Tottini & GGC Present: The Final Nursery (Finally!) and Giveaway

*updated below!*
Argh, finally! Between writing the name post and snapping some pics of the FINISHED nursery, I am finally able to stand and deliver! Sorry about the wait, guys, HOWEVER I am not that sorry because today I have some exciting giveaway action. Many of you have inquired as to where things like cribs and paintings and curtain rods (oh my!) came from and I'm going to try to get to everything in this handy little (probably not so little actually) post! There are few things that excite me more than nursery design. I've become slightly obsessed, actually, and am a little sad to have a furnished space on my hands. Luckily (NOT!) we'll be moving soon and I'll have to repurpose the space, but for now, it exists here, now, finished. I designed this space with the twins names in mind a la "dreamy bohemia" chock-full of happy animals, bright florals and COLOR EVERYWHERE! I wanted it to be a happy place for the girls to grow into, so when they're three and six and even sixteen the space will still suit them. Not the cribs, obviously. But the furniture, wall-hangings, etc.
Toys: (Rody & Wooden Rollercoaster Maze) are hand-me-downs from Archer and Fable. Ottoman was purchased at Target and is great for storing diapers and wipes. (The nursery doesn't have a closet so storage is kind of an issue. The hot pink ottoman was a great/cheap solution.) Annnnnnd the Internet router remains, a reminder that not so long ago, the nursery was my office.
Changing Area:
Meet the final changing area! Information on dresser, knobs and other such changing table things can be found by clicking through the links below.
petit collage bamboo mobile (a gift from my friend Bethany) found here:
White-framed print was a gift from my friend Dana. Anthropologie purchased Zebra and Giraffe were also gifts (thanks, Grandma!). More on the twin-print can be found, here.
wooden airplane, The Little Seed (purchased several years ago)
"La Boheme" and "Reverie" records purchased on Ebay, frames from Target.
decoylab wooden owl wall clock c/o tottini (and available for giveaway today, yahoo!)
green shag rug via Bethany's garage (available to purchase at Ikea)
Crib #1
(Boheme and Reverie are currently sharing.)
crib = Oeuf Sparrow in White c/o Tottini (thanks, Tottini!)
bedding by: my mom (Hi, Bo! Hi, Arch!)
wall art/decals linked up, here
Crib #2
Elephant via Anthropologie
musical pull-toy elephant (and owl, see other crib) c/o Tottini
knobs: anthropologie
crib-side table purchased @ swap-meet
baby UGGS, a gift from the peeps @ momversation
wooden teethers c/o little alouette

rocker, thrifted
cushion via Anthropologie

I hope you've enjoyed these posts as much as I've enjoyed posting them. This is just the beginning, folks as I've got some exciting stuff in the works re: nursery interiors (not to mention an entirely new series of nursery posts when we move into our new place. Sob!) More on that soon. In the meantime, I have THIS gorgeous clock to give away c/o Tottini who rocks:
To win? Tell me something pretty. I'll choose a winner next Monday, November 14th via my buddy-ol'-pal Random Dot Org! Good luck to all and thank you Tottini for rocking so incredibly hard.


More nursery posts, here:


BONUS GIVEAWAY: Tottini is launching a content series of its own and is looking for a NAME to launch their "parenting-infant-and-toddler" series! They're offering a $100 gift card to the winner. Just go to Tottini's facebook page, "like" and comment with any and all name ideas you have. You have until midnight PST, November 14th! (ED: I just submitted "Hey There, Tot Stuff" and I'm pretty sure you could do better.)


Congratulations to commenter #224, Leah WHO JUST ANNOUNCED HER PREGNANCY OMG!

Thanks to all who commented and shared their pretty. The comments on this post made my day. Love to all!


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Kristy J | 7:08 PM

My kiddos all smiling and laughing at each other. That is so very pretty.

Nicole K | 7:17 PM

I just moved to Vancouver, BC from a smaller town in BC, Canada. Vancouver is a pretty (beautiful) city and I am so excited to be here. Also your nursery is pretty.

Melissa | 7:21 PM

babies crawling, tugging on blankets, making sleds... my boys laughing, learning, playing together... on this beautiful fall evening...potential is everywhere.

benki | 7:30 PM

My niece loooves owls! Of course she dressed as an owl for Halloween. Adorable.

JZ | 7:31 PM

Something pretty?! Well, I saw that you have the same crib as I do. Mine is totally in full effect toddler mode now, but seeing it set up for infants made my uterus swoon. : )

Margie | 7:33 PM

I hung out the laundry on our new clothesline with my daughter for the first time today. It was her bedding, and it was definitely pretty.

aprilmae | 7:34 PM

I teach kindergarten and have an owl theme in my classroom! And I have been looking for a cute clock to add, so this one would be perfect.

b.a. | 7:39 PM

i never enter giveaways because i know i'll never win (pessimist? maybe) and i'm too lazy to read all the entry rules (visit this? blog that? tweet what?) BUT, i did want to say how beautiful the nursery is. it made me smile. and that clock really is the sweetest thing.

p.s. my word verification was: pussings. which was awesome.

Erin Leigh | 7:53 PM

My pretty little girl would love this pretty little clock in her owl-themed bedroom. Absolutely love your nursery, by the way - I wish I'd been that creative when I was putting together nurseries!

tongue-tied | 7:55 PM

I adore this clock!

Something pretty: My four year old son said to me today, "you have the prettiest cheeks in the whole city, mommy." He was referring to the ones on my face, not elsewhere.

Mariana | 8:00 PM

My boys.

Erin | 8:02 PM

Something pretty from this week (which I'm reminded of by the owl clock) is my daughter flying through the yard in her new owl costume.

Laura | 8:06 PM

Those framed street names are very pretty! Might be the perfect gift for friends of mine!

Pixachii | 8:12 PM

I LOVE the nursery! I love all the colors you used, and the way it seems like it would be a mismatch of colors and textures, yet it all comes together nicely. It makes me excited to decorate a nursery of my own design someday! :)

Elizabeth | 8:19 PM

My son Jonas told me tonight, 'I love you to the moon, mama.' I thought that was pretty awesome.
contact info:

beyond | 8:20 PM

my 3-months old gummy grin when i reach to pick him up from his crib in the morning. i'm the center of his universe right now. amazing.

Kristie | 8:24 PM

My sleeping 6 year old. She's been sick today and is finally resting peacefully. She LOVES owls, btw. She was an owl for Halloween!

Unknown | 8:51 PM

My five year old laughing with his little brother. He is always trying to make him happy. So amazing.

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:57 PM

Something pretty? My little girl's eyes. And my little boy's too for that matter.

Adventures In Babywearing | 9:09 PM

Wow. I love all of it! Something pretty? Your nursery, my green eyes, Ivy's blues, and the fog tonight.

So happy for you!


Cindy | 9:12 PM

I drove along the big cross-street near our house and my daughter and I admired the lovely red leaves on the liquid amber trees lining the median. I love fall.

Amanda | 9:19 PM

Something awesome (I can't do pretty because I have boys. The word doesn't exist in my lexicon anymore.): I have twin boys who will be 7 years old in two months. The awesome thing about them is that they still have some of those cool and different aspects of their personalities that they have had since birth.

Lindsey Fyfe | 9:25 PM

"que descanses con los angelitos" is the phrase an ex-boyfriend used to say to me before falling alseep. "may you rest with the little angels" I absolutely loved hearing it roll of his tongue and thought the sentiment was so pretty.

agirlandaboy | 9:25 PM

When I saw that clock, my breath caught in my throat. Gorgeous.

Something pretty: my son's eyelashes, holy moly.

(Also, that thrifted dresser is to die for!)

K Foxman | 9:31 PM

My something pretty - tonight I accidentally put the wrong kind of soap in the dishwasher, and I gotta say it was strangely satisfying to see all those crazy bubbles! Sure cleanup's a bitch, but secretly kinda fun too. :)

Desiree Fawn | 9:37 PM

Something pretty? The look my toddler gives me when she's nursing in my lap. SWOON!

Cortney | 9:40 PM

My one year old niece's laugh is the prettiest thing I have ever heard.

emily bilbrey | 10:00 PM

absolutely stunning, amazing, creative and inspiring. you should design rooms for a living, sweet miss! couldn't possible adore the finished room more. xoxoxo!!!

Melissa | 10:13 PM

Something pretty? My 6-week old's hair. It stand straight up on end, no matter what. You can brush it down, but it always rebels and stands up. This may not be pretty, per se, but rather fantastic.

The fact that we have her (she was a surprise after a long road of infertility and losses so everyone thinks she's the miracle that she is) and the way my family treats her is pretty, also. :)

Stef | 10:16 PM

My niece turned 16 today, and she is pretty creative, pretty smart, pretty funny, and pretty pretty.

Anonymous | 10:20 PM

Something pretty: PINK LACE!


Jamie | 10:23 PM

Not to go ultra cheesy here, but the things I see everyday with the most beauty are my kids - even the 3 yr old boy, who is ALL boy ALL the time - rough and tumble and dirty from digging in the dirt outside. My girls 12 and 7, slightly more conventional concept of beauty maybe - but god - random moments of random days one or the other or the other, or any combination thereof will just take my breath away.

Rachel | 10:49 PM

My baby girl saying "Me hold you Mummy. I luff you... soooo much." I know she is repeating what I say to her back to me and it makes my heart sing to know she knows she is so loved! :-)

johnmayersquare | 10:50 PM

LOVE that clock! I have something pretty for 20 year old special needs daughter won the gold medal this weekend for Bowling in Special was possibly the best day ever and nothing could be prettier in my eyes!

Andrea | 11:35 PM

Sunday is the 13th, Monday is the 14th. You have the delightful excuse of super mommy brain. Your children are beautiful. You have great names, and great love and logic behind them.

Kari | 12:02 AM

Pumpkin soup & pumpkin bread. I can't get enough orange this time of year!

Anu | 12:10 AM

Sometimes my heart comes out of its cynical existence and even warms up to believe all those cliched email forwards about friends. They do not judge you when you don't look nice, your cooking goes kaput and when your house is a mess. They pick up your baby when he cries and do not make you feel as if they are doing a favor. They laugh with you and make you happy.

Thank you, my best friend, who came over the weekend to give me and my 4 month old company when my husband was out of town. And this the beautiful thing I have to say today.

Ali | 12:39 AM

Something pretty? I recently just bought a brand new camera lens! Plus, the photos it takes are quite pretty as well.

Courtney | 12:44 AM
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Anonymous | 12:47 AM

Got our 9 week scan yesterday. Prettiest lil jelly bean I've ever seen. (I can't leave my name yet, as the news isn't public yet but if I win, just write mention this comment as I'm always reading your site now - well - for the past 6 weeks!)

Anonymous | 2:20 AM

This is just amazing!! So inspiring... saved away in my "for when I have kids" folder of inspiration ;)

Pepper Blossom | 3:43 AM

i am due to have someone "pretty" here in 4 weeks! i think that gorgeous owl clock would look perfect by her bed.

Lauren | 4:04 AM

Aaaa, I love the nursery! So many fantastic details. My pretty thing is that an ultrasound tech just found HAIR on one of my twin girls in utero. How amazing is that?

Courtney | 4:52 AM

My something pretty: The look on my 4 year old daughter's face yesterday when she heard her new baby brother or sister's heartbeat for the first time.

Amber | 4:52 AM

Something I think is pretty: A vivid, colorful sunrise after a long, hectic, or distressing day.

Katya | 4:55 AM

I am obsessed with enjoying every second of time that passes. The owl is the perfect way for me to check the time and bring some joy to my day. Love your family my Internet Friend. xo

Anonymous | 5:06 AM

CHOCK full.

Perfectly Impurfect Me | 5:07 AM

My kiddos are healthy and that allows me to see the "pretty" in absolutely everything! Life is so very sweet.

Anonymous | 5:12 AM

The sun coming up outside my window, clear blue sky. That owl clock would be a beautiful addition to my home :)

TriciaR | 5:15 AM

Something pretty...I'm sitting here feeling my own little girl kick inside me. This post made me so inspired to get started on her nursery. I have been eying an owl mobile that matches this clock!

Katie | 5:24 AM

My 18 month son popping up in bed every morning saying hi mommy! Everything my son does. Well hmmm, pulling my hair when he is frustrated is not beautiful but god being a parent is just beautiful.

eclite | 5:25 AM

In this post your curtains are sooo pretty. I love those curtains. For any bedroom, not just a baby nursery. Absolutely Fab. I really like that clock too. I would put it in our kitchen. Am so enjoying seeing your little ones grow through your blog posts. I see more similarities as Rev has filled out. Beautiful!

Debbie and Lane | 5:41 AM

It snowed here the other day, the first real snow of the season. I'm not sure why - but looking at the snowcapped mountains the other day I thought about how thankful I am for my beautiful babies, my husband and family.

Thank you for sharing your stories!

kelly | 5:42 AM

growing up my mom had a very large collection of owls, and it was my "job" to take everyone off of the table and dust them. twice a week.
needless to say i hated owls for a long time.
when she passed away i only kept one. and now i see them everywhere. and now i am obsessed. my daughter is always so proud to find one & point it out to me.
i sort of feel like it may be a sign from her that she is somewhere out there.

Hawkeyegirl | 5:44 AM

I finally hung up my new word-based art. My favorite? A hedgehog printed on a page from a dictionary. Can be seen/purchased here:

Strongmomma | 5:52 AM

My three year old Ella tells me each morning while I drive my three older children to school...look mommy, the sun is out today...I see it, I see it! Well, each time she say's that, it totally makes me smile.

me | 5:55 AM

We are adopting. Hoping that will earn us some good owl karma

kristi | 6:00 AM

my little son is finally outgrowing all of his newborn clothes after 7 weeks & getting some little baby fat rolls on his skinny bird legs! i think that's pretty beautiful :)

Tina | 6:15 AM

Something pretty: My 12 month old son just started sleeping through the night. TWELVE MONTHS. Oy!

Jana | 6:27 AM

I'm trying to finish the nursery for our baby boy who is cooking along at 34 weeks. I have that clock on our registry but so far no takers. I would love to also hang it above the changing dresser we have. Love your beautiful nursery!

Denise | 6:34 AM

Clocks are pretty, I love clocks. In fact, this past weekend I just bought a pretty old Victoria Station clock. The owl clock would look pretty awesome with the rest of my clock collection!

Meghan | 6:46 AM

My 10 month baby boy just learned how to pull himself up and say Uh Oh at the same time!! Adorable!

Aliesha | 7:01 AM

My daughter's blue blue her!

kristofer and ivy | 7:09 AM

Such a beautiful space. Inspiring.

Did you shoot these with the PowerShot? Do you turn the flash off? (Just curious, b/c we have the same camera and I take terrible, blurry pictures w/out the flash set to "auto.")


Nan | 7:25 AM

Something pretty! I have a new niece with the most beautiful little chubby, kiss kiss cheeks of ever! :)

Ashley | 7:26 AM

You are my kindred spirit in nursery decorating! When my now 17-month-old Josephine was born, I used the same Echino prints you used for the bumper as curtains and your curtain print as a bumper (thank goodness for handy Moms who can sew), and we have the elephant print hanging above the changing table. I have another girl on the way, Clio, and we're adding a crib to the room. Josephine's room has been a space where we all love to hang out, so I can't wait to see two girls twirling among the pretty things. :)

Mreffey | 7:31 AM

My completely bald 5-month-old son has started to grab my hair to help comfort him. He pulls it to his forehead sometimes and it looks like he has long dark hair. I love it and cannot wait until he actually does get something up on his noggin!!

Cole | 7:35 AM

That owl is too cool! So intricate. Something pretty? ...warm, soft pumpkin spiced cookies with white chocolate chips, and magically having all the ingredients in my kitchen.

Jenny O | 7:45 AM

The prettiest thing that's happened to me lately: my daughter waking us up yesterday morning by snuggling between me and my husband and saying, "My family! Mommy, Daddy, Booboo!"

Bad Rebecca | 7:46 AM

Pretty... my daughter's face when she first wakes up, all sleepy & happy.

Susie | 8:09 AM

I haven't spent a night alone since having my son 2 years ago. I'm at a training in SF and today I slept in, wandered over to Peet's and got a hot tea and am now sitting in my quiet hotel room reading blogs. Doesn't get prettier than that!

Carolyn Wright | 8:31 AM

something pretty: my girls giving spontaneous hugs and kisses to each other at not even 2 years old. :)

cotec007 | 8:39 AM

Yours has to be the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen. My official due date is tomorrow. I am so excited to welcome this future baby into our family.

Ellen | 8:42 AM

My 5 month old nephew has a beautiful owl quilt that his grandma sewed him. This would be so cute in his room, to continue the theme.

Rachel | 8:45 AM

My husband and I are expecting our first child. And just the past few days I started to feel the babe kick!

Lola Rain | 8:54 AM

I love that owl clock and am currently designing my baby's nursery…it would be a perfect addition.
Something pretty? I am 16 weeks pregnant today with my first little one and reading your pregnancy posts has made being pregnant easier to cope with. I love your honesty and humor so thanks for putting it all out there!

Lindsay | 8:59 AM

My nephew (1.5) always tries to put my shoes on every time I go to his house. He brings them over to me and says "boos" (boots). I have size 9.5 by the way which is huge to him!

Sarah Bella | 9:03 AM

Something pretty? This is random, but we just got a coat rack. It's mounted to the wall and overall is pretty blah, but I actually love seeing all our coats hanging side by side. My daughters pink and white polka dot fleece. My son's orange and gray striped hoodie; my navy and cream striped hoodie. My husbands sea-gray jacket. The colors, textures and patterns are like found art- totally unexpected but lovely.

Sarah | 9:07 AM

Our baby girls nursery is owl themed and that clock would go perfectly! She's due January 4th....and we cannot wait to meet her!

Beverly | 9:09 AM

Something pretty? The sunrise I saw yesterday morning, making being up way too early totally worth it.

Meghan | 9:12 AM

That clock is damn pretty, but also my 5 weeks old daughter Zoe. She is a gorgeous spirit.

Liesal | 9:18 AM

I'm pregnant and due in May, so just being honest that nothing is really pretty to me right now. Just surviving. I do want my kid to have kick ass nursery like Bo and Rev!

Allegra | 9:21 AM

Something pretty: the first snowfall that has stuck here in Santa Fe this morning. It's the gorgeous white lines that highlight everything and make it look even more magical than they do otherwise.

Mamalang | 9:41 AM

My daughter would love this clock. She might have to fight me for it though. It's happy all on its own.

nra | 9:41 AM

blackberry blackberry blackberry

stephanie | 10:09 AM

My husband and I celebrating nine years together (married for 4.5). We stayed in a fancy hotel for a night and I felt pretty!

Jackie | 10:22 AM

Aw! We just had an owl birthday party for my 1 year old! Something daughters brown curls.

TrueB | 10:44 AM

One of my favourite pretty things is this ring I have - it's an owl, with a cameo of an owl on its stomach!

Linds | 10:48 AM

My baby Jace is now 10 mths old, learning to walk! We love to sit in his room and watch him try so hard, his theme is along the lines of a lodge. Sort of outdoorsy, lots of owls in there!!!

tinyparticlesoflight | 11:16 AM

I'm in love. With every single design element in their nursery. Bo and Rev are lucky little girls! I have a design dream of decorating a girls room one day....

cortnie a.k.a. mother of twin boys :)

dgm | 11:25 AM

My hubby and both my kiddos have really long, dark eyelashes. So very pretty.

Lara | 11:34 AM

"Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection... the lovers, the dreamers, and me..."

(Maybe it's because I'm 6 months pregnant, but that song always makes me cry.)

r | 11:43 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
r | 11:44 AM

Something pretty - the silly songs my daughter makes up, where the only word she sings is her favorite friend's name.

Sarah | 11:47 AM

I tried snorkeling for the first time ever a couple days ago, and two beautiful giant sea turtles joined me. They swam right up to me and all around me. It was magical.

Carra Nicholes | 11:51 AM

Something pretty - my babies cuddles in the morning.

Lindsay | 11:53 AM

My craziest great aunt was obsessed with owls, winning this sweet clock would be a beautiful reminder of her in our home!

Chantel | 12:04 PM

To me, pretty is watching my children grow up and grow into their own sense of style. A 9 yr old boy with shaggy hair in his eyes and an 11 yr old girl with long, sleek hair tucked behind her ears are some of the prettiest things I've ever seen.

christina | 12:19 PM

my now husband had an owl clenching a heart tattooed on his forearm a few months after we had started dating... one day, after we married I asked him for the story of the tatto; he wanted to keep our relationship safe... protect it. ever since then the owl has held a special place in my heart.

Ana | 12:33 PM

It's feeling like so many pieces of my life are taking shape in some crazy exciting ways. I'm loving the process, something totally new for me.

Allison | 12:47 PM

a beautiful space for two beautiful girls! congrats!

SoulFull Mama | 12:52 PM

There is a French Old wives tale that says if an owl hoots near a pregnant woman, the baby will be a girl. Well, my oldest, and only son, has been desperately hoping and praying for a little brother. He has two sisters, and not only do I have a hunch that this baby is another sweet sister, but guess what flew right by the car yesterday. Seriously. The "pretty" part, my big boy loves his little sisters ( and babies) so much, that he still wants to share his room with our little number 4, boy or girl, and this would look darling in their bedroom; Big brother and little brother or Big brother and little sister. Either way, how blessed am I, right?

Molly R. Stern | 12:52 PM

ummm, can this be my room? I mean...seriously.
what a place to call you moonlight as an interior designer?

texmimi | 1:26 PM

I will tell you my daughters name, Lulu Pearl
I think that is sooooo pretty.
also that clock = me, dead from the cute!!!

Suzie | 1:44 PM

My 3 year old daughter is on hour 3 of her nap today.

justsuzie_s at hotmail dot com

MJR | 1:47 PM

What better than a wise old owl to watch over my pretty Ruby while she sleeps...

Clandestine Road | 1:57 PM

I'm not entering the giveaway, I just wanted to say that the nursery rocks, like the Beatles, circa their "I am the Walrus" song.

Alissa | 2:13 PM

One of my daughters favorite toys is her stuffed owl, this would be perfect in her room!

Rochelle H-H | 2:39 PM

My little girl's eyes... I know that traditionally blue eyes are the most coveted, however my girl has the darkest, nearly-black eyes and they are completely mesmerising (mine are blue, she got these babies from her Dad). When you look at her, you just see/think "eyes". She looks a bit like an anime cartoon character. Pretty? I think so.

becca | 2:39 PM

my fav part of your nursery? the records with their names. lovely touch!

Kristen | 3:13 PM

Love your did such a great job! :)

Aaron & Cassie | 3:13 PM

Hm...I LOVE the owl clock. It would go BEAUTIFULLY with my daughter's owl-decorated room! If I win, I'll send you a pic of her hand-painted mural that my Dad drew and I painted, complete with an owl, a fox and a turtle!

Flora R. | 3:31 PM

The moon tonight is amazingly pretty!

Laura B. | 3:45 PM

Love love love all the color!!

chisparoja | 4:00 PM

My son just started smiling back at us! :) Most beautiful thing ever!

chisparoja | 4:01 PM

My son just started smiling back at us! :) Most beautiful thing ever!

catherine m | 4:11 PM

Something pretty? Hmmm. How about my sister's beautiful new baby boy.

Katie and Troy | 4:15 PM

Something pretty: the three season room we just finished redoing and now will not be able to use for winter (ie the fourth season). Sigh.

My baby girl was an owl for Halloween and loves them, would love to have the clock for her nursery.

Not Ray-ah | 4:47 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not Ray-ah | 4:52 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! I've been hearting (OK coveting) the owl clock for quite a while!

13 double u's | 5:24 PM

Kindness! Selfless acts of kindness! Congratulations on your amazingly awesome family! May you all grow individually, as well as, intertwined together. All the best!

Elizabeth B. | 5:26 PM

That clock is pretty, as is your girls' nursery!

Ida Mae | 5:37 PM

My baby just finished nursing and fell asleep on my chest with his lips folded into a little bow. Love that.

Jessie May | 6:07 PM

My stepmum is pregnant with my baby sister, and the chosen name is strongly linked to owls through myths and ancient stories. When I saw this clock I thought straight away how perfect it would be to have in her nursery as a kind of symbolism of her name :)
Something pretty: this baby will make our family seven girls, me being the eldest who the other ones all look up to. I don't have any specific thing to say, just that they are all so GORGEOUS and I'm so lucky to be the eldest sister of all of these beautiful girls... Tallulah, Ruby, Olive, Scarlett, Imogen and baby :)
PS Speaking of beautiful girls... (and a boy!) your babies! All of them! So sweet!

k5brown | 6:37 PM

I'm in love with Scandinavian clothing, but after working all week...weekends with my boy are the prettiest things in my life!

Sammy | 6:54 PM

Something pretty? You. You're pretty. :)

Lauren | 7:05 PM

My best friend would kill for that clock, so hopefully I'll win and she won't have to?

Sorry, that's not pretty at all.

How about I just finished the most incredible cheeseburger and am sitting with my feet up, just thinking how great it was?

Anonymous | 7:26 PM

What an awesome clock! My beautiful, pregnant, redheaded friend will soon be giving birth to her third son, and then moving far away from family and friends to Italy to be with her military husband. She is decorating her nursery with owls, and I'm sure this would make her feel wonderful every time she sees it in her new place!

Cheyanne | 7:53 PM

I love my husbands crooked nose, it is beautiful.

Barbara | 8:12 PM

All of the painted pieces of furniture are so beautiful.

I love the mole on the underside of my son's upper left arm

Heather of WA State | 8:33 PM

What's pretty in my world right now? The maple trees changing brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows, and their leaves falling like neon snow in the breeze.

Lacey Jane | 8:36 PM

My baby bump appeared today out of nowhere. I've been waiting 15 weeks for it, and now I am 19.2 weeks pregnant, and finally look it! I want to cry because I'm so happy.

lacy | 8:58 PM

The train ride from Portland to Seattle. At one point the tracks seem to be floating right above the water. And if you are on the right train at the right time, the sun setting on that water is pretty amazing.

cora d | 9:02 PM

The other night, I kissed the cheek of my sleeping 7 month old and she smiled in her sleep.

Love the clock; thank you.

Courtney | 9:35 PM

Something 4 year old son is THE ONLY person who can make my 6 month old daughter laugh. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. :)

kghacker | 9:53 PM

nothing prettier then a baby sleeping next to you! my girl is owl crazy!

Rebecca | 11:13 PM

Something pretty is waking up to my smiling baby girl every morning

Lisa | 3:30 AM

My sweet daughter is 20 months old and we are decorating her big girl I look through the photos of your twins' finished nursery, I think I am inspired by you. Much of our fabric selection and design ideas are quite similar. Of course a cute little owl clock would make its way in very nicely.

Anonymous | 6:59 AM

Hey, my sister is the artist behind the elephant with the collage thought bubble. Too cool!! It looks lovely!

Steph | 7:05 AM

I curled my eldest daughter's (she's six) hair with socks last night (thank you internets) and this morning she work up looking like she was thirteen. Tossing her blond curly locks over her shoulder. I'm so, like, not ready for this!

Jemia | 7:13 AM

Something pretty - I've just moved from northern US to southern US, and I get to experience the end of fall again. Beautiful :-).

Rhiannon | 7:48 AM

The owl clock would be the perfect addition to my baby's very pretty nursery (

Rebecca | 8:00 AM

Something pretty = healthy baby growing and kicking inside of me at 35 weeks

littlelove | 8:40 AM

Love this clock!

Lyz | 8:54 AM

Something pretty: I had a daughter in March. I named her Ellis. She's wild with full moon cheeks, bright eyes and a half moon smile.

Warrior Woman | 8:56 AM

Bienvenue dans le monde Boheme and Reverie!

Mary | 9:05 AM

We are 12 weeks with twins and we are going to decorate with teh retro/vintage theme and the owl would fit right in.

Emily | 9:54 AM

Something pretty? I am expecting baby #2 1/1/12 and already have an amazingly sweet son who before going to bed every night MUST kiss my belly (aka, baby brother) goodnight. He refused to go to sleep until he does so.

This clock will go FABULOUSLY in their decked out owl room. I am crazy about EVERYTHING owl. They (will) have matching owl quilt (made by my mom's friend), there is a picture hanging on their wall with 2 owls (from my neighbor's porch sale) which I have said are "brothers", numerous stuffed/wooden/glass owls, a wall decal of a tree with an owl in it, an owl windchime and the list goes on and on and on and you can see why I MUST add this adorable owl clock to their room they will share and grow in. :0) Their room/nursery is almost as pretty as yours. I'm pretty sure my son's first word was owl. :0) (ok, so it was dada but owl was probably his 3rd)

emily at nimold dot com

annalea | 10:05 AM

something pretty: a cotton pink cardigan that i recently found at the thrift store near my home for $3.

Sue | 10:05 AM

One of my friends just had a baby girl TWO days ago! She is adorable! And this would make a great gift.

Anonymous | 10:06 AM

My son is now 16 months and my "something pretty" is that he FINALLY sleeps through the night! YEAH! Hopefully, your girls won't take nearly that long. :)
Nisse McGee

Jeannie M Bruce | 10:41 AM

I have always loved the quote "Life its self is a most beautiful Fairy Tale" By Hans Christian Anderson, the other day I was in a mood and goin on about fairy tales not coming true and my 8 year old niece looked at me and Said Isnt Life itself a Fairy Tale come true? She brightens my life every day

Amanda S. | 11:06 AM

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)

Hope you find it as pretty as I do/did.

positivelyhopefilled at gmail dot com

shannon.on.park | 11:11 AM

The homemade French macarons in my oven right now.

CourtneyLyn | 12:17 PM

Something pretty is 65 degrees in Massachusetts on November 9th! Gorgeous out here today :)

fair | 1:11 PM

Going to see my twin granddaughters on ultra sound this Friday.

fair | 1:12 PM

Going to see my twin granddaughters on ultrasound this Friday.

Lulu | 1:35 PM

cut open
a pomegranate
and see the world

Samantha B. | 2:32 PM this clock!! All owls mate for life.

iwashere | 2:55 PM

I say I love you to my almost 2 year old all the time without him saying anything in return or just repeating... but today when I put him down he smiled and said "i love you too" out of nowhere. Amazing!

Anonymous | 4:50 PM

I'm a faithful reader and dreamt the other night you were preggers with your 5th child whose name was 'Silver'. :-)

Brandy | 5:56 PM

The most beautiful sound in the world is my daughter shispering "mama" when she is half awake and snuggling me.

Rebecca | 6:29 PM

Watching my little girl pick up my son as he topples over. He's just starting to sit up and is quite wobbly. It's a pretty beautiful thing to see that she has his back.

Tasha Imajin | 7:01 PM

The way the fall sun shines sideways through the bright orange and yellow leaves right now is soooo pretty! I love this time of year. The trees look like stained glass.

I'd love to put that owl clock up in the office that we're converting to our baby's room. (Her birth date is mid February!)

dancing with fireflies | 7:14 PM

My nana, my mom and I all have two matching birthmarks in the same place. One on our right knee and back of right calf

ana | 7:49 PM

This room makes me wanna have babies. You amaze me. I'm super excited to see you style your next home. Although that excitement is a tad bittersweet, I know the next nursery will be even better.

S | 9:54 AM

Those curtain rods match my daughter's room decor perfectly. Can't wait to go buy them (I didn't know they existed despite going to Target at least once a week).

As for something pretty -- my daughter inherited her father's curly hair, and at 2 years old, walks around, puffing up the ringlets with her hand, saying, "Mommy, I have such beautiful curls!"

Christopher and Marcille | 10:13 AM

Your baby's names are sure pretty!!!

Jess | 11:38 AM

Something pretty - the trees in New England right now and the weather isn't frigid cold! a fun kid's story. My husband whispered something to our friends 16 month old and he turned around and whispered BLAH BLAH. Didn't stop laughing for 20 minutes.

kirsten | 12:11 PM

something pretty... we're expecting our first (yay!) and i can't wait for our 10-week appointment coming up so we can hera a heartbeat - that will be BEAUTIFUL!

Ally | 12:22 PM

My son loves to stroke my arm while I him read him to sleep at night. It's like we're soothing each other. LOVE.

menieresmommy | 1:25 PM

My baby buddha hand made from wool. Bought on He is pretty. :)

AUSAcara | 2:46 PM

The owl bag my mother-in-law bought in Thailand that is hanging above our change table (and would match the clock beautifully!)

Cary Milkweed | 4:06 PM

These are the days when the birds come back,/A very few, a bird or two,/to take a backward look. --Emily Dickinson

Love this poem. LOVE it!

hivaleria | 8:54 PM

your babies are beautiful! <3

hivaleria | 8:55 PM

your babies are beautiful <3

Domini | 8:29 AM

Everyone needs an owl clock!

Trisaratops | 10:46 AM

My daughter's eyelashes!

Autumn | 11:02 AM

Last night my husband went in to put our daughter (2) to sleep after I nursed her. He didn't have a shirt on...

Noele: Naked Papa?
Papa: No just not wearing a shirt.
Noele: Sing naked papa, sing!

Heathrow's World | 12:10 PM

My girls golden streaks in her hair. Love them!

Bunny | 12:25 PM

Peace is pretty.

Genesee | 1:17 PM

The way the sun drenched leaves of a persimmon tree match their fruit.

Jodi | 12:34 AM

Something pretty: my twelve year old sister who has leukemia, going to her first middle school dance today! With some glitter and a hairbow tacked to her shiny bald head and all.

Crystal T. | 8:44 AM

My son drew an owl on my whiteboard at work because he knows how much I love owls. The mother's day card he made had a baby owl and a mama owl. He makes me happy. :)

I love your nursery. Okay, the animal heads kinda freak me out but it's a pretty awesome design overall!

Tiffany | 12:56 PM

My something pretty...

I just got engaged to my love of the last 7.5 years and it has totally refreshed our relationship and love for each other!

We are also planning on featuring owls at our wedding!

Lindsay | 5:41 PM

My baby boy waited until 10 months to get any teeth and got 3 on the bottom all in the same week. What an over-achiever. A three tooth smile... nothing cuter.

Steph | 9:01 PM

Something pretty: my 4-y.o. daughter's room is decorated with items pertaining to her favorite band - The Beatles - including the quilt I pulled an all-nighter to finish in time for her 3rd birthday. We just found out this week that I am pregnant, and now I get to create my dream nursery, themed around the artworks of Charley Harper. That clock would look pretty cool in there...

Leslie | 9:20 PM

My younger son turns 1 on November 16. Is that pretty or is that pretty? :)

Meg | 10:49 AM

On Wednesday, I will be 29 weeks pregnant--something amazing, since I miscarried a month before getting pregnant again (can we say oops?) Our baby will be Lorelei Anna Belle, which to us means Strong (Lorelei=singing stone) Graceful (Anna) Beauty (Belle).

alfaandpatsy | 11:08 AM

Something pretty...when I'm nursing my 2 month old and she closes her eyes and gently rests her open hand on the top of my breast. It's adorable and so peaceful.

bbgHappY1 | 6:01 PM

I noticed the Ferdinand story on the bookshelf.
My 4 year old loves that book so much that I end up reading it at least 4 times before she goes to bed.

Hope the twins enjoy it as much as we are.

Love the nursery! Wanna come to Toronto to decorate my home.

Natalie | 6:04 PM

My baby fell asleep in my arms tonight. He (his brother too) is ten months old.

Jen L | 9:33 PM

I'm due with our second in just a few weeks. A few of my best Mama friends hosted a Mamahood celebration party in my honor today, and it was so special and beautiful. It totally made me feel pretty (and loved).

Esther N | 12:21 AM

My son says his older sister is his little Isabella. on occasion when we scold her he tells us not to because she is his. I love the fact that these two love each other so much

FSURia | 12:29 PM

The prettiest thing is that it's my first day back at work, leaving my baby boy at the sitter's...and I get to leave in half an hour to get him!

Rachel | 5:08 AM

I was admiring that clock in the previous pictures! I love it!
My something pretty is hearing my 8 month old son laugh after a week of being sick.

Nicoolmama | 6:27 PM

I just peeked in on my sleeping children:

They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

It never stops amazing me how in love with little creatures I can be!!!

wackymural | 12:13 AM

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