GGC's Top Five Weekend Recommendations Vol. 2

1. QuinceaƱera: Produced by a friend. Sundance darling. In theatres now. Go see it.

2. Soytzel Pretzel Sticks: Low Carb, High protein. Tre Delish. Trader Joe's. (Ack! Sorry, I don't shop anywhere else.)

3. Naissance on Melrose (NOM): For all of my pregnant bitches, NOM was my one-stop shop for all of my maternity clothes and I secretly browse their merch monthly to covet the cute. Check the Lola Dress. Perfection.

4. The Archer omelet: (2) Eggs, (1) handful of spinach, (1) piece of Swiss cheese. Mix in pan and viola! The perfect breakfast for baby. (Top with plain yogurt to cool for little mouths.)

5. Herbal fucking tea. (Today I invented the pomegranatea Latte. It's not bad if you have no choice.)

Happy Weekending!



jess | 11:56 PM

pomegranatea latte...disturbing

Cristina | 1:08 AM

great omlette recipe and good timing for my breakfast tomorrow!

Suburban Turmoil | 7:16 AM

I've seen Naissance. Couldn't get anyone to stop the car so I could shop, but I did almost leap out of a moving vehicle trying to get there! :)

Anonymous | 11:15 AM

Pamagranatea latte???Eeewwww. Not sure about that one!!LOL

Unknown | 6:20 PM

haha. I thought of you today when i was sipping my precious cup of coffee. I don't get it often because it makes the baby CRAZY (I'm breastfeeding). But.. her dad was staying with her all morning...

Anonymous | 10:11 PM

AW man, I'm spewing I didn't know about that store when I was preggo. Those are some hot maternity clothes.

Could never get into tea, herbal or otherwise. It's a shame, since there's this awesome little teashop near my place. I go in there just to smell the stuff and look at the texture. I love the teas with the little flowery bits in them. Can't stand to drink it, though.

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

does anyone know where to get soytzels? Trader Joes discontinued them.