I Think it's An L.A. Thing Maybe?

feel free to correct me if I'm wrong of course...

Today on one of our daily walks, Archer and I (and the dogs) happened upon a man exiting his Bentley in the middle of street only to walk toward the dumpster and go through the garbage bins. He happened upon a decrepid chair, dusted it off and looked up at me.

"This shit is going to look sweet on my hillside-ranch."

"Totally! Get some," I said.

"You never know what you're going to find in the trash."

"You know it's true."

Like they say- One man's trash is a rich man with a ranch in the hills and a Bentley's treasure. What a lucky chair.

This isn't the first time the fam has happened upon a Bentley in Dumpster alley. In our last apartment we came across the *not-so-sober* Eddie Murphy. I'm not even kidding.

Like I said, I think it's an L.A. thing.



MrsFortune | 2:38 PM

Shit, folks go through my trash all the time.

But, um, they don't drive Bentleys. Mostly 1976 Ford F-150s with the roof tied on with a bungee cord. And they're not speakin' da English, let alone living in a hillside ranch.

toyfoto | 2:46 PM

I've never seen a Bentley, so there's that. However, I have seen Yoko Ono with a guy wearing a shirt that said I'm with Yoko.

You're right, not as weird as Eddie Murphy sifting through the trash behind your house.

Lena | 8:01 PM

Huh. I once saw paparazzi going through Keanu Reeves garbage years ago. Does that count?

kittenpie | 8:57 PM

Nah, we totally dv ethe dumpsters up here too. Not sure about stowing it in Bentleys, but it's the done thing to put out something good the day before garbage day so people have a crack at it before the truck comes around. We once put out two chairs and a bookshelf that lasted less than half and hour.

Angel Baby | 9:55 PM


Chris | 10:02 PM

We roll in pickups to go dumpster diving.

Anonymous | 10:56 PM

It's because people here spend so much money on their leased cars and rental homes, they can't even afford to buy furniture!

And Eddie Murphy? I need to go read that post, but I'll bet he was lookin' for tranies.

Emery Jo | 6:35 AM

That man belongs in Oklahoma.

We have this phenomenon here called "BIG TRASH DAY" where the streets become lined with old sofas and matresses and refrigerators... you know, BIG trash.

so classy.

motherbumper | 7:02 AM

When I lived in Halifax, on recycling day a range rover (with all the props) used to cruise our street and take all our (many many) beer cans (it was a university student neighbourhood). One day I asked him why and he said he needed to pay off the copper piping in his new home. Hmphhhh. So that's how they do it.

Mom101 | 9:40 AM

You sure that wasn't Kfed?

Meanwhile, the Eddie Murphy post is awesome. Having met your dogs I can only laugh at the idea of their potential viciousness. Maybe in his drug-adled state he was seeing double? Or double-sized?


Wow! That's classic!!! And, I believe Eddie Murphy was just "meeting" a tranny and he thought parking between the dumpsters was a just way of keeping it loooooow.

Mimimom | 12:10 PM

Yeah, LA for sure - in Santa Cruz, where I'm from my favorite trash guy drives a shopping cart.
But you know, a trash collector is a trash collector - no matter what they drive. It's an addiction, straight up.

Gina | 2:26 PM

That is good stuff! Thanks for sharing this hilarious scene and commentating it so well! LOL!

Jill | 7:04 PM

I loved being 25. It was also the age I wanted to be before I was. The trick is to keep on picking an age you want to be in the future. After 25, I picked 32 as the next cool age to be. I passed that three years ago, so now I'm really looking forward to being 41.

Happy Birthday!