Poo-Poo Haiku, Part Two: Enduring Raisins

I Love Raisins
By: Archer

Raisins every day
I always swallow them whole
They taste good for me

I Don't Love Raisins

By: Mommy

It's quite curious
How a pooped-out raisin can
Still look good as new



Anonymous | 10:00 AM

It used to freak me right out of my mind. I stopped looking all that closely after the 1st baby. Grapes are another one. Ehwww...

Anonymous | 10:09 AM

I am so excited! I was just wondering in my post this morning why nobody ever taked about the raisin poop phenomenon.

And then you did.

Thank you.

(Thank Lumpyhead's Mom for pointing this out to me)

Anonymous | 10:13 AM

CJ's teachers have expressed concern about the condition of the raisins in her diaper. Me, I was never concerned. Just curious, like you.

Andrea | 10:51 AM

I inadvertently freaked my babysitter out with the grapes. Now she knows, kid eats a LOT of grapes.

Black olives are another one. They look gross, but he loves them. How in the world do I get the kid to eat black olives you wonder? By putting them on his fingers, of course! Fun food = eaten food. Now it's the first thing he eats on his plate, the first thing he picks off my plate, and the first thing he eats of pizza if they are on it.


That is adorable. Olive fingers! Like raspberries too except I'm way too selfish with my raspberries to give him one on each finger. Hee.

Angel Baby | 11:09 AM

That is some excellent Haiku!!

Anonymous | 11:27 AM

Corn and blueberries.
Very curious indeed.
Pretty colors man.

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

Peas and edamame.

Mom101 | 1:28 PM

Rebecca's Haiku
Puts mine to shame - yes it does!
See how lame this is?

Her Bad Mother | 5:10 PM

How nice to know
Shit gets weirder
Mustard to corn

Cristina | 5:17 PM

LOL! You have given me inspiration for a project that I can do with my Little Guy this week. I must see if what you are saying is true!

Anonymous | 5:21 PM

Norman has been bringing raisins to his teacher every day of the school year. One day he turns up with no raisins. Perplexed, his teacher asks, "Tell me Norman, how come you didn't bring me any raisins today?"
"The rabbit died." replies Norman.

Kara | 5:48 PM

probably my favorite haiku ever :)

MrsFortune | 8:21 PM

They say breastfed babes
Poop don't stink. I can't wait to
Feed him raisins. Yum.

Anonymous | 11:20 PM

My Jack now knows about the raisin poops, I gues I made too big of a deal of it, because now when I change poopy pants he says, "Hey, raisin poop, YUCK!".


Hahahaha. You peeps are fun-ny!

carrie | 12:48 AM

Raisins are worthless, unless they're in an oatmeal cookie!


Anonymous | 1:44 AM

I;m worried that raisins might choke? Already I'm neurotic!

Jessi Louise | 7:48 AM

I have never noticed this phenomenon, but definitely the corn. I always wondered what is the point of eating something if it comes out looking untouched by the digestive process? It's crazy that your stomach acid can bust appart some giant horse pill, but raisins and corn can make it through just fine.


good as new.
good as new.

Unknown | 7:53 AM

LOL...my hubby says the same thing about corn...;-)