The Mirror

Today Archer found to his delight,
That he could multiply overnight...

And of course, his mother (yes that's me)
Snapped endless photos, look and see!*


*If you're interested and/or a family member who comes to this site to see Archer and not to read my rants and raves and stories about going to the gynecologist. Heh.


Andrea | 5:50 PM

Aw, the mirror of forever. I loved those things as a kid.

Mom101 | 7:49 PM

Just when I was wondering if there is anything cuter than Archer...infinite Archers.

Anonymous | 6:43 AM

Not to fret GGC - my oldest walked at 16 months and my youngest at 15 months. They both just could get where they wanted to be faster by crawling. Even after they walked, they preferred to crawl. Although I will say no one EVER laid hands on my child that wasn't somehow realted. That's just plain rude. Archer will walk when he's ready. Enjoy your little commando - in spite of what other's think.

Kat | 6:43 AM

I love that Archer looks a little unsure about seeing so many other little Archers!