An/The Angelic Moment...

Yes, Archer. Despite your best effort, my love for you still exceeds the googolplexistist infinity.

You are kicking my ass every day and yes, I will keep coming back for more (because that's what mamas do...) But, BUT, BUT... I'm warning you, dude. I will NEVER be your bitch. Step up off me please, babydoll. I'm passing you the peace-pipe (Don't worry. It's made out of legos) and asking, er BEGGING to be your friend again.

Please and thank you,


Thanks for the photo, Todd


Anonymous | 10:11 AM

I have never posted with you before, but your last three posts have compelled me to do so...

Word, mamma, word.

Andrea | 11:00 AM

Ah, yes. The Beg. I've so been there.

And GOD! Those cheeks! *chomp*

kittenpie | 11:30 AM

OMG I love it when you post him up. He is turning from a gorgy baby into such a handsome little man!

motherbumper | 11:34 AM

With a fine momma like you, he couldn't say no to the peace pipe. Bumper thinks he's soooo fine - I think this might be her first crush (Oh SWOON! Can you blame the little lady? I think not).

Sandra | 12:05 PM

That face! It slays me.

My son's favourite thing to say after he's been in trouble for being a monkey is "can we be friends again?"

Good luck with the peace pipe.

Michelle | 6:58 PM

He is adorable! What a precious little face.

gusmomma | 8:34 PM

he is so i said before i think our little men need to meet although i'd be afraid of their master plans to control us, haha...btw, thanks for the recco on the book people of paper...we just ordered a cheap hardcover from amazon...looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous | 8:50 PM

But he looks so angelic.

Her Bad Mother | 7:56 PM

Could we arrange RIGHT NOW for a future marriage between Archer and WonderBaby? Their wills would cancel each other out, maybe.

I have a goat that I could put up as dowry. Is that how these things work?