Turn the Seat Around

There comes a time in a young man's life when he must face forward. He must watch the road, instead of the back of the seat. He must make adorable faces as he smiles back from the rear view mirror. He must change the world one flirty-face at a time. He must play peek-a-boo and throw crackers at the back of my head. He must kick the seat and make clever sounds as he waves to the trees from his throne. He must grow up and be manly.

*clearing throat*

Without further ado:

Oh yeah.
Ch-check it!
This is how we do.



Anonymous | 10:55 AM

Oh, my. Crawling AND facing forward all before July? You're well on your way, sir.

Congrats, Archer. :)

Anonymous | 11:00 AM

Freedddddooommm! Q was so much better in the car when she could seeeee!

Pinterest Failures | 11:33 AM

Suh-weet! Big day for Archer!

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

I love his car seat. Why are there NO cool car seats for sale whenever I need to buy one?

Congrats to Archer! Again!


Britax makes awesome carseats. You just usually have to buy them online.

Anonymous | 12:31 PM

Juniper is so jealous. she's still a pound and a half shy of getting to turn around and see the world.

congrats, archer!

kittenpie | 12:39 PM

Ha - Pumpkinpie LOVED her new giant big-kid throne when she got all turned around on us.

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

Isn't it amazing how we flip 'em, show them love & the world, & they disrepect by kicking us down & crackering our hair'do's?

Christina | 1:20 PM

Yay! And it's so much easier for us to look back and check on them, too. I loved reaching that point.

Anonymous | 2:49 PM

Now you know why women have reputations as being such bad drivers! When our babes are facing backward there is less of a temptation to fuss with them. Once they are turned around we tend to try to retrieve dropped toys/food/books/sippy cups as we motor along!

MrsFortune | 4:16 PM

Can't you feel the passion ... wow, Archer is a talented back seat driver. Woot-woot. Go A-man. I'm so with Ashley on this one. I hate not being able to see the J-man while we're driving. :(

Anonymous | 5:01 PM

Hey, can he say "Moo" yet?

Mom101 | 7:51 PM

Oh I'm so jealous you got the cow print. I BEGGED Nate for the cow print but he's of the mindset that if I like something, he must disagree. Grr.

We can't wait to turn her around. Especially now that I see just how happy she'll be, if Archer's any indication!

Gina | 8:05 PM

I so look forward to that! Go ARCHER!

motherbumper | 5:32 AM

I'm confused... who is that man in the car seat? WHAT! That's Archer?!? He is soooooooooo grown up. Congrats on the facing forward dude :)

Anonymous | 6:30 AM

Love the cow printed seat! The world is a whole different place when you can see it coming rather than after it has passed by. ENJOY the ride dude!

Andrea | 9:00 AM

Woo hoo! Way to go Archer! Hope the view continues to get better!

Anonymous | 9:31 AM

Archer, thirteen and now facing forward. Wow.
Momz, I'm scared to death about this happening for my little one. She is always so happy in the car; I'm afraid that when she sees me, she'll want me, and we'll never be able to drive anywhere again!

Unknown | 10:51 AM

I bet he was thrilled! Leah almost smiled her face off when we turned her around!

Miguelita | 11:08 AM

Best thing about turning the seat round - clear view of their wonderful baby faces.

Worst thing - they can see you and everything you do. No more cookies for breakfast on the run.

Unknown | 11:17 AM

I want that car seat !!!! Its fabulous darling

Stacy | 1:17 PM

Love the car seat cover!

Angel Baby | 11:12 AM

Exciting stuff!

Anonymous | 11:35 AM

I love my daughter's cowmoo chair too. She's still RF at 26 months - we're waiting till 33lbs. It's going to break my heart.

(says in the nicest possible way: his chest clip should be at armpit level)

Anonymous | 10:10 PM

Ooooh! You just reminded me that now we can turn P around.

Hey Archer! Nice to see your face facing forward. Isn't it cool? :)