C is for Chicken Pox...

V is for Vaccine.

W is for "Woops! The vaccine gave him chicken pox!"

S is for solitary confinement.

A is for annoyed that we have spent the last three days indoors and when we do leave the house we have to hide Archer under a tarp as not to scare anyone.

U is for "Unusual. This is very unusual for the vaccine to actually give the child chicken pox."

D is for "Duh! So is a car-jacking and the botched circumcision I have not yet posted about (YET!) and, and, and ... Basically we have been hearing a lot of "this is VERY unusual" lately. Call me crazy but I'm waiting for something to actually BE "usual."

O is for Oh well. It could be worse. It could always be worse.

B is for bored. We are extremely bored. B-O-R-E-D.

H is for heatwave, as in it's been 789 degrees every day and the kiddy pool is not big enough for my postpardum ass.

S is for support as in "tech support" as in, has this ever happened to your child? Use your words, please.

G is for GGC


Anonymous | 3:39 PM

Still laughing..not at you, with you. And no, none of mine ever got CP from the vaccine because none of them were vaccinated for CP. My 3 oldest got it when they were 6,4 and 1. That was one hellish week. Now, if we lived closer to you, I could bring my 4 year old over. She and Archer could share a lolly. I want her to get them before she gets much older.

Hang in there, momma. It will soon be but a fond memory:)

Cristina | 4:08 PM

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry that the vaccine gave your son Chicken Pox. I don't have any experience with this so I'm sorry I can't help, but I hope he feels better soon.

P.S. Aren't vaccines supposed to PREVENT disease? Sheesh.

Anonymous | 4:39 PM

Yeah. We skipped those damn vaxes. Sorry man. That sucks. Wish I were there - we could all play together.

Anonymous | 4:41 PM

Tacy got the pox in spite of having been vaccinated. Granted, it was a very mild case, but I was still stuck at home with her for a week.

Wait. That doesn't sound right. Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway. Does he have the classic symptoms - fever, lethargy, new spots appearing for 3-5 days, dozens of spots total, all that good stuff? Can they culture one of the blisters to be sure that's what he's got?

In any case, I'm sorry.

Mom101 | 4:48 PM

Oh no no no no no no no. Haven't been there but mounds of sympathy. That sucks. At least he won't get it in second grade and make his sister miss a big trip she was looking forward to for months, making her hate Jeff. Er...I mean Archer.


Hahaha! Well, he doesn't have a fever and/or lethargic. He's been a bit cranky but it's mighty hot here so, yeah. The doctor says its super-duper rare and that she has read something like three cases of this happening. Usually there is one or two blisters and thats it. Archer has around thirty and in weird places like his ear. Fortunatley he isn't itching and doesn't seem bothered. It's a mild form of the C-pox so that's good. I remember how terrible it was as a child, getting C-pox so at least he's straight chillin... sigh.

toyfoto | 5:34 PM

Wow. Does that mean the virus they use is LIVE? weird.
I hope that's the end of your weird experiences for a while.

Anonymous | 7:03 PM

Yuck, yuck, yuck. I was seven when I had the chicken pox, and I still bear the scars. I wonder why your doctor said it was "unusual" for a child to display symtoms after he had been injected with the (albeit weakened) virus. I have to be honest, vaccines freak me out--not the needle part, just the disease part. Here's hoping Archer feels better soon


Yeah. The whole medical world freaks me out, truth be told. Especially now. Sigh...

MIM- totally agree. It seems like it would happen more often with the virus being injected into the peep and all.

ms blue | 10:07 PM

I was hesitant in getting the vaccine for my oldest daughter but we did. Luckily she was not a rare case. Now I'll feel nervous again with our youngest.

It seemed like such a rite of passage in Grade 1 when we all caught the chicken pox within weeks.

I hope Archer is better fast.

Anonymous | 4:55 AM

Haven't had the chicken pox, but yes to the botched circumcision.
Hope little man gets over them both!

Sandra | 5:30 AM

Hope Archer is feeling better soon!

This happened to the children of two of my friends so I haven't yet given the vaccine to my son. He is supposed to get it (several years late) next week.

I wish I had some tech support to offer ... all I got is hang in there ...

Kacey | 6:26 AM

Tater and Tot both had the vaccine. We didn't have an adverse effect, but were warned about it prior to the shot. So sorry - and I'm glad he isn't itching reallly bad!!

Chris | 6:46 AM

Haven't been through chicken pox with either of my kids. Hope you guys make it through with your sanity intact.

And thanks for posting that Ben Folds vid the other day. Hadn't seen that one before.

Kristen | 7:29 AM

Wow, that really sucks... No, I've never been through this either, but I'm glad that Archer doesn't seem too miserable, at least. Poor guy, having to be covered with a tarp in public. ;-)

Anonymous | 8:22 AM

I skipped this certain vax but my ped told me it is a normal reation 2get the pox after the fact because it is a live vax not dead. She also said even getting the vax won't make him immune the only thing that will would be to actually get the pox like we all did as kids. But if he doesn't get it by 12 to go ahead and get the shot because then is turns into 2 shots and the side effects of the pox are dangerous.

Kat | 9:06 AM

I don't have kids yet - but I'm going to put my 2 cents in, since that is what I do. :)

I am a strong believer in vaccinations for children....except this chick pox vaccine. I find it - dare I say - unnecessary. My mother threw us in a bathtub with an infected cousin, and low and behold, a week later we had the pox. Two weeks later we were cleared up, and done with it! (I don't even have any cool scars...bummer)

Just keep the calamine lotion handy, and watch those hands on little Archer. You guys have had it right?!

Gina | 9:37 AM

Maybe I should get the vaccine for Liam so he has it early like this. I hear the vaccine tends to give them the pox, so I've avoided it, but I would hate for him to get it later and for it to be way worse... something to discuss with the hubby...

Get well soon, Archer! Sorry the weather is so hot! Good luck!!!

Christina | 9:47 AM

That's some major suckage you've got going on there. I'm sorry the poor guy got the pox from the vaccine - I didn't even know that was possible!

At least the younger you get it, the more mild it tends to be. If he starts to itch, oatmeal baths do wonders to soothe the skin (and prevent scarring).

Perstephone | 10:16 AM

Poor you guys. I'm so torn about giving this vaccination. I do know that these days there are some public schools that will not let you enter your child without the vaccine, which I find to be rather pushy.

I am interested in the circumcision story in case you need a little motivation!


Yeah. He's not itchy yet so thank goodness! He's just spotted. As far as the circ story goes... we have a lot of shit going down with doctors and malpractice bullshit and I'm kind of in the middle of it all. When it's "sorted" I will be posting ESPECIALLY because I'm all for educating new moms about being aware that circumcisions are commonly performed improperly and to know this going in. Anyway, yeah... to be continued.

Anonymous | 11:54 AM

My oldest is the only child to get the vaccine (I just allowed them to give it to him, bad mom!). He broke out within a week. It actually won't even keep him from getting it again later! Unless the vaccine to the south of my border is different?! Neither of my other two have had the vaccine, or the "naturally occuring virus"... yet.
Sorry about the circ. issue. Hope it resolves well. Looking forward to the informed mama post!

Anonymous | 12:00 PM

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea this could even happen and if it did I would FREAK OUT. Good to know that while it's unpleasant, he's ok.. Hoping for a speedy recovery and with the botched circ? Poor dude. Please share it when you can..

Mel | 12:25 PM

Did you say the vaccine was given to him on his... peep?
Oh, tell me I read that wrong. Because my legs are tightly crossed, and I'm not even an "outie."
Re: botched circ., my nephew had one of those. Poor Archer, he's had a rough run with the medicos.


Nah, I meant peep as in "sup my peeps!" as in a person/people. Ha! DUDE! What's up with all the botched circs. That's it. I'm calling Oprah. Damn, I hate Oprah. I'm calling Hard Copy. Does Hard Copy even exist anymore?

Canadian Mommy | 12:55 PM

Aw! I was lucky that didn't happen here, but it could to the next one I guess. Here's to a speedy recovery, and at least he isn't old enough to really scratch with purpose and get a funky dent in his skin. Yup, right between my eyebrows.

carrie | 1:08 PM

OH, so sorry about the bad reaction to the vaccine. Bad luck (or rare occurrences in your case) comes in 3's right? So, you're on the road to normal as soon as the little guy is feeling better! At least he won't remember any of it, I was 12 and mentally scarred for life!


Anonymous | 1:09 PM

Oh no! What suckage. Poor Archer. And poor Momz! I hope he's not too uncomfortable, and that you've both been able to conquer the boredom.

Anonymous | 3:36 PM

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME I AM SO BORED AND HOT AND THE MAMA DOWN THE STREET IS KILLING ME WITH THE BORING AND DOES THIS MEAN YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO HAVE PLAYDATES??? I mean, poor Archer! Poor, poor babe. Poor, poor mama dealing with chicken pox. Ummmm, he's not still contagious though, is he? Poor, poor babe. Poor, poor mama.

See? Me commenting? I feel brave.

Anonymous | 4:54 PM

My uncle (my cousin Lauren's dad) is one of the best docs in CA. I'm gonna make you start seeing him. No joke.

Stacy | 7:14 PM

Yuck, that's all I can say. Chicken pox sucks but at least you'll have it over with soon enough. Hang in there!

Chicky Chicky Baby | 8:09 PM

Aw, lady, that sucks. Hard. Chicken pox at his age? I can't imagine.

You've had a run of bad luck for sure, but imagine the good luck coming to you after dealing with all this shite.

Anonymous | 11:00 PM

Yes, this has happened to my kid and many others I know of -- so it isn't all that unusual... A pretty worthless vaccine IMO. Poor kid.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

Hey Stephanie and other moms out there,

Do some research on vaccine policy in your state. The schools will TELL you that your kid has to be vaccinated, but you can legally opt out of any or all vaccines, depending on the laws in your state. Most have a medical exemption (like if your kid is allergic to eggs, they can be exempt from certain vaccines that are cultured in chicken eggs), or many states have either/or a religious or philosophical exemption (basically, I just don't want a certain vaccine for your child). And you can always delay certain vaccines for your child. Don't let doctors bully you. We "fired" my daughter's first pediatrician because we were delaying certain vaccines, and she wasn't understanding or helpful at all. (Actually she gave us an ultimatum that we had to have her vaccinated by 6 months or we had to leave her practice...so we left after her 2 month checkup.) You are in charge of your child's health, so learn all you can! And hooray for GCC--keepin' it real on educating moms!

Her Bad Mother | 8:25 AM

Have no advice. Wish that I did.

Well, there's this: Sit in that pool, or with your feet in that pool, and have a very cold, very dry martini.

And contemplate your unusual future.

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

really, can someone discuss their botched circumcision?
Either GGC OR Kate OR Mel.
That's already THREE!
How often DOES this happen?
and can you define botched?
how botched, IS a botched circumcision?
GGC have you called Hard Copy yet?

Boutros | 9:55 AM

No kids here, but that happened to me with the measles when I was a baby. Caused me to spike a mighty high fever at 6 mos.


Alex... circs are commonly done improperly I have found. I have yet to post because we have a pending apointment with the Urologist as soon as the pox go away. Usually they don't take enough off and/or take too much. Often it is even worse. Thankfully for Archer they took off too little. He is not considred circumcised at all so the doctors have to re-do in surgery. My OB is a top Beverly Hills doc, he's no hack. Perhaps that was the problem. The Tortoise and the Hare.

Unknown | 12:00 PM

We dont have a CP vaccine in the Uk (at least Im pretty sure we dont?!) My eldest had it at 10months and my eldest daughter had it at 4yrs. I would say the younger age was preferrable in our experience. The only scars he got were from the ones that I picked (sssh!) He has a cool looking scar on his eyebrow that you can only see very close up, that looks like he had a piercing in it.

Anonymous | 12:21 PM

so sorry GGC..that sux..poor Archer and poor mama...hope it hops on the first train outta town in no time..

Andrea | 12:25 PM

I've only heard of the vaccine giving the disease in cases of influenza. I don't know why I thought it was only the flu that it could happen with.

Hope Archer is feeling good soon, and good luck with the Urologist. Hopefully things work out and quickly. What a sucky thing to have to go through!

Mel | 5:02 PM

My nephew's botch was the same thing as Archer's ... his parents had to keep peeling back his poor little foreskin remnant so it wouldn't graft to his penis. He went in at like three or four to get it re-done, finally. Poor, poor kid. And poor mom, having to hurt her boy's *peep* like that every time she changed a dipe or he went potty.
And thank god you clarified that for me, GGC... I bout wet myself the first time I read that. :)

Anonymous | 7:18 AM

Thanks for the clarification.

Poor little Archer.
Good luck with the CP, and the next appointment and eventually the surgery.
Poor cute little baby.

Anonymous | 7:54 AM

Stephanie commented that some public schools don't permit unvax'd kids to enter.... Just wanted to clarify that in California a parent can refuse vaccines for any reason (religious, medical, personal) and the public schools must accept the kids. If there is an outbreak of some kind, the kid needs to stay home until it passes. However, many private schools won't accept the vaccine waiver. And many states are more strict on vaccine waivers, requiring medical reasons (e.g. past vaccine reaction, allergy, etc.).

mama without instructions | 12:46 PM

a good friend's kiddo got the pox about a month after the vax. she was told that it's not that unusual of an occurrence. i am avoiding it altogether. good luck. at least you know he will be immune and you won't have to deal with this one again!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:13 AM
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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:16 AM

(Adventures in Babywearing)

I am sure you've gotten plenty of comments to read here, but you'll probably find that it is NOT uncommon that a person get the disease they were vaccinated against... anyhoo- just on the news recently here in Chicago- 48 students got the chicken pox. 43 had been vaccinated. Apparently the vaccine didn't work, so they are recommending getting another one. Wha?

Anonymous | 8:32 PM

Any chance that your child was exposed to the virus (up to 4 weeks) before getting the vaccine? Could have been a random child you passed at the mall...but yes vaccines do sometimes give the virus, if the vaccine contains live virus in order for the child to create antibodies. Wouldn't it suck if your child got it later if you hadn't vaccinated and got brain damage or died? It happened in my neck of the woods. Your situation is not as shocking to me as apparently it was to the previous commenters. Sounds like you've had a serious murphy's law problem going on around your place lately.


boodafli | 2:23 PM

yeah. not uncommon. 2 mommies here in SC have had the same problem with the vax giving the disease. that i know of, i'm sure there's more than 2 in all of SC, lol.

you know, you don't have to get the circ redone...it's not a totally neccesary procedure, and if you leave whats left, he'll just have a regular foreskin. which, while some people think it's weird looking, is totally an asset in the bedroom. natch. plus, it's not like he'll be that weird in the locker room, either. a lot of mommas are choosing not to circ. i have a girl,so it wasn't an issue for me. but i know my babydaddy isn't at all happy that he was circd. so, just a different point of view.

sorry you're having such a bad week.

Elaine | 5:41 PM

My 1yo got CP from a vaxed kid, so yeah, it seems to be much less unusual than they say. So far, our girls are totally unvaxed at age 1 and 3. We'll do a few down the line but that one won't be making the cut (or the jab). Sorry you're having such a hard time!

Anonymous | 10:51 PM

my daughter got the vaccination about two months ago, she now has spots. the first and worse, thus far, coincidentally is on the thigh right about the same place they gave her the shot! shes just now 14 months old. anyhow i am not sure if its the pox or not, taking her for a second opinion tomorrow. i had to take her to a walk in clinic since i found them on sat. morning, and monday we will see her pediatrician. i am interested to hear why it is i wasnt warned she might get the pox from the vaccine. i am a stay at home mom, and though Tatiana has exposure to children in the neighborhood, all of them are school age and should themselves have been vaccinated. also i know of no one else infected. i guess it could be exposure at a grocery or something, but it just seems unlikely. if she has them for sure, i think i may always suspect the vaccine of giving them to her. my fear now is whether or not a milder case of the pox-and the vaccine- will effect or change her body's reaction or immunity to exposure to the virus in the future. western medicine in all its wonders and milestones sucks in the hands of greedy monetarily motivated ass-monkeys!

btw- your boy is gorgeous! you do photography? youre in the south right? in florida? LOL wanna take some baby pics of a new subject!!! shes sweet and really cute when she doesnt have spots- and i aint just sayin that cause i am her mom!!!


Awesome! I'm actually in Los Angeles. Shoot! Or I'd totally do it!