came on August 26, and he's perfect. He's (finally) napping, and allowing me to get to some cleaning, and other housework. Or maybe just a nap.


Christina | 2:21 PM

I am expecting my 4th child, another boy . . in 11 days! (9/19/11) I have never tried or had any of these products, but after reading every ones awesome reviews, they sound amazing! THANK YOU!!

Celia | 3:10 PM

I am expecting twin boys on January 1st. Happy New Year!

Patsy | 4:15 PM

I just found out I am pregnant this weekend! So I think I am due May 11th. It is our first and much difficulty was had to conceive so we are over the moon.

Aubrey Anne | 1:39 PM

I lost track of your blog a couple of years ago; I used to read your posts every single day. I fell in love with the name Archer b/c of you! Didn't use it, though, my son's name is Asher. ;) Anyway, I'm super excited to have found you again, and congrats on the twins! You look fabulous as always, and they are beautiful. I'm sorry about the NICU... we went through that, but with only one little one! Praying for them!

ashlet rexrode | 12:51 PM

baby #3 is due may 1st!!! i have a 2 year old girl and a 5 month old son!!! thanks for this opportunity. could really use these!!!

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