GGC'S Top Five Weekend Recommendations

1. Weeds, Season One on DVD. (Once you get past the first three episodes, it's really good.)

2. Trader Joe's Frozen Strawberries dipped in white chocolate. (Holy, shityum)

3. People of Paper By: Salvador Plascencia (Some genius at McSweeney's decided to stop printing one of the finest novels of the past 50 years. It's fucking perfect and now it's out of print. Buy your copy before the used copies disappear.)

4. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Sooooooo funny. Gooooooooo see it.

5. Gerber's Sweet Potato Veggie Puffs. (Is anyone else addicted? I think I've finished three canisters this weekend alone. Oy to Mutha-vey.)

Happy Weekending.



Kristen | 8:22 AM

The previews alone for The Ballad of Ricky Bobby had me rolling in the theater - now I'm even more convinced that I need to see it. And those strawberries sound amazing.


The starwberries-- they are my salvation and Sascha Barron Cohen is just, well... I heart him.


*straw but starberries sound amazing! Where can I get some?

Anonymous | 9:09 AM

mmm becca i love the strawberries! and that was the best movie ive ever seen. lol. not sure about the veggie puffs...

motherbumper | 10:48 AM

Great, two new food addictions for me to add to my ever-growing list... sigh. Ahhh I'm just kidding. I love my food addiction baby! And yeah, gotta see the Ballad of Ricky Bobby just for the Team Perrier driver... props to Borat baby ;) Have a great weekend GGC. Stay cool.

Gina | 12:25 PM

Thanks for the advice! I am gettin' me the book and the puffs!

Sandra | 12:28 PM

Great recos. I love Weeds - after it got going it is awesome. And Ricky Bobby...everytime I see the preview on TV I am laughing so I am sure I'll be peeing my pants in the theatre. Litterally 'cause I'm a mama that fears big guffas don't ya know :)

Nicole R. | 8:19 PM

Should I actually skip the first few episodes of "Weeds"? My brother is out of town so I picked up his Netflix and he has disc 1 and 2. With the baby I won't have time to watch it all, so I want to maximize my enjoyment before my bro returns and reclaims his DVDs.

BabyonBored | 8:47 PM

Wow, I can totally see why you got advised to post more often. I mean, every day just seems kind off slackerish. Why not twice a day or three times?

I lurve this blog with all my heart and will continue reading all of your posts. Thanks for the love letter to L.A. too! I myself have spent many an afternoon at Runyan.

Namito | 6:16 AM an entire box of those frozen strawberries in one sitting.

Mom crack. I'd totally do it again.

Her Bad Mother | 2:12 PM

#5? MMMMMMM!!!!!!


Anonymous | 7:13 PM

I second your praise for Ricky Bobby. When that drunk dude threatened to put his grandsons in the microwave if they didn't watch their mouths, I peed a little.