Back in Black (minus the Black)

I'm back with a shiny new Macbook. PHEW, that day and a half without a computer was HELL.

I'm also guest blogging at Hot Momma Drama for the next week while Hot Momma gives the ol' heave ho, push-baby-push out of her va-goo-goo (childbirth).

Come check me out while I try to figure out how to use photobucket and try not to make fun of Britney Spears every chance I get.



Anonymous | 9:56 PM

I just got a new Macbook a few weeks ago and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Did you get black or white? How I survived using a desktop and WIRED internet all these years, I do not know! Enjoy!


She's a whitey and she's magnificent. Gawd, all this time working on my janky ol Ibook. This thing is AWESOME! I'm obsessed with the photobooth and garage band. I already have recorded six full-length albums. Maybe I should, um, go to bed now.

Anonymous | 7:33 AM

glad to see you're back in action! i just got the white macbook, too. i haven't had very much time to play w/ it yet, tho. my first apple. how do you right click?

Anonymous | 12:46 PM

Ahh we have matching puters. The photobooth is cool, eh?