Pooping in the Bathtub: A #2 Haiku x 2

I Pooped in the Tub
By: Archer

I make kicks and laugh
Then I make a floating duck
My Mommy looks scared

He pooped in the Tub
By: Mommy

Twas like any bath
Until I lifted him up
Wouldn't call that "duck"



Kacey | 7:03 PM

Very funny. At least he wasn't freshly out of the tub, naked, on your lap, right?

Karen | 7:24 PM

You have NO IDEA how many times my children have done this. My husband really, really loses his marbles when it happens. Which, of course, means I end up cleaning it up. Nice.

Anonymous | 7:31 PM

Yeah, we are going through this now. Except, my son knows he is doing it, thinks it is funny, so tries to do it on purpose. Three times in five days. Now, at the first sign of a "poop face" we take him out of the time or put on a swim diaper. The floating duck is no fun at all.

kittenpie | 7:53 PM

oh god, pumpkinpie has done this so many times. Luckily it's been a while - don't tell her I said that, or she may notice she's been slipping up.

Anonymous | 7:55 PM

OMFG. I'm laughing so freaking hard over here. Jeezus woman.

And let's hope I'm not writing those next week.

Anonymous | 8:01 PM

Hahhah!! Too funny!!

Wait...did Kristen just say she might be pooping in the bathtub next week?

Anonymous | 8:10 PM

We call them "sailboats".

Her Bad Mother | 8:14 PM

Ma fears the poo
The great green shit
Of Gerber peas

But floating shit? The horror.

nonlineargirl | 8:46 PM

Now you have me scared. My girl likes to grab the wash cloth and suck out the water. I already think it's gross, without the poop to worry about.

carrie | 1:44 AM

Oh, I forgot about that lovely bath time "gift". Hang in there, and don't forget to bleach the tub when you're done!!


Anonymous | 9:00 AM

But poop that floats is healthy poop, right?

Okay, I've got nothing.

Anonymous | 10:39 AM

It happened to me!
The two of us in the tub
Next thing I know: Duck.

motherbumper | 11:07 AM

oh good golly (yes I speak like that sometimes) - is this something I have to look forward to? Yipes. I gather that if it floats, that's good? Right? Who would have ever thunk that there would be a time in our lives that we discussed poop like gossip. Sigh.

Christina | 11:10 AM

Hahahaha! Especially funny to me, because the exact same thing happened to us yesterday. It was the first time Cordy has ever pooped in the tub. She was puzzled, I was horrified.


Ha! Wow Christina. Archer and Cordy are in this together. Yesterday was Archer's first "duck" as well. Quack. Er, not really.

Unknown | 11:24 AM

I sincerely hope Leah doesn't decide that her rubber ducky isnt enough anymore. LOL

Chicky Chicky Baby | 11:41 AM

Floating Duck?! Ha! I've never heard that one before.

Haven't had that happen yet. Pee on the floor, sure. But poop in the tub? Uh-uh. Ick.

Cristina | 3:17 PM

What a lovely surprise that must have been for you!


totally! i was delighted! a true thrill. :)

Anonymous | 9:30 PM

Ahhh yes the pooping in the tub, we know it all to well! I was on the phone with my childless best friend the other day when I abrubtly ended our call with a "OhmygodJackpoopedinthetubgottago". When I called her back after damage control instead of hello she said, "Yup, never gonna have em'"

Kacey | 7:58 AM

I hear a song in this...
How about -
"Poopin' in the Bathtub"
to the tune of
"Smokin' in the Boy's Room"?
I smell a Grammy. Or is that a duck?

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