This Little Hippie O' Mine...

...Is so cute I had to eat him.

The Thinker

Tasted like chicken.



Karen | 12:39 PM

Funny. Cute and funny.

In the spirit of the warm fuzzies spoken of over at Pajama Mama and Chicken and Cheese, I wanted to tell you and Archer that I read here every day because I think you're one of the best undiscovereds out there. When your novel is published, I will be the first in line, crying "I read her blog!"

Anonymous | 2:18 PM

What a gorgeous face. Hello, trouble in his later years, what with that face. And the girls. Oy.

Jill | 6:23 PM

Funny, I thought maybe he would taste like tofu. Really cute tofu - but still tofu.

Her Bad Mother | 7:17 PM

Ummmmm, yum. I was thinking chocolate cake. With buttercream frosting center. Mmm.

Unknown | 7:23 PM

Ahh... Archer, the other white meat.

Heather | 7:54 PM

Wow. For some reason I thought that was so hilarious.

Tasted like chicken. Bwaaahhhaahaaa!

Of course I laugh all the time reading your blog. With you, of course, not at you. I swear.


Eeeeeek! I know! Tre delish!

P.S. Karen- thank you so much. Wow. Truly, thank you. I'm hoping to hear something soon. Sigh.

Gina | 9:45 PM

Ditto what Karen said... you really are amazing at what you do, lady! I will always be a fan!

That Archer... he's big enough to share... I can't believe you feasted on him all by yourself! I wanna eat my child daily too... it suffices to nibble on his ear lobes some days. Or just gnaw on a leg or neck or nose or toe...

Nicole R. | 9:55 PM

What a soulful look. And really, could his hairdo be any cuter? I like the cropped Joe Strummer bit over the ear, as well as the sweet baby tuft sticking out at the back.

Cristina | 10:53 PM

I totally ate my son the other day too. Mmmm. They ARE tasty aren't they!

Archer is a cutie :)

kittenpie | 9:56 AM

OMG I love it when you post Archer pics. He IS yummy! You will be permitted to put him on the preapproved list of Pumpkinpie's future suitors...

Kristen | 10:33 AM

Well, at least you'll have these adorable pictures to remember him by. (So freakin' cute.)

Andrea | 10:51 AM

I've been taking bites out of my son since he was born. He's so tasty.

Anonymous | 4:22 PM

They stop letting you do that at around age 10. Enjoy it while you can!

Suburban Turmoil | 7:13 PM

Wow. He has the face of a museum portrait. Timeless.

And I'm thinking dulce de leche ice cream, personally...

Keri | 8:26 PM

Heh. He looks so much like you! Such a cuuuuutie! =)

Alisyn | 12:00 AM

I've always been a sucker for hippy boys. Archer is no exception.

He reminds me a lot of you in this picture...

Julie Julie Bo Boolie | 6:14 PM

Hahahah.. we used to tell Sarah that we were going to have Sarah-Chicken for supper and she'd tell us with all the authority a 3 year old could muster that she was "Sarah-NOT-Chicken!"

Too funny :) Very sweet baby!