Dead Computer. Will Resume Blogging ASAP

... Um, hello? Ibook? Broken? Dead as a door-nail? (What is it to be a dead door-nail, BTW?) I will resume blogging as soon as I have a machine.

Now, please mourn with me:

RIP IBook. I'll miss your temperamental nature and constant attitude. You were a total bitch but I loved you nonetheless. You had issues, yes, but you also had spunk and I wrote many a word on your face. Thank you for that. Goodbye, friend and fare thee well...

GGC (Girl Gone Computer-less)


SuperWife | 4:47 AM

Seriously bumatational!!

Andrea | 6:12 AM

Ah! Come back fast! Though I know it's expensive replacing a computer.

Tell your dead iBook to say hi to my dead iBook. Maybe they can be friends in computer purgatory. Cuz you know that's where they all end up, temperamental bitchez.

Pendullum | 6:45 AM

My ibook has come to pay tribute to your dead one...
I think they come from a long line of nasty sisters...
and mine is holding out with a bottle of Jack Daniels at your ibook's wake!!!

Karen | 8:39 AM

Talk to my sister, Amy. Her brand new iBook just bit the big one, too.

My sympathies, and a moment of silence.

Anonymous | 9:06 AM

TTFN iBook, but seriously.. inanimate objects can be replaced. You? I need you to keep blogging! Start a paypal donation fund to buy a new one, hun!

Anonymous | 9:21 AM

Dead as door nail comes from back in the day when nails were expensive. Doors were constructed with nails, and those nail tips were bent after being put in the door so that they would not be taken out and reused. They were dead, like your ibook. My 7th grade teacher taught me that.

Mom101 | 3:26 PM

And there's the universe for ya. 50 million blogs out there and teh computer has to go conk out one of the very best ones.

pixie sticks | 3:41 PM

Such sucky timing on the computer, I've been watching for your guest appearance on Hot Mamma Drama...

Denice | 6:19 PM

As a Mac lover, I share in mourning your loss. But mostly, I mourn the loss of your witty words each day. Replace that baby soon!

Monogram Momma | 6:37 PM

I've refreshed hot Momma like a thousand times today waiting for your witty words and celebrity dish! I need my fix so hurry back! Please!

Her Bad Mother | 7:19 PM

Rest in Peace, IBook.

(There will be a funeral, no doubt?)

BabyonBored | 8:56 PM

Go with God sweet IBook. Rest your weary head on a nice dirty diaper in the dump you shall call heaven.

Anonymous | 12:27 AM

I would like to let you all know that she has just indulged herself in a brand-spanking new Macbook. It's very pretty (just like her) and the fact that it hasn't crashed once since she's been on it (6 hours) has brought a single golden tear to her eye. GGC is not the aforementioned "Girl Gone Computerless" for it is now "Girl Got Computer." She will now bring you back to the previously scheduled programming.