Thank You

A Perfect Post

There is some serious love today and quickly I would like to thank Liz @ Mom-101 and Andrea @ Little Bald Doctors for bequeathing me with Perfect Post tags. Thank you kindly, lovely ladies. Awarded posts are here and here. I feel very special and woohooo-ish.

Although I missed the boat in nominating anyone for May (half-relieved because there are waaaaaaay too many amazing writers with even more amazing stories and well, how does one choose?) I will mos-def be nominating someone for June 1st because the Perfect Post Award is way too cool not to participate in. Lucinda and Momma K are genius' to the 5th power. Go check out May's Perfect Posts and read them for yourself. Good shit, people. Indeed.



Anonymous | 3:56 PM

Your winning post was beautiful. Just wonderful writing and how we all feel about the glorious childhood places being changed -- not because things just change and it is the natural cycle of things, but because they are changing for all of the wrong reasons. Stupid rules and stupid corporate tract housing.
Wonderful post and a wonderful way of finding you.

Suburban Turmoil | 8:14 PM

Thanks for the snaps. If you want to participate next month, just e-mail me at and I'll add you to the mailing list.

Cristina | 10:45 PM

I really liked that post about going home when I read it the first time. It truly was a perfect post. Congratulations :)

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

That post you wrote was amazing, GGC. You deserve more than just accolades for your fantastic writing. That was one of the best posts I've ever read on a blog.

Andrea | 7:43 AM

Thank you for wowing us on a daily basis. Seriously. Reading your words is one of the bright spots of my day. My nomination was the absolute least I could do.

Andrea | 7:43 AM

And that Yuriy guy has GOT to go. That's the third spam comment from him on my blog roll this morning!