Long Time Coming

Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 25. Birthdays are not that big a deal around here, probably because there is usually too much going on to get caught up in the festivities. This year June 17th is sandwiched between my sister's High School Graduation and Father's Day. Congratulations, Rachel! Love you Dad!

This year, however is seemingly a bigger deal than most Birthday years. Not because of the "quarter-of-a-century" thing or because I can now be considered a "mid-twenty-something." (Tre Sophisticated!) Nah, Tomorrow I turn the age I have always lied and said I was.

Truly, I've been faking this shit for years.

Like for instance...

Liquor Store:

"Yeah, Parliament Lights please?"

"How old are you?"




Random Dude(s) from the past:

"So how old are you, anyway?"

"Um... 25. Why?"

Or if you will...

Bathroom of Random Bar

"Dude, I'm so tired of all these teenage bitches sneaking into bars. It's so suburban."

"Yeah. Psh... me too. It's sad, really."

"What's your name?"

"Kristy. Kristy Blahblahblah (name on fake I.D.) By the way, I just turned 25. I feel SOOOOO old."

"Happy Birthday Kristy Blahblahblah. Wanna come throw drinks at "the fake-ID club" with us?"

"Cool! I'm in!"

And then there was...

Waiting Room at the OB

"You're far too young to be pregnant, hon."

"No way! I'm 25."


I always thought 25 was the perfect age, even as a teenager. I so desperately wanted to be older than I was and I faked my way there when I could. I faked doormen and older men and the girls I met along the way. I wanted people to treat me like a woman instead of a teenager. I lied to magazines to get work and was hired as a 25 year-old music journalist. (I was REALLY a 19 year-old Chicken Soup contributor) to write features abroad and do a little "Honeymoon Hot Spot" piece for a popular Wedding Magazine. All expenses paid. Limo service. Five star hotels. Amalfi Coast. I was that good at being "faux 25."

There were several times lying about my age got me into trouble, most usually with older men who do not appreciate being lied to. "I'm actually 19." I was heart-broken several times after lying about my age only to confess months later and then never being called again.

I still wince when people ask for my age because I know what's coming next. "You're just so young!" "When I was your age..." "Never mind, you won't understand."...

I'm not going to lie, it can be really fun "faking it" but there is something very liberating about "keeping it real." I have a long way to go before I figure everything out and I know that. I have a ways before I am completely comfortable with who I am and how I look and what I want and etc, etc infinity. But I do have to say, I don't wish I was older anymore or younger or any other age besides this one. I am happy where I am. I may not have the luxury I once had of spending my birthdays abroad, running all over the place lying to everyone. I may not even look as hot and "pert" naked but shit! It's all about experience, baby. Knowing how to "work it." THAT happens over time.

In our ageist society, getting older is terrifying. I see women every day dress like teenagers, I count the botched nose jobs in the Grocery Store. I'm sure there will come a day (sooner than I think) when I too will count wrinkles and gray hairs and wish they would go away. I might even lie about my age and say I am younger and curse myself for wanting to be older "so many years ago..."

I guess it's hard for one to ever be satisfied. The grass is greener and all that. But the truth of it all is that all my young adult life I have looked forward to FINALLY being 25 and now I know why:

Right here. Right now. This is fucking awesome.



Anonymous | 3:23 PM

Happy Birthday! From one "keeping it real" woman to another...you go momma! At 45, yes 45, I am often mistaken for my 4 year olds grandmother. And I just laugh. My hair is white and chic short and I am brimming with wisdom and wit. I love 45. I just wish I had loved 25 as much as you seem to...enjoy!

Alisyn | 3:38 PM

Fuckin' A right, it's awesome! I like your attitude, Rebecca!! Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

Anonymous | 4:19 PM

Sheesh woman. You are gorgeous. Happy 25. Enjoy it, kid. :)

Karen | 4:20 PM

Happy Birthday, Becca. It looks as if you've already received the best set of presents possible: love and the wisdom to know it when you see it.

Anonymous | 5:03 PM

So fucking awesome! I love it. Happy birthday!

Pinterest Failures | 6:56 PM

You have a great attitude! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous | 7:19 PM

Happy Birthday Bec!! You rock the sphere. Oy to the motherf'ing vey baby..

Dallas Blue | 7:43 PM

Happy birthday, GGC!! Love your blog.

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

Happy Birthday!

I just found your blog and oh my, I think I would like to spoon you.


Spooning? Hot.

Chris | 8:40 PM

Happy Birthday Girl! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Anonymous | 8:54 PM

Happy Birthday Girl! I'm turning 35 next week. Yes, a whole decade older (and I'm lovin' it too). Go Geminis!

So seriously, when are you going to come up this way?

Anonymous | 10:13 PM

Happy birthday, youngin'.

Gina | 11:09 PM

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your pre-25 days with us. Congrads on reaching the perfect age! Now it's all downhill... It's so weird to say you are anything OVER 25...

Anonymous | 11:22 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE REBECCA WOOLF!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TIMES 9822938489723498723984782937489723! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating your bday with you.. and that was like 2ish years ago. Time flies, man! But I love you! I can't believe you're 25. You were my age when I met you! SShhyeahh. So yeah, love you! Have a fabulous birthday!

mean girls | 1:22 AM

Happy Birthday you wise, wonderful "young'un". Thanks for keeping it real...

Sandra | 4:00 AM

Happy Birthday!!! I too liked for about 6 years about being 25 before I actually turned 25. It is a great age and a great year.

PetiteMommy | 6:50 AM

This is an awesome post. You have a wondeful attitude. 25 is a great age and I'm hoping 30 is better since I'll be 30 this year.

What beautiful pictures too!

Anonymous | 9:19 AM

Feliz Cumpleano, Mamacita!

Suburban Turmoil | 3:24 PM

Happy birthday! Trust me when I say that it only gets better from here on out! :)

Her Bad Mother | 5:27 PM

Right here, right now. That takes sone folks decades to figure out.

That you can enjoy it right now, that's huge.

Happy Birthday, Ma'am.

motherbumper | 5:52 PM

I love that last picture. That boy steals my heart everytime I see him.

Happy Birthday GGC! I would kill to be 25 and I have. But I'm not 25. I'm still 36. Wait. Did I just confess that in your comments? Now I have to decide which I'm more upset about. Saying I'm 36 (which makes me wince) or that I've killed someone. Kidding! Anyway... Happy Birthday and enjoy the day.

Mel | 6:22 PM

Happy Birthday!
I swore to every god in the pantheons that I would never do that "You wouldn't understand" or "Wait until you're MY age" shit to anyone, and so far I've managed to keep that vow. People who tried to condescend to me back when, or for that matter, now, just get the write-off from me. It's lame and exclusionary and half the time so off-base.

Anonymous | 8:21 PM

Happy Birthday, GGC!

(That is one sleepy lookin' dude.)

Anyway, you said it -- getting older really does rock. Frankly, I'm glad I ain't get any younger.

Mom101 | 9:01 PM

Oh very happy bday R.

I know this is the most annoying thing evah but take it for what it's worth - you're amazingly wise beyond your years. An old soul perhaps? So maybe the 25 thing wasn't so much wishful thinking as remembering. Now you'll just have to "remember" a little further ahead.

Meanwhile, don't fear aging. Your perspective may be a hair skewed thanks to geography. Keep in mind that aging to LA is like gay marriage to Mississippi.

mo-wo | 11:14 PM

Neat to hear these stories. I guess everyone had an age, for me it was 22 -- although my Dad said although my teens 'she's Xteen, going on 30..'

Happy Birthday girl. Nice to hear about a happy birthday-girl.

btrute | 10:10 AM

Happy Belated B-Day Bec!!!

Unknown | 11:31 AM

Happy Birthday!

Even though you dont look it I thought you were older than 25. Sorry! I guess its more down to your quality of writing and attitude than your wrinkly face that tricked me.
That and the fact that I still assume that everyone is older than me. Im 28 but cant grasp the whole 'nearly 30' business.

My pretend age used to be 23. I thought it was suitably inconspicuous. 25 sounded too fake. I also used to add on a child whenever anyone questioned how many kids I had. Dont know why?

kittenpie | 7:44 PM

Happy Bday, lady!
God, I never could have gotten away with all that lying. I looked about 12 when I was 16. I think I've finally caught up in the last 5 years or so.

Anonymous | 5:25 AM

Rock on GGC. Seriously, I am glad that your NOW is fucking awesome. Hope it stays that way, always! (And happy belated)

Anonymous | 6:21 AM

Hope you had a great birthday and Father's Day Weekend, GGC. Rock on!

Christina | 10:32 AM

Yeah, I'm really late to the party, but happy birthday! I remember turning 25, and I thought it was awesome. Still young, but with a hint of maturity.

Now I'm facing 30 on Wednesday, and I'm not as excited.

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

Happy Birthday from sunny Miami!

25 was awesome. I'm turning 30 (...someday...) and it's even better.

Hello Kitty | 5:22 PM

Enjoy your blog immensely from behind the lurkin curtain, but wanted to come out and wish you a Happy belated Birthday!

May life be good. I'm about to turn 37 and still lovin it especially since I know I've got options to take care of gravity, like lifts and tucks.


Thank you, everyone!!!

jess | 12:20 AM

happy birthday! good thoughts (belatedly) to you on your birthday!