GGC's Top Five Weekend Rec's:

1. Project Runway- I'm pretty sure many of you are watching PR, so let's please talk about my girl-crush, Alison getting the axe last week and the bitch of my nightmares causing me to do horrific things to the TV because I hate her guts. She is the single worst human being ever. I hate everything about her. I hate her designs. I hate her smirk and the fact she sleeps in her clothes and wears fucking jodhpers and Swarovski crystal necklines on her St. John Knits. I hate her plain-jane-blah boring dresses and her arrogance and I will end her. Can you tell that I'm convulsing with hate.

Agree? Disagree? WTF is she DOING on the show? And WHY did they give my lady the boot? WHY!!!?? Let's talk, people.

2. Library Thing- I just added this to my GGC sidebar (see below) and am newly obsessed. It's like a bookshelf on your blog. Try it and then we can be book friends. (Please don't make fun of my obsession with Henry Miller.)

3.Tom Ford for Estee Lauder Body Oil Spray - A gift from Uncle Frank. Smells like summer and heaven combined on a platter. LOVE.

4. Joes Jeans- Dare I say the new, improved Mom jean? I've been loving Joes for a while. I especially love "the lover" cut. Waaaaaay cuter than Lees, right? Soft. Comfy. Amazing fit. Chase your kids around in style, please. Fashion should be on every Mom's to-do list, even when you're SAHMing it. Totes, yo.

5. Babylegs- Some babies are still crawling at fifteen months, *COUGH* and need as much help as they can get. I just found out about these and had to have them. How adorable are the little bones!? Way cute and now Archer can drag himself up and down the block any ol' time. Skinned knees no more! Wooooohooo!!!

Happy weekending!

Sunday night update: It seems Blogger is being a bit testy and somehow deleted all comments. Also deleted was my library thing buddy. I'm looking into this now. Thanks, The Momagement.



kirida | 5:11 AM

At first I was going to give Laura props for having five kids and a career, but then she turned out to be an outright hag! I hate that annoying look of superiority she carries around. She must have five hag children who live under a bridge she designed. According to this interview, Allison says that Heidi Klum turned on her and that the whole model debacle was out of her control. They're probably going to get rid of the uber-cool Uli, too, because she doesn't bring the drama like the rest of those weirdos. What gives, PR?

And why does that picture make me want to sing, "Ebony and Ivory"? Is that wrong?

Karen | 5:31 AM

Good picks.

As a side note, Lizzy crawled exclusively until she was 18 months. One day she got up, and walked away.

Andrea | 7:16 AM

Okay, now i'm hooked on the library thing. Don't laugh though. Some of them are really old.

kittenpie | 8:03 AM

Ah, I've just been waiting to have some time to get at my shelves to do the Library Thing!

And ooh, I just got some cute new pants m'self. One pair of nice jeans (though a litle long, we'll see if they shrink) from Esprit - who knew they were still aroudn, right? Apparently making some sort of comeback, but whatever, cute jeans.

And WTF? You're putting Flashdance legwarmers on your boy? I don't know about this...

Anonymous | 8:23 AM

OMG I was going to tell you about Baby Legs after watching Archer crawl up and down my driveway last week, but I couldn't remember what they were called. An online friend of mine knows the woman that designed them. She is a SAHM and having great success. They are also very cute on arms when it is chilly outside.

Anonymous | 3:38 PM

I too was pissed and mortified at the same time when Alison got the boot! How does Vincent keep missing the axe? He's a freakin' nutso! I kept waiting to see if Bradley or Vincent would have their breakdown on the show. They need serious medication. In response to Laura, well, I do like some of her stuff; but her smug attitude is really putting me off. Think what it's like to be one of her kids? Thanks for letting me vent! Bama Mom

OhTheJoys | 5:53 PM

I love the library thing. I've just started, but it's HERE. Thanks for that!

Unknown | 6:27 PM

that is so funny, because I JUST ORDERED some baby legs not even 2 minutes ago.

Anonymous | 8:42 PM

I'm sooooo there! I can't believe Alison got the boot when people like Vincent (who should have got kicked off after his stupid basket hat) and Laura (what a bitch!!!!!!!) are allowed to stay.

I think those two are still on for the same reason Wendy Pepper made it to the final three last season.

Because it gets the viewers ANGRY!


Anonymous | 10:04 PM

Those baby legs are completely and totally adorable. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

If you love baby legs, you might like Bees Knees. GREAT for active crawlers. My littls guy is 10 months, and just starting to show signs of crawling. I'm off for some bees knees soon :)

Anonymous | 1:41 PM

At least Laura jumped all over Vincent in defense of Alison (and you know that's going to bite her in the ass). That made her OK in my book.

I feel your pain with Archer and not crawling. At 17 months Chance still isn't talking (whereas his entire playgroup is reciting fucking soliloquys). gah!

P.S. I'm still obsessing over your and HBM's body image stories, but at the time I couldn't get my head together enough to formulate coherent comments. Post to come.

Anonymous | 3:35 PM

BabyLegs are life savers around here. Great in the winter around the house, so easy for diaper changes. I just gave a bunch of new ones away on my blogs too!

d_evans | 5:32 PM

I could not agree with you more over Allison getting the boot! I was sooo ticked. Why why why is Vincent still there??!?!?!

Unknown | 5:52 PM

and another thing that is weird is my name is Laura and my daughter's name is Alison. I flenched a little reading the comments.

Kat | 7:07 AM

I figured that there had to be some kind of behind the scenes action with Alison's auf'ing. Although her clothing didn't inspire me, I did appreciate her personal style and construction skills.

I don't mind Laura...but I do think she's a one-trick pony, and I am surprised that none of the judges have called her on it. And, I liked how she turned her bitchiness against Vincent at the end of the episode! And, why is Vincent still here? Is he the "Wendy Pepper" of this season? Grrrr! And, in closing - I LOVE MICHAEL KNIGHT. :)

beth | 10:17 AM

I'm totally new to your blog and I just discovered PR this week. Glad to know I am not the only one that was devastated by the loss of Allison. Vincent is the one I really despise though.

My son is 15 months and JUST STARTED walking a few weeks ago. It happens all of a sudden. Wish I'd know about the babylegs. Of course, he does still crawl a lot when he is outside...

Anonymous | 3:09 PM

Questions on Jeoprady about the 40's, 50', 60', 70', and 80's are up my alley- as long as rock n' roll is not included. But - now - all this talk about CURRENT tv wipes me out.Project Runway???? In the old days, we watched more entertaining test patterns....!