The Week in Photos

Hey denim-skirtista. Wanna swing?

Whatever baby. Give it a few years. You'll be back.

No I'm actually 1-years-old but people confuse me for an older man all the time.

I know, I know. It's my momz fault. She has this "thing" for Henry Miller.

Totally. I'm like "Earth to Momz. He's dead. Give it a rest. She's like hanging copies of Tropic of Cancer from my mobile. I'm like, "I get it."

Representing da east coast on da westside. Fist to the chest, Chag...

No offense, Uncle Dave but what the hell is this thing?

Dude. Not cool.

Great. Now everyone's involved and I'm going to have to pretend like I'm down with the bubble teapot. What-ev-a.

And then Uncle Dave ate my head. That was a pretty weird time.

I'm looking for my Lego-eye. Maybe you've seen it? Maybe not. Okay, fine then. DON'T HELP ME.

This isn't my lego-eye! Impostors!!!

Aw. This isn't fair. I'm so not aware right now. Eye? Can you hear me? Oh, eeeeeyyyye?

Christ, woman. You need a serious tan. Ahhhhhh! I've gone blind! My eyes!!!

Christ, GRAND-woman. You need a tan too. Ahhhhhh! I've gone blind! My eyes!!!

Christ, self. Even I need a tan. Ahhhhhh! I've gone blind! My eyes!!!

Hey, grandpa? Do you have any self-tanner?



Andrea | 6:16 PM

Gabe wants to be Archer's friend. He's standing here asking me, "Who is that?" I said, "That's Archer. He lives in L.A." and Gabe tried to say Archer's name but confused it with his cousin Austin's name. It came out Arster. But he asked, "Where is that baby? Play? Play?" Too cute.


Aw! Arster is a fantastic name! Tell Gabe to hop on over. Er, maybe do a double-hop. Hee.

Gina | 7:09 PM

I love Archer's commentary. So honest and innocent. And I never commented on the lego eye... that made me laugh so hard that there is a picture of him looking for it here! HA!

He is really growing up. What a hunk!

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

love..just have the most perfect caption for every pic - he is too precious - lovin the Henry Miller thang..

Chris | 8:31 PM

Thanks for posting the pic of Archer in his coolest hat! So did the poor little guy ever find his third eye?

S.T. | 8:51 PM

Adorable pics and hilarious captions! :)

Angel Baby | 9:15 PM

He's so stylish!


Angel Baby | 9:17 PM

Is that you with the beautiful flowing hair? You could be in a commercial with those locks.

And is that your hubby crashed out in the background? I thought that was kind of funny too. What is it with husbands sleeping every chance they get?


Hahaha! That's actually my brother (Uncle Dave) passed out in the background. Hee! Wow! Flowing locks? I'll take it!

Chag- I am happy your Yankees won tonight. I am. And yes, the third eye has been recovered, unfortunatley it was lost again, thereafter, but tomorrow is a new day...

Cristina | 12:16 AM

Awww. Those pics of Archer with his toys made me want to come running to help him find his third eye. LOL.

P.S. I think I might be a shade whiter than you, if that makes you feel any better.

Karen Bodkin | 4:51 AM

LOVED the captions - too funny!!!

motherbumper | 6:04 AM

If you just heard a little explosion, that was me because I just exploded from cute overload!!!!! What is it today? So far I've been to three blogs and everyone is posting the cutest pics of kids. Archer is such a swinging cat that I can't find the appropriate words to explain how much I'm smiling right now. Your captions rock and made me laugh. BTW - I'm casper the ghost all summer long. It's what all the cool kids are doing now a days. Seriously. :)

Christina | 6:04 AM

Way too cute. Archer has such an expressive face. And I so understand the blinding white skin - Cordy and I are pale pale pale as well.

(Oh, and the dog? Gorgeous! I love boxers!)

Perstephone | 6:05 AM

Cute shots of your boy. I love the "Henry Miller" Hat.

My white just might put your entire family's white to shame. Could someone introduce me to that big, gaseous guy in the sky, aka The Sun? I'd be highly appreciative.

Anonymous | 6:13 AM

Too cute, GGC. Peanut's digging Archer. Loves his style and his wit too.

Kristen | 10:45 AM

This post made me laugh several times. I'm in misery at work, so I really needed that.

kittenpie | 5:48 PM

Misterpie and I are both so white our friends joked that Pumpkinpie would turn out transparent.

I love your little guy. If you ever need some time off, you know, just pop him in the mail to me!

Anonymous | 6:46 AM

The lego eye. Ah, I laugh out loud. (And I'm kind of one of those stuffy people that doesn't laugh much)

Anonymous | 7:46 AM

I just came across your blog, and this is hilarious. Great captions! I love the "Hey denim-skirtista", what a cute kid!

Anonymous | 6:47 AM

I love the photos and the captions! Those are great!

Anonymous | 12:38 PM

Oh my LORD! This is beyond pee my pants hilarious!! He's a rokkin' stud of a lil man, too! Have you met my Princess? She won't mind a younger man!