Father's Day Part III: And This One Goes Out 2 MY Daddy...

The following is a rap for my Dad, who has always rapped for me and who I love to the moon and back. Actually more like to Pluto or whatever star is farthest away. (Dad, you know better than I...)

Who's Yo Daddy? Larry is. Larry is my Daddy as a Matter of Fact.

If you ask me, "who's yo daddy" I'm gonna say it's Larry.
He's a mad scientist but I swear he isn't scary
He travels incognito with all the top secret spies
He almost went to the Olympics, almost won the Nobel Prize. (no shit!)

This rhyme is all for him because it's Father's Day today
And for all the times he's raised the roof for me, I gotta say...
Thank you for your awesomeness, you super-hero goof!
All the times you stood beside me, gave me hugs or wrote me spoof(s)...

I've been thinkin quite a lot 'bout the moments super treasur't
Like all the road trips with the fam to the middle of the desert
Father daughter camping trips to Julian and Catalina
That shit was cooler than an ice cold jug of Aqua Fina!

Kareoke on a cruise. He said "daughter, grab your coat!"
"We're about to rock the ship and sing some "row-row-row-your-boat!"
So we headed to the stand, with a microphone in hand
And sung a super sick duet like we was really in demand! (say, word)
And after rowrowrow-your-boat (yo!) We was just like movie stars!
Signing crazy autographs and playing custom-made guitars

I remember cruisin in the S'bru with you and all my bitches
You made a punny joke and had all us girls in stitches.

And I'll never forget the other day when you was outside playin'
With Archer in the grass and how he giggled, I'm just sayin...
You's a word-up wicked Grampopz, from your toenail to your hair(y).
When peeps ask me, "who'yo daddy, I be like "Yo! His name is Larry."




Her Bad Mother | 6:31 PM

That's the only Dad tribute that I've read today that made melaugh out loud. And I know that you've posted that pic before, but it's still the BEST.

kittenpie | 7:39 PM

Wait, your dad isn't Lawrence Livermore, is he?

Kacey | 7:56 PM

I, too, am laughing out loud!
You have incredible musical talent. Word.

Kristen | 8:04 PM

LOL, this was great! Happy Father's Day, Larry!

Anonymous | 9:20 PM

Thanks Bec for the best Father's Day rapped present ever!

Anonymous | 9:49 PM

Loved it! What a great daughter you are.

Anonymous | 5:20 AM

You are awesome.

Mom101 | 11:24 AM

Ooh, do one for my dad! What rhymes with Paul? Maul? Tall? Urban sprawl?

C'mon, it'll be fun.