It Takes The Village, People III: Tabloids in the Hood

The other day me and the forward facing Archer Sagebrush made the trip up the mighty hill to visit Uncle Frank for BBQ and Celebrity Gossip. Apparently his new pad has been quite the popular stomping ground for tourists the world over. It took poor Uncle Frank several camera-dodging incidents before he did the research and found out he was living in Jim Morrison's old pad. Break on through to the other side, dudes.

We are pretty much psychotic in love with Uncle Frank, my former roommate and BFF. He was there when I found out I was preggerz. He was the token man at my baby-shower and he is the only babysitter we have ever had. He loves Archer and we love him. That's right, dude. We lurve you. To the moon. You and your pink Escalade.

Thus far, Uncle Frank has been a tour de force in Archer's life, instilling a strong sense of fashion, hygiene, hair-care and of course, Madonna.

When we arrived at his new pad we were welcomed with a spread of delicious foods and tab-rags. Hog heaven.

About five poached eggs later, Frank sat down beside Archer on the floor and presented him with US Weekly. Lesson One? Britney Spears. "The bitch looks like shit and K-fed's in the basement. No joke. Aren't you glad your Mommy doesn't cruise around wearing tubes and candies?"

Archer nodded, obviously and turned the page:

"What the hell is this?" Archer asked.
"Bad fashion. Close your eyes."
"I like butterflies!"
"Not on a gown, bub."
Archer took notes and turned the page...

Here, let me help you rip Jennifer Anniston's face in half. She bothers me as well.

"Yes, and that's Ashton in a skirt. I'm undecided about that one."
"Mommy has a skirt just like that!"
"Yes but Mommy doesn't have a mustache."
"Yes she does."

"Rebecca, please stop with the photos. We're mid-lesson."
"Uncle Frank! Look here! Reese Witherspoon is Pregnant!"
"No, she isn't. She just likes to wear peasant blouses from last season. Poor thing."

"Uncle Frank? I have a question."
"Yes, Archer."
"Why does Rachel Zoe look like she is 789 years old?
"Because she is. Where do you think she comes up with all of those fabulous vintage pieces?"

"So Archer, tell me what you learned today?"
"I learned that stars are just like me! They grocery shop and tie their shoelaces."

"What else did you learn?"
"Well, I learned that 70% of Time Square thinks Heidi Klum looks better in the red Valentino than Maria Menounos. I also learned that Butterflies aren't chic on gowns and I learned that Ashlee Simpson had a nose job but it looks good and I learned that everyone has new babies and everyone is pregnant and Jake Gyllenhal drinks coffee and I learned that Nicholas Cage was at Sushi Roku last Friday and Paris Hilton has converted to Rastafarianism.

Frank proudly shook his head, shed a tear or two and handed Archer over to me.

"My work here is done," he said.

His final advice to Archer for the day?

"If you find anyone outside your house, snapping photos of you in your boxer-briefs picking up the newspaper, you've either "made it big" or you accidentally moved somewhere on the Map of the Stars."

Archer nodded understandably and crawled off into the sunset where I promptly picked him up, stuck him in the car and we made our way back down the hill.



Andrea | 11:01 AM

That's just too cute! And funny. Oh my! The opinions! Love the pictures.

Summer | 12:18 PM

I love reading your blog!!! You are freakin hilarious!

Unknown | 12:23 PM

That was so cute and funny!

motherbumper | 12:26 PM

GGC you get in my head so deep sometimes, that I ask Bumper if you exist or do I have a cooler uber alter ego that blogs better than I do (a la Fight Club)(except we post, not fight)(so Post Club - but the first rule of Post Club is... okay I'll stop there). Anyhoooooooo... can I borrow Uncle Frank? Because he rocks. I've been teaching Bumper from US Weekly also but the questions about Lindsey Lohan are getting too overwhelming. I really do need Frank.

Thanks for another phenomenal post.

Anonymous | 12:53 PM

Paris a rastafarian? I'm totally down with pastafarianism these days. Dianetics ain't got nothin on the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Teri | 1:44 PM

Hilarity! Archer is such a cutie pie. (Uncle Frank too!)

Anonymous | 3:23 PM

I am fairly certain that a phone call from Prez Bush to Uncle Frank would have eliminated the need for the idiotic Iraqi war. Uncle Frank has the obvious intelligence Washingtobn lacks. HE should start a blog and send it to DC...they need so much help!!.


true that!

kittenpie | 5:22 PM

wow, so when you buy real estate in LA you not only have to look at property value, schools, police reports, etc., but also the Map of the Stars?

Anonymous | 6:23 PM

Aw. He's already used to the mamarazzi (mama + camera) :) so he's an old pro at all the gossip stuff.

Mom101 | 6:30 PM

This is the best photo essay I've ever seen on a blog, bar none. Savoring every word and coming back for seconds.

More Uncle Frank! We love Uncle Frank!

Anonymous | 8:54 PM

This made me so wish our Uncle Frank (aka Auntie Maime) lived closer. Tod-lar could use those kinds of lessons.


Mom O Matic | 10:35 PM

Can I borrow your Uncle Frank? Hilarious post! Glad I stumbled upon you. And how the heck did you replace your boring Blogger header with your cute banner? Care to share some HTML?

Pinterest Failures | 5:59 AM

Lots of Mommies don't realize that ALL children need an "Uncle Frank." My girls are lucky to have Uncles Jeff and Allan and Uncle Mark. And Uncle Chris. Oh dear.

Unknown | 7:57 AM

Aw, very cute pictures. We need an Uncle Frank.

BTW, how does Archer feel about Britney's new black hair?

Chicky Chicky Baby | 9:24 AM

First of all...

Aaaahh! Jim Morrison's house!! Aaaaaaah!!!

I need an Uncle Frank, my child needs an Uncle Frank, we all need an Uncle Frank. Because how else would we know that peasant blouses are so last season?

Anonymous | 3:54 PM

We all need an Uncle Frank. He is my hero. Thank you so much, on this day that my kids are ripping the house apart and creating mayhem, for the laughs.

Anonymous | 4:08 PM

OMG, flying catapillers, and horsefly buddies..I'm a HIT.
thanks for the honor my sweet


you SO ARE a hit, my darling.