An/The Angelic Moment...

Yes, Archer. Despite your best effort, my love for you still exceeds the googolplexistist infinity.

You are kicking my ass every day and yes, I will keep coming back for more (because that's what mamas do...) But, BUT, BUT... I'm warning you, dude. I will NEVER be your bitch. Step up off me please, babydoll. I'm passing you the peace-pipe (Don't worry. It's made out of legos) and asking, er BEGGING to be your friend again.

Please and thank you,


Thanks for the photo, Todd


Anonymous | 10:11 AM

I have never posted with you before, but your last three posts have compelled me to do so...

Word, mamma, word.

Andrea | 11:00 AM

Ah, yes. The Beg. I've so been there.

And GOD! Those cheeks! *chomp*

kittenpie | 11:30 AM

OMG I love it when you post him up. He is turning from a gorgy baby into such a handsome little man!

motherbumper | 11:34 AM

With a fine momma like you, he couldn't say no to the peace pipe. Bumper thinks he's soooo fine - I think this might be her first crush (Oh SWOON! Can you blame the little lady? I think not).

Sandra | 12:05 PM

That face! It slays me.

My son's favourite thing to say after he's been in trouble for being a monkey is "can we be friends again?"

Good luck with the peace pipe.

Anonymous | 8:50 PM

But he looks so angelic.

Her Bad Mother | 7:56 PM

Could we arrange RIGHT NOW for a future marriage between Archer and WonderBaby? Their wills would cancel each other out, maybe.

I have a goat that I could put up as dowry. Is that how these things work?