The Archer's Quest

Twas the afternoon the squares appeared, black magic in the dragon's lair...

"This," he thought, "will be an evening of sheer adventure! Quick, Magellan! Throw me my trusty sword!"

"Fine then! No sword! I shall quest without one! Move it, sorceress or I shall signal the serpents!" And his eyes went scarlet red.

The signs were everywhere but his gut told him to disobey them. The force was strong within him. His inner Unicorn whinnied.

...And so he went on...

Stopping only to ask the wizard across the street for directions. Unfortunatley the wizard was busy so the archer would have to wait. He adjusted his cod-piece.

Three hours later and still the wizard was not available for comment. The archer was angry though strong. He summoned the shadows to lead him on his way.

...And he went... Brave and strong, he went.

...Pausing only to headbang to the Siren's guitar solo. Power metal was his weakness, it was true. So true.

And yet, he was headstrong. He kept on, fighting the urge to grow his hair down to his ankles and attend Comic-con 2007.

He followed the stairs into the northern wing of Dagger's Dungeon. Slowly. Slow--ly.

Unfortunatley no one was answering the doorbell and so the archer turned his back on the princess and her doom. Sadly...

... And very slowly. Carefully, moving down the stairs with wounded soul.

But the quest must go on! And so it did. Into the fleeting daylight...

"Where doth the banshee dwell?" The archer wondered, bewildered. Desperate. He was close, he could feel it. He could smell the eye of newt.

But just as suddenly as the banshee appeared, he was gone. Like the speed of light... And away. Far away.

It was getting late. The sun was beginning to turn it's way from mother earth and the Archer was weary from a day so traversed.

And so...The last light of day caressed his weary face and he flagged for his da-gon and disappeared in a whirlwind of trapper-keeper graphics.

Fare thee well.



Anonymous | 7:37 PM

God how I love him.

I have to say that I would love for it to be so nice outside that we could play like that.

And, he has some tough knees :)

Such an explorer.

k.thedoula | 9:18 PM

Must enter some of those photos in the Robeez contest!
Sleep well sweet prince, such wonderful adventures you have! But beware there are "sleeping dragons everywhere!" That great book is in a box, somewhere on my front porch... I wish I could remember the authors name! Great book and who could resist mocha maple chocolate cake and partying in the kitchen all night?! Figure that one should grace Sir Archers bookshelf!

Unknown | 10:05 PM

I. Love. THOSE pants!

Anonymous | 10:12 PM

explore, young man, explore.

kittenpie | 10:52 PM

Okay, I know you said Archer was a hippie the other day, but you two need to lay off the bong, seriously. don't you just have to love the hour long walks that take you nearly, but maybe not quite, one full block?

Mojo | 10:56 PM



kittenpie- HA! We walk up and down the street all day. Actually I walk and Archer crawls and sometimes I get bored and go into Dungeons & Dragons narration. It's sad.

Andrea | 7:08 AM

He is far beyond cute. And your street looks heavenly with the wide sidewalks and the shade trees.

Hopefully he finds his princess the next time.

Sandra | 7:58 AM

Loved that. Archer is the perfect name for this proud explorer. But man those KNEES?! They must be tough.

Ahhh but I remember those walks when I was so bored I'd go into Dungeons & Dragons narration in my head....

Now we run at warp speed!

Gina | 9:49 AM

The narration was FABULOUS! What a great story!

Mom101 | 1:55 PM

What a tale you do weave, magyckal one! As if the photos of a baby crawling alone down a pristine sidewalk could have gotten any more enjoyable. And yet, you achieved that very thing.

I'm sorry he couldn't find Lady Thalia. But he would have really done a number on those knees crawling to Brooklyn.

BabyonBored | 8:38 PM

That was fucking genius. I was going to blog but now I just don't know if I can live up to this. All right! I'll try!

Unknown | 3:23 AM

Wow! That was BRILLIANT!

I bet Archer sleeps well after his adventures.

How neat are your sidewalks!!!

Anonymous | 3:30 AM

How adorable is he! Hope you've printed this out for him.

Anonymous | 2:02 PM

How imaginative!! Great writing....Do you make up bedtime stories for him, too? You need to write these down, girl (oh wait....I think you did...)! Archer will be so pround to show off his lyrical mam's prose to his chillin's. Did you write this with a caffeine buzz on??

Kristen | 12:56 PM

That was so classic. Those pictures of him crawling are adorable.