Married Life

Husband: You look a little like Woody Allen right now.

Me: Oh.

Husband: What? It's just the way you're sitting with your ponytail and your glasses. You look a little bit like him, that's all. Not in like a bad way.

Me: Hm. Gotcha. Well, then!...

Husband: What? You do! Don't believe me? One sec (goes to get camera, takes photo of me, laughs at my Woody Allenness, passes camera over to me.) See? You look like Woody Allen.

Did I look like Woody Allen in the picture? Maybe, but the point is, before marriage NO ONE would ever say so to my face. Now? I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to take "You look like Woody Allen" as a compliment.

It's just that once upon a time compliments sounded a little bit different, that's all. Now it's, "you look like an 70-year-old Jewish man who married his daughter."

Say it with me, ladies, "OY TO THE EFFING VEY."



Anonymous | 10:39 PM

Never in a million years would I think that you actually look like Woody ... it's just something that popped in my head at that precise moment. Most of the time, you look like a princess. A princess who, under her merciful rule, instills peace and beauty to all of her disciples. The End.

Bluepaintred | 11:07 PM

so uh, does he have one black eye or two?

ps. how do I get my husband to read my blog much less comment on it LMAO

Gina | 11:17 PM

Great recovery Mr. Husband! I agree, GGC you don't look like Woody (or any man for that matter). Great story though! I appreciate you sharing hilarious scenes like this! You never fail to make me smile!

Check out my prom date on my blog tonight.

Unknown | 1:48 AM

Aawww, you have to forgive him for his lovely comment.
The thing is, I really do look like a 70yr old man first thing in the morning but my husband knows to keep his trap shut and to let my puffy wrinkly face smooth out in its own time.

Amy | 5:58 AM

My hub told me once I had hair like George Harrison. He, too, considered it a compliment.

Oy effing vey.

Anonymous | 11:06 AM

you're HOT! SAN FRANSISCO HERE WE COME! sooooo excited! thanks for agreeing to letting me treat archer to a trip! the first of many to come. i think for his 2nd bday we should try NY. ;)

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

I've heard large elephant - not sure if I'd rather Woody or that.

Anonymous | 4:59 PM

Funny how marriage changes the face of a compliment. Now where's the Woody Allen-like pic of you? ;)

Heather | 6:46 PM

I wondered the same thing...where is this photo so we can be accurate and fair in our judgements of your hubby??

I took a photo of myself and my son last month and then showed it to him. He took one look and said "Boppa". So apparently I look like a 65-year-old bald man.


Oh no way was I posting that pic. I deleted it immediatley. Can't be posting anything that might hurt my presidential campaign 2028.

Anonymous | 8:33 PM

Too bad there will be no sharing of the photo. That was hilarious! It doesn't matter how long your married, they will always get their foot stuck in their mouth and then try to be all it was a compliment. Geesh! Funny!

kittenpie | 12:18 PM

Ha, they are so clueless sometimes, it's like they don't hear themselves.

Jenn | 12:20 PM

Awwww I thought you were gonna post the Woody Allen look alike picture!!! Darn! Of course I WOULDN'T have posted a picture like that of myself.....but thought maybe you would. LOL

Cristina | 5:40 PM

LMAO. At least you have honesty in your marriage!

Jaelithe | 9:57 PM

I swear, there needs to be a marriage instruction manual for husbands. But even if there were such a thing, could we get them to read it?